Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1140 – Moulted Busby

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Chapter 1140: Moulted Busby

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the Nightmare Tapir’s dreamland, Busby carried out the strategy that he planned one after another. However, he failed to capture Lin Huang eventually.

He knew it was the Nightmare Tapir who prohibited him from doing that the moment he failed. Nonetheless, he had yet to realize that he was not in reality at the moment.

“He should be able to do it again and again since he managed to take Lin Xie away by using teleportation.” Busby did not attack right away. Instead, he began thinking about his next strategy.

“In other words, I’ll have to find ways to break that technique to be able to capture Lin Xie. I should either test him again and figure out exactly what kind of technique is he using, then find the solution to break it, or fight him head-on to kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d that’s interfering with me.”

Busby frowned even deeper as he came up with that conclusion. He seemed to finally make up his mind a moment later.

He glared at the Nightmare Tapir was from a distance. His body that was hovering midair became distorted strangely.

The distortion went against the human body’s musculoskeletal structure. Even Lin Huang thought it was extremely strange while watching on from far away. Busby looked like a zombie that was moving in all sorts of unusual manners with his last ounce of will, whereby his joints and body were extremely warped just like what TV shows depicted.

Soon, his body began to transform even more. Most of the bones in his body seemed to have softened while the skin on his flesh lost the support from his skeletal structure. He looked like an inflatable doll that was half-deflated.

Not long later, many odd, deformed bones grew beneath the skin. The bones supported the body and constructed a strange form that did not look like a human at all.

As Lin Huang was watching on in astonishment, a sharp bulge appeared on Busby’s chest. In the next second, a b.l.o.o.d.y wound ripped open on his chest. Half a bug’s leg that looked like a dark gray sword penetrated out of his chest.

In the next moment, the bug’s leg tore Busby’s entire chest and abdomen open like a paper cutter. A dark-gray bug beast finally crawled out of his body that was ripped open.

As the bug beast came out, Busby’s original human body turned into a pile of mush and fell onto the ground.

“So, he’s molting…” Although Lin Huang knew Busby’s species had two forms, it was his first time seeing a Bug Tribe monster transforming from human to bug form. However, he could not help but wonder how a Bug Tribe monster would look like transforming into a human.

The changing Busby was covered in a layer of dark gray insect sh.e.l.l. He was approximately three meters long and had four strong and explosive rear legs supporting his entire body.

There were two pairs of semi-transparent wings on his back that seemed as thin as cicada’s wings. They were sprouting from the second pair of front legs.

Among the three pairs of front legs, the lowest pair was made of swords, which was the one that he used to tear his body open. The middle pair was made of sharp spears that looked like canine teeth. They were so sharp that n.o.body dared to doubt their penetrative ability. The pair in front extended from his shoulders. They were two bio-guns with muzzles that were approximately a meter wide.

His head perched above his six front legs.

It was covered in a layer of dark blue sh.e.l.l and was sharp like a triangle. There was a huge mouth at the lowest part of his head which was filled with sharp teeth that looked like stainless steel needles. The apex of the triangle was a compound eye that was made of countless little eyes. It stretched to the left and right.

Apart from his compound eye and huge mouth, no other organ could be seen on his entire head.

If one were to judge him by human standards, one must say that this was tens of thousands of times uglier than his human form.

Having turned back to his original form, Busby seemed to have experienced a boost in his aura.

He looked at Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir that from far away. The two pairs of wings on his back were flapping intensely, emitting an ear-piercing buzz. At the same time, his four rear legs loaded with energy and faded while his body turned into a shadow.

Busby appeared before the Nightmare Tapir almost in the next second. He aimed his four front sword legs at it like a storm.

Busby began fighting the Nightmare Tapir before Lin Huang managed to catch his movement.

He went for the most direct plan in the end, which was to kill the Nightmare Tapir!

The reason he came up with this decision was that the attacks earlier had drained close to a third of the Divine Power in his body. He was not sure if the remaining Divine Power he had allowed him to figure out the Nightmare Tapir’s secret of taking Lin Huang away. Although he was unwilling to fight the Nightmare Tapir who was obviously great at close-range combat, he bit the bullet anyway.

In reality, Busby’s close-range combat ability was not weak. One could even say he was very strong at that.

He chose not to fight close range because he a.s.sumed that the Nightmare Tapir was an expert in that in the beginning, so he had no confidence to fight it head-on. Even if he could win, he was afraid he might have to pay a hefty price.

Meanwhile, his objective was just to capture Lin Huang in the beginning. It was unnecessary for him to fight the Nightmare Tapir head-on.

However, he would not be able to capture Lin Huang if he did not kill the Nightmare Tapir first, so he had no other choice.

In reality, the Nightmare Tapir was lousy in close-range combat.

However, the Nightmare Tapir could do anything in dreamland. He could copy all the skills that it had seen before.

Besides the skills of Lin Huang’s remaining nine G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls, it could copy 100% of the skills that all of Lin Huang’s summoning beasts had as long as it had seen them before. It could even copy skills that it had picked up from other monsters that were unrelated to Lin Huang.

One could say that the Nightmare Tapir was invincible in the dreamland.

The bug and monster collided in the air again and again.

Busby’s close-range combat ability was compelling indeed. His sword and spear skills had almost reached the peak of level-6. He was one step away from comprehending the True Meaning.

Each time his sword legs and spear legs attacked, they would be close to the peak performance of sword and spear skills. It was so perfect that there was nothing to pick on. The two gun legs on his shoulder were extremely agile and performed expert-level gunfighting technique from some odd angles occasionally, so n.o.body saw it coming.

Even though that was the case, the Nightmare Tapir was toying with Busby. It was using the close-range combat abilities it had copied from other monsters all the way.

The battle was intense although the Nightmare Tapir was just fooling around.

One could imagine the impact that was caused by the close-range combat of two Virtual G.o.d rank-8 powerhouses.

Not only did the ground and mountains collapse, but the oceans rumbled and even the sky was trembling from the impact of the collisions.

Lin Huang could not capture their movements at all. All he could see were the sparks that were flickering in the air as a result of the explosions that came from the Divine Power collisions from the duo.

Lin Huang asked the Nightmare Tapir outside the dreamland, “Roughly how long more do you need to retrieve his memory completely?”

“I need around another half an hour.”

“Record this battle and share it with me later. I’ll watch it in slo-mo, so I should be able to learn some great stuff!” Lin Huang smirked at the Nightmare Tapir mischievously.

Every time he saw a powerhouse using a sword, he could not help but study the person’s swordsmans.h.i.+p. Even though the person who was using a sword was a Bug Tribe monster this time, he was very interested in the sword skill and Sword Dao.

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