Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1149 – Goodbye, Sir!

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Chapter 1149: Goodbye, Sir!

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“Do you really have a solution for my broken G.o.dhead?!”

Mr. Fu’s eyes lit up when he heard Lin Huang. He had been cultivating for many years, but he had yet to find a way to fix his G.o.dhead. However, he had few doubts when he heard that all of a sudden. After all, he knew that Lin Huang was the Emperor of Dynasty who had an organization supporting him in the great world. He had ways that he could not imagine.

“Yes,” Lin Huang confirmed while smiling.

“Is there anything that you need me to do?” Mr. Fu asked again instantly, “Is there anything that I should prepare?”

“There’re no such concerns.” Lin Huang pointed at the chair. “Go lie down and close your eyes. Recall your Divine Telekinesis and G.o.d Territory. It’ll only take a moment.”

Mr. Fu reclined on the chair right away then recalled his Divine Telekinesis and G.o.d Territory. He closed his eyes despite feeling a little anxious at the moment. For almost 800 years, he had almost forgotten how anxiety felt like. Now, the feeling came rus.h.i.+ng all at once.

Lin Huang pointed at Mr. Fu’s heart after he lay down and closed his eyes. At the same time, Lin Huang crushed a grade-3 Healing Card with his other hand.

The Healing Card turned into a golden glow that only Lin Huang could see and flowed into Mr. Fu’s heart through Lin Huang’s fingertips.

Almost the same time when the golden glow penetrated Mr. Fu’s body, he could clearly sense that everything in his body was repairing itself rapidly.

The feeling was bizarre. He was eager to know what Lin Huang was doing exactly. However, he recalled that Lin Huang asked him to close his eyes as well as recall his Divine Telekinesis and G.o.d Territory, so he suppressed his urge to find out the truth. He did not want to interrupt Lin Huang’s healing process with his impulsive curiosity.

Mr. Fu’s body was repairing as a whole as soon as the effect of the Healing Card kicked in.

Not only was his body getting younger and his weak soul becoming strong now, but even the G.o.dhead in his body and broken cultivation base were also healing rapidly.

Mr. Fu sensed his body going through a tremendous change every second.

It was healing to the point that even his combat strength that had dropped was increasing.

Virtual G.o.d rank-6!

Virtual G.o.d rank-7!

Virtual G.o.d rank-8!

His aura was growing continuously.

However, to Lin Huang, the biggest change in Mr. Fu was his body.

The old man, who was initially skinny, was getting younger at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. Besides his skin and muscles recovering, even his height was growing.

Within a short few seconds, Mr. Fu turned from a skinny old man to a young man who only looked like he was in his early 20’s.

Even Lin Huang had to admit that Mr. Fu’s appearance was just as charming as his.

Seeing how Mr. Fu looked now, Lin Huang recalled the time when Mr. Fu visited him at his home. He disguised as exactly what he looked like now. “So, he was telling the truth. He really was 1.85 meters tall back then.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Fu secretly glimpsed into his body. He realized that his body was changing swiftly.

He could not take his eyes off the changes in the G.o.dhead.

The G.o.dhead that he had was initially almost disintegrated whereby cracks were formed all over like a spiderweb. However, those tiny cracks were entirely repaired within a few seconds and the recovery was still on-going.

The cracks that looked like spiderwebs were recovering like time had been turned back. Even the big fissure that caused the G.o.dhead to almost disintegrate was being mended continuously. In reality, the entire process only took less than 15 seconds. However, it was a long process for Mr. Fu.

He did not even bother to study the other changes that were going on in his body. All he was doing was guarding the G.o.dhead’s side to watch the giant fissure being filled. Eventually, it was fixed completely with not a single trace of damage to it at all.

When Mr. Fu snapped back from his observation of the G.o.dhead, he realized that his G.o.dhead was not the only thing that had been repaired.

His body, as well as his soul, had recovered to his peak during his younger self over 800 years ago. What surprised Mr. Fu the most was that his combat strength had recovered to peak-stage Virtual G.o.d rank-8, thus he was only one step away from reaching Virtual G.o.d rank-9.

Lin Huang only withdrew his finger that was pointing at Mr. Fu’s heart when the transformation was almost over.

“You can open your eyes now.”

Mr. Fu finally opened his eyes after hearing Lin Huang’s voice.

The first thing he did when he opened his eyes was to turn on the camera on his Emperor’s Heart Ring and project his own image.

“Check it out! I’m even more handsome when I was young!” Mr. Fu leaped from the chair upon seeing himself looking like his younger self again.

His head hung down and he stared at his hands. “I’m pumped with energy! It feels like I’ve traveled more than 800 years back.”

“Has your G.o.dhead recovered completely?” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“It’s recovered completely. There’s not even a trace left behind!” Mr. Fu nodded in satisfaction. “What you did was insane!”

Mr. Fu did not ask Lin Huang what exactly he did. As a wise man, he knew there were secrets that one should not pry into.

“It’s not just my G.o.dhead. My soul, my body, and my combat strength have recovered to their peak. I can faintly sense that my combat strength is going to break through to Virtual G.o.d rank-9 soon.”

“You’ve earned that. It’s been over 800 years since your combat strength elevated after all,” Lin Huang replied with a grin. Hearing Mr. Fu’s description, the effect of the Healing Card seemed to be even better than he expected.

“Elevating my combat strength is an opportunity that’s hard to come by. I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.” Mr. Fu lifted his head to look at Lin Huang. “I thought I wanted to get you to stay for a few days for a decent conversation, but it seems like we’ll do it next time because I’m going into closed-door cultivation.”

“Sure, it’s more important to elevate,” Lin Huang agreed, “I happen to have something else to do for these few days, so I wouldn’t be able to stay even if you asked me to. We’ll have plenty of time to chat after you get out of your closed-door cultivation.”

Lin Huang did not plan to stay any longer. He summoned dimensional portal and flapped his sleeve to recall Thunder back into a card.

Mr. Fu spoke through voice transmission all of a sudden after seeing Lin Huang opening the dimensional portal. “Thank you!”

Lin Huang paused and turned his head to reply through a voice transmission, “You’re my teacher. There’s no need to be so courteous.”

Lin Huang paused after saying that and smirked at Mr. Fu. “The more powerful your ability is, the more powerful my support is. I’m the one who’ll benefit in the end.”

“You little rascal!” Mr. Fu shook his head while smiling.

Lin Huang waved at him after stepping into the dimensional portal. “Goodbye, Sir!”

With a nod, Mr. Fu smiled at Lin Huang. He watched the dimensional portal close slowly and eventually vanished with Lin Huang.

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