Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1141 – The Forces That Put One In Awe

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Chapter 1141: The Forces that Put One in Awe

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the dreamland, Busby attacked the Nightmare Tapir again and again.

The two silhouettes collided repet.i.tively, lighting golden sparks in the sky continuously. The sparks almost drowned out the sun in the sky.

Although each of their collisions only took place for a split second, Busby gave his all and released his Divine Power in the short bursts of attack. Moreover, he would attack at least a hundred times within that short period of time with each charge.

The sparks caused by the duo’s collisions were a hundred times brighter than the sun. One could not look at them directly. In reality, it was because sparks combined with the hundreds of collisions would explode during each strike.

Almost every blow, Busby’s sword arms would swing at odd angles one after another. Meanwhile, his spear arms would pierce mercilessly without anyone even seeing them coming while he seized every moment to perform his gunfighting technique perfectly.

He collided with the Nightmare Tapir at least ten thousand times during the battle that took place for close to half an hour while he attacked him millions of times.

Intense energy waves spread out again and again as a result of the battle. The ground within thousands of kilometers turned into a mess while the areas within hundreds of kilometers collapsed and became a bottomless abyss.

However, no matter how fiercely Busby was attacking or what kind of attack techniques he used and how much he changed his attack frequency, the Nightmare Tapir caught up with his rhythm eventually and performed at ease.

The thousands of collisions and millions of attacks were blocked by the Nightmare Tapir. None of the attacks Busby performed managed to leave a single mark on the Nightmare Tapir’s body.

At first, he thought the Nightmare Tapir would have similar standards with him regardless of how powerful his close-range combat ability was. However, throughout the half an hour of intense battling, he realized none of his attacks worked. He was in despair now.

He also finally realized that the Nightmare Tapir’s close-range combat ability was much more terrifying than he imagined. It was not on the level that he imagined at all.

However, he had no idea that the Nightmare Tapir was not fighting Busby himself but just a projection in his dreamland. This projection had every human and monsters’ skills and battle techniques that the Nightmare Tapir had seen before, including some techniques from Busby himself.

In the dreamland, learning others’ abilities was a piece of cake for the Nightmare Tapir. It did not even need a second to learn them.

Busby felt like he was fighting tens of supreme powerhouses who had battle experience and abilities that were on par with him. One could figure out what his ultimate ending would be.

Now that the battle had come to this point, the ending was pretty clear.

Although Busby had his pride, he was not ignorant. He knew he had no chance of winning at all.

Because he did not have much Divine Power left, he did not plan to prolong this.

He peeped where Lin Huang was secretly. After hesitating for a second, he soon made up his mind to choose between escaping directly or trying to capture Lin Huang again.

He was not retreating, so he charged toward the Nightmare Tapir again and collided with it head-on.

He swung his sword arms continuously as he maintained the frequency of his spear arms attack as if it were a matter of life or death with the Nightmare Tapir.

However, the Nightmare Tapir sensed something was off as soon as it retaliated. He mauled and broke the momentum of Busby’s attack, even ripping his body open.

At that very moment, Busby appeared quietly not far behind Lin Huang. He charged a sword arm out like a lightning bolt at Lin Huang.

This time, the Nightmare Tapir did not seem to have made it in time. The dark gray tentacle arrived before Lin Huang in the blink of an eye. In the next second, a strange thing happened again. The tentacle penetrated Lin Huang’s body directly.

Busby’s pupils shrunk while he thrust the tentacle out again, feeling immensely dissatisfied. He attempted to grab Lin Huang with it, but Lin Huang’s body would turn into thin air wherever the tentacle pa.s.sed by.

Since the capture failed completely, Busby did not hesitate at all. He retreated the tentacle directly and flung it toward another direction like a mad man.

However, two silhouettes blocked his way less than a second after he began running.

Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir appeared at the same time.

“You won’t be able to run,” Lin Hung told him the truth in a calm tone again.

Busby ignored them and accelerated the flapping of the two pairs of wings behind his back. With his four legs, he leaped and deviated toward another direction.

Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir appeared in the next second again, blocking his way abruptly.

Busby did not even sense any wave of motion from the teleportation at all.

He turned around to run again, beginning to wonder how the Nightmare Tapir and Lin Huang managed to move like that.

When the duo blocked his way for the third time, Busby seemed to realize something all of a sudden.

He did not run this time. Instead, he stared at the Nightmare Tapir. “I think I know what’s happening.

“The way you move and the way Lin Xie disappeared didn’t cause any motion waves at all. Therefore, I’ve always thought it was some special ability of yours. Now that I think about it, the reason there’s no wave motion is that you guys didn’t move at all.

“Lin Xie managed to vanish and you could block my way faster than I did because this entire area is your territory. I’ve stepped into the trap that you set since the beginning!”

“It seems like you’re not entirely dumb.” The Nightmare Tapir did not deny Busby’s speculation.

“I’ve thought about it. My only shortcoming is that my spirit that’s rather weak. Since I fell into your trap without even realizing it at all, it shows that you should be an expert in spiritual techniques. It could be abilities such as illusion or hypnotization.

“However, if your spiritual ability is so powerful to the extent that I was trapped without even realizing it, theoretically, you shouldn’t be able to suppress my close-range combat ability.

“If I’m not mistaken, you might not be that skilled in close-range combat at all. This might not be what you look like. Perhaps you transformed into this to make me think that you’re good at close-range combat.”

“You got the first part right, but this is how I really look like,” insisted the Nightmare Tapir rather helplessly. Its appearance indeed misled many.

“The reason why I failed to capture Lin Huang twice was that he’s just a projection, am I right?” Busby turned his head to look at Lin Huang.

“You finally got it!” Lin Huang grinned while spreading his arms wide. He did not deny it. “I’ve only used a sliver of willpower in this projection to watch the battle.”

“I never thought I would be blinded by my enemy like that,” Busby said while sighing helplessly.

“I know what you’re doing. Quit thinking about buying time in the attempt to break away.” Lin Huang busted Busby’s plan. “Your spirit is much weaker than the Nightmare Tapir, thus you won’t be able to escape even if you know this is just an illusion.”

Busby fell into silence after realizing that his plan had been busted. He began thinking of other strategies quickly.

However, Lin Huang’s voice came then. “It’s almost time now. Kill him.”

Almost the same time when Lin Huang said that, Busby jolted and tried his very best to implode himself with the very last fizzle of Divine Power he had in his body. However, he realized he could no longer move all of a sudden. Black shackles began clamping down onto his body. The tenth of his Divine Power that was left in his body could not be used as if it was locked.

Meanwhile, the Nightmare Tapir appeared before Busby out of the blue.

He lifted a claw and pointed it at Busby’s forehead lightly. Busby could not fight back at all. His body began to rot and fade from his head. It spread throughout his entire body in less than two to three seconds. Soon, he turned into dust completely.

“The Ninetails Lynx’s s.p.a.ce G.o.d Rule, the Shackle Serpent’s Sealing G.o.d Rule, and the Death b.u.t.terfly’s Death G.o.d Rule… The effect of the combined abilities of the three G.o.d Rules is so terrifying!” Seeing the powerful Busby being killed without being able to fight back, Lin Huang was secretly in awe by the three forces.

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