Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1143 – Elevating To Imperial–Level!

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Chapter 1143: Elevating to Imperial-level!

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Lin Huang only spent half a day on the third layer of the Abyss Brink after his grand entrance and returned to Emperor City quietly.

He headed straight to the Emperor Palace as soon he stepped out of the dimensional portal.

He only said one line to Huang Tianfu and the other two, “I’m going into closed-door cultivation for a month!”

Lin Huang went into closed-door mode officially and began refining the G.o.dhead in his body with all of his might.

Meanwhile, the news of Lin Huang hunting for Life Base monsters in the Abyss Brink had spread through the entire cultivation world.

His name became a hot topic among the people again.

“He went to the Abyss Brink at such a time. He’s obviously going to break through to imperial-level.”

“I’m very curious about the Life Base monster he chose.”

“With Lin Huang’s ability, I’m sure he wouldn’t go for an ordinary triple mutated monster.”

Soon, many cultivators began discussing about the Life Base monster Lin Huang would choose on the Internet.

They were talking about that not because of his ident.i.ty as the Emperor of Dynasty, but because of his t.i.tle as the No. 1 genius of the new era.

Everyone was curious about what kind of Life Base monster the legendary No. 1 genius would go for.

Some of them even posted long threads to a.n.a.lyze the matter.

The biggest similarity among those threads was that most of them thought that Lin Huang would not go for a triple mutated monster.

Some threads even listed the Life Base monsters that Lin Huang would possibly kill in the Abyss Brink.

The few monsters that were listed in the threads were pseudo-mythical-level monsters that were currently available in the Abyss Brink. The combat strength ranged from imperial-level black gold-rank to imperial-level purple gold-rank.

There was a thread that even included a few demiG.o.d-level monsters in the list, causing heated discussions.

After all, Mr. Fu was the only Virtual G.o.d who was known to the public in this gravel world. To most people in the cultivation world, demiG.o.ds were the most compelling powerhouses in this world. Meanwhile, most people thought that demiG.o.d-level monsters could not be defeated. Even the No. 1 genius Lin Huang might not possess the ability to kill a demiG.o.d.

Naturally, there were a minority of Lin Huang’s fans who thought he could do anything at all. To them, he could even kill a demiG.o.d-level monster to be his Life Base monster.

Lin Huang, who was in closed-door cultivation, turned off the Internet and his communication device. He immersed himself into his G.o.dhead refinement.

He did not even look at the card details when the Warlord and the two Dark Crescent Snakes elevated to mythical-level. Instead, he allowed Xiao Hei’s system to seal the three mythical-level Monster Cards due to his restricted authorization.

Time pa.s.sed by day after day. The progress of the G.o.dhead refinement was growing everyday.

The progress would see a 1% boost almost every day from the 70% level before he went into closed-door cultivation.

The closed-door cultivation went on for a whole 30 days. The Virtual G.o.d rank-9 G.o.dhead finally disintegrated and turned into golden gravel.

This golden gravel evolved into a clump the size of a fist which seemed like a living thing. It floated among the ten Life Wheels like a cloud, beginning to absorb other gravel and growing as Lin Huang watched it in surprise.

He thought the golden gravel that were refined from the other Virtual G.o.d G.o.dheads would be engulfed first before the gray gravel refined from the broken G.o.dheads.

Although the gray gravel occupied more surface than the golden gravel, they simply could not fight back in the presence of the golden gravel. They were like sheep encountering a tiger, and were soon absorbed.

After the golden gravel absorbed the gray gravel, its size grew less than 1% of the size of the gray gravel. Even though that was the case, the golden gravel grew to the size of three fists now.

Lin Huang knew what to do next after seeing the golden gravel occupy the s.p.a.ce after it was done absorbing the gray gravel. Just when he was going to activate the Divine Fire in his body after visualizing the Life Palace in his place, something strange happened.

A black glow detached from Lin Huang’s storage s.p.a.ce and penetrated his body directly.

He sensed that immediately and felt his body being invaded.

Lifting his head to gaze up, he noticed an object that looked like a meteorite falling toward the direction of the G.o.dhead. He was shocked for a moment, but he realized what was happening in the next second.

“That’s… is that a bizarre seed?!”

Yes, the bizarre seed that could not be activated went into Lin Huang’s body automatically as if it had been summoned.

Lin Huang did not stop it even after knowing that it was the bizarre seed. Instead, he watched the bizarre seed falling like a meteorite in great interest. It collided with the G.o.dhead that looked like a cloud.

The golden cloud began integrating the bizarre seed that came in rapidly. The cloud that was initially golden was dyed black as if it had been splashed with ink.

At the same time, the black cloud hovered to the Monster Paradise Life Palace that had been formed slowly, engulfing it.

Lin Huang was speechless to see that strange scene. He initially thought that he would have two Life Palaces if he maintained the Monster Paradise Life Palace. In the end, the bizarre seed took the opportunity away from him and engulfed the Monster Paradise Life Palace wholly. He could even sense clearly that the Monster Paradise Life Palace was being refined at a high speed.

In reality, Lin Huang could make the Life Palace a card to put this process to a halt. However, he chose to let it do whatever it was doing and waited for the engulfment to be completed patiently.

The Monster Paradise Life Palace was refined by the black cloud entirely within ten seconds. The black cloud then went back to surround the Life Wheels.

At the moment, the ten Life Furnaces (Life Lamps) in Lin Huang’s body began spitting Divine Fire out even before he gave his order. At the same time, a sea of Divine Power began penetrating the black cloud with the Divine Fire.

The silhouette of a black palace appeared slowly as the Divine Fire was spat onto the black cloud. With the Divine Fire and the Divine Power, the details of the black palace formed automatically.

The process went on for ten hours before the gigantic black palace was finally formed. As there was no time to produce Divine Power during the process of building the Life Palace, the initially endless Divine Power in Lin Huang’s body was drained for the very first time. It was all taken away by the black Life Palace.

Seeing that the Life Palace seemed to be able to take in more Life Power, Lin Huang used three Life Power Refill Cards consecutively.

A sea of Divine Power was pumped into the Life Palace once again.

Another 30 hours pa.s.sed, and the Life Palace grew almost four times bigger than it was before. This new Life Palace seemed to have reached its limit of taking Life Power in, so it stopped absorbing Life Power.

Meanwhile, the Life Lamps in the ten Life Wheels finally stopped spitting Divine Fire. They seemed to have ground to a halt completely from exhaustion.

The ten Life Wheels then turned into golden glows and penetrated the Life Palace. They were like ten golden suns hovering on top of the Life Palace, resembling a giant hanging lamp.

The Life Palace began trembling after the Life Wheels penetrated. Up to 1,000 lamps were lit up automatically with black Divine Fire burning in them.

Lin Huang felt that the Divine Power in his body was recovering rapidly since the black Divine Fire was lit.

Although the recovery speed was not that much fasare than the Divine Power rotation before, it was at least ten times faster. Within ten seconds, the Divine Power in the ten Life Wheels in his body was replenished. New Divine Power began flooding Lin Huang’s body and soul, resulting in a double body and soul transformation!

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