Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1146 – A Different Imperial–Level

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Chapter 1146: A Different Imperial-level

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Although drawing cards from the grade-3 card slot was clearly more worth it than drawing from the grade-2 card slot, Lin Huang did not do that right away.

He fell into silence for a moment and asked again, “Since I’ve elevated to imperial-level, I’ll be given a grade-3 card draw for my cross-ranking kill. Am I right?”

“That’s right, but there’s a higher difficulty in drawing grade-3 cards now.”

“You’ll only be given a cross-ranking reward if you kill monsters on virtual G.o.d-level or above. You’ll be given a grade-3 card draw reward for each virtual G.o.d-level monster you kill. The most cross-ranking rewards you can get from killing monsters of the same combat level would be ten times. That remains the same.”

“What? I’ll only be given a grade-3 card draw for killing virtual G.o.d-level monsters? So, it’s the same no matter whether I kill a Virtual G.o.d rank-1 or a Virtual G.o.d rank-9 monster?!” Even Lin Huang’s voice rose a pitch higher now.

“That’s right. There’s no difference whether you kill a Virtual G.o.d rank-1 or a Virtual G.o.d rank-9 monster. It’ll only be calculated based on the combat level. The cross-ranking kill reward will follow the same in the future. You’ll be given the same cross-ranking kill reward for killing monsters of the same level, no matter whether they are rank-1 or rank-9.”

“What if I kill a True G.o.d?” Lin Huang probed again.

“At your current combat strength, you’ll be awarded a grade-3 golden card draw opportunity if you kill a True G.o.d. There’ll be a 90% probability that you’ll obtain a grade-3 golden card and a 10% probably for a grade-4 card.”

“Alright then.” Initially, Lin Huang thought he would obtain more opportunities for drawing a card if he killed a True G.o.d. It turned out that the system boosted the quality of the draw instead.

Lin Huang thought about it and asked, “Will the card draw be multiplied if I use a Double Reward Card?”

“Since the Function Cards have been categorized into grades, a portion of them of which their function range isn’t clear will be restricted by the grades. The Double Reward Cards you currently own have been categorized into grade-2 Function Cards, whereby they don’t work on a grade-3 card draw reward. Only a grade-3 card Double Reward Card will work on a grade-3 card draw reward.”

Lin Huang finally understood it after hearing what Xiao Hei said. The initial Double Reward Card, Advance Card, Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card, and such were not restricted in terms of application whereby all powerhouses could use them regardless of their combat strength.

However, since the system divided the Function Cards into grades, the functions of the cards would apply to different grades. It was equivalent to a person selling 100 square meters of land and building a 300 square meter house on the available land aside. Since the land was all sold out now, it was only natural that the house would be prohibited from being built.

Xiao Hei’s system put those Function Cards with gray areas into grades whereby they would only work when applied on given grades.

“Alright then, excluding a grade-3 Double Reward Card, I only have 19 grade-3 card rewards on each combat strength. In other words, I’ll only have 95 card draw rewards from the five ranks which range from imperial-level black gold-rank to imperial-level purple gold-rank.”

“I must correct you about this. Your Life Palace is different from anyone else’s Life Palace in this gravel world. Your imperial-levels won’t be ranked from imperial-level black gold-rank to imperial-level purple gold-rank.”

Lin Huang was shocked to hear what Xiao Hei said. He suddenly recalled that the combat strength on his personal card was indeed not ‘imperial-level black gold-rank’, but merely ‘imperial-level’.

He tapped his personal card open again and checked through it. To his astonishment, he realized that the combat strength displayed on it was indeed ‘imperial-level’ only. He was dumbstruck.

“If I don’t elevate from imperial-level black gold-rank to imperial-level purple gold-rank like how it usually goes, how am I elevating based on ranks?” Lin Huang had no idea how should he advance next.

“Think about the people in this gravel world. How do they elevate from imperial-level black gold-rank to imperial-level purple gold-rank?” said the stone tablet’s voice slowly. It did not give Lin Huang a direct solution and asked him that instead.

“One would have to kill an imperial-level monster and take its Life Base for integration in order to elevate. To elevate from imperial-level black gold-rank to imperial-level crimson gold-rank, one would have to kill a monster on imperial-level crimson gold-rank or above to take its Life Base. The process is similar to elevating from immortal-level to imperial-level black gold-rank…” Lin Huang stopped all of a sudden as he muttered, “Do you mean… I’ll integrate more G.o.dheads into my Life Palace that has been formed to elevate it?!”

“It’s a Life Palace anyway. The other elevation methods work no matter how different they are,” the stone tablet informed while smiling.

“So, how many integrations will it take for me to elevate to virtual G.o.d-level?” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“It depends on how many integrations your Life Palace can take and when will it be the limit to integrate G.o.dheads. When there’s no way to integrate any more G.o.dheads, it would mean it’s time for you to elevate to virtual G.o.d-level,” the stone tablet’s tone sounded like everything made sense.

“What you said seems flawless based on logic…” Lin Huang took the stone tablet’s advice which was to integrate G.o.dheads when he was elevating to imperial-level earlier. Eventually, he made it. He thought about it and decided to go with it anyway. “I don’t care how many ranks there are. It’s not too late to elevate to virtual G.o.d-level when I’m done feeding my Life Palace to the point that it can no longer integrate any more G.o.dheads! Meanwhile, I’ll call this Life Palace imperial-level grade-1 then. I’ll add one more grade to it each time the integration goes through. Let’s see how many grades it’ll take for it to reach a full cycle.”

Lin Huang did not notice that the information on his personal card changed automatically as soon as he said that. The original combat strength evolved from ‘imperial-level’ to ‘imperial-level grade-1’.

“Judging by the process through which I elevated to imperial-level, a Virtual G.o.d rank-9 G.o.dhead will be required as the main material for each grade of elevation as well as other ranks of G.o.dheads and broken G.o.dheads as subsidiary materials. I only have three Virtual G.o.d rank-9 G.o.dheads as the main material now, but I don’t have many subsidiary materials.”

Lin Huang had obtained three Virtual G.o.d rank-9 G.o.dheads as his reward when he was on Stairway Tree earlier. They could be used as the main material for the elevation of his combat strength. The problem was that he had used most of the other G.o.dheads and broken G.o.dheads for his previous upgrade to imperial-level. The remaining few were the ones he was now left with when his body could no longer take any more materials earlier. They were insufficient for him to elevate to imperial-level grade-2.

“It might be a little difficult to gather subsidiary materials to get to imperial-level grade-3 and grade-4, but it shouldn’t be too hard to collect enough subsidiary materials to elevate to imperial-level grade-2.”

After making sure that the elevation method was fine, Lin Huang did not hesitate anymore and took out a Virtual G.o.d rank-9 G.o.dhead. He tossed it into his body and threw in the remaining few G.o.dheads and broken G.o.dheads in his storage s.p.a.ce at the same time.

The G.o.dheads and broken G.o.dheads crashed into his Life Palace like a meteor shower. They were soon surrounded by the ten golden Life Wheels that resembled suns. Maroon Divine Fire was spat out of the Life Wheels one after another and drowned the G.o.dheads completely.

Lin Huang felt the refinement progress right away. “The refinement speed almost doubled compared to before. Given the current efficiency of refinement alone without me activating it, it’ll only take six to seven months to refine this Virtual G.o.d rank-9 G.o.dhead fully. If I refine it by myself at all costs, I think I’ll only need approximately a month to complete the refinement.

“What I need to do now is to find enough G.o.dheads to elevate my Life Palace to grade-2 before this Virtual G.o.d rank-9 G.o.dhead is refined completely!”

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