Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1151 – Going Back To The Yin Residence

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Chapter 1151: Going Back to the Yin Residence

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“Going home?” Fatty was stunned and hesitated. “Didn’t you say that I was dead for two years? How do I explain myself if I go home?”

“Just say that you were hiding from your enemy and faked your death.” Lin Huang thought about it and gave an answer.

“Then, how do I explain my body that hasn’t changed at all throughout the two years?” Fatty asked again, feeling helpless.

A young man should go through a growth spurt when he was 16 to 17 years old. Just like Lin Huang, he grew over ten centimeters taller throughout the two years and was 1.83 meters tall now. He no longer looked like a teenager. He was clearly a grown man now.

However, Fatty looked exactly the same as he was two years back when he was resurrected with the Revival Card. Nothing about him changed at all. His family would definitely be skeptical about that.

Lin Huang thought about it for a while and explained, “Tell them that your body has stopped growing temporarily throughout the two years. It’s the side effect of the elixir you took to fake your death, but the side effect has a time limit. It should only last for two to three years.”

Fatty nodded when he heard that since he could not think of any explanation better than that.

“To outsiders, stop using your ident.i.ty as Yin Hangyi. The news will spread quickly if anyone knows that you were resurrected. Then, trouble will never stop coming to you. There’ll be many organizations watching you, so we can’t rule out the possibility that underground organizations might carry violence out on you. By then, not only you but your family will be at risk too.”

“I’ll get you another ident.i.ty. You’ll live your life as Yin Hangyi’s brother. Think of a name for yourself.”

“Okay!” Yin Hangyi nodded immediately. He would not want to be the target of many organizations.

Lin Huang took a good look at Yin Hangyi again and thought what he wore would definitely attract attention.

He then summoned Grimace that had elevated to mythical-level and looked like a gentleman.

He had a black top hat on his head and there was a circle of diamonds mounted on the band of the hat. He wore half a golden mask on his face while his lips curled in a terrifying grin.

His black robe with golden patterns was elegant and exquisite. One could tell that it was expensive by the look of it. He held a black walking stick, the top of which was adorned with gold and silver. His white leather shoes were as pure as pearl.

He no longer looked like a ridiculous clown. Even his charisma he emanated made him seem like a n.o.ble gentleman who came from a well-known family that had descended for hundreds of years.

“Who is this?” Yin Hangyi was surprised to see Grimace appeared out of nowhere.

“He’s my imperial beast.”

Yin Hangyi took a careful look at Grimace after hearing Lin Huang’s answer. He was even more surprised now. “Is he really not human?”

“No, he only looks like one.” Lin Huang gave a perfunctory response and turned his head to look at Grimace. He changed the subject. “Grimace, give him a disguise. The main goal is to not let anyone recognize his face. Don’t change his body size. Just tweak his clothing slightly so that it won’t be as terribly fitting as it is now.”

Grimace walked to Fatty and looked down at him for a moment. He then snapped his fingers. Instantly, Fatty looked like he had undergone plastic surgery. His face that looked immature was transformed into an uncle’s face with rough skin.

He wore a blue robe and looked like a stand-up comedian.

Lin Huang almost laughed out loud when he saw him.

Meanwhile, Fatty looked lost. He thought Grimace made him ugly, so he touched his face immediately. “What’s wrong? Is there anything wrong with the disguise?”

“His face is fine. Change his clothes,” Lin Huang said to Grimace.

Grimace rolled his eyes at Lin Huang and snapped his fingers again unwillingly.

Fatty’s attire finally looked normal now, but he looked like he was in a boy band with Lin Huang. Clearly, Grimace had done that on purpose.

Lin Huang was thinking of getting Grimace to change his attire again, but he thought about it carefully and got rid off the thought since he had no idea what kind of prank Grimace would pull again.

“Make yourself invisible and stay by my side. Don’t pull any tricks.”

Just when Lin Huang was done saying that, Grimace disappeared after snapping his fingers. Only Lin Huang could see that he was on his right. He was making silly faces at Fatty who was less than ten centimeters away from him.

“Where did he go? Is he really invisible now?” Fatty looked around, feeling that a transcendent’s world was rather bizarre.

“You might obtain a similar ability when you become a transcendent in the future.” Lin Huang pressed his hand on Fatty’s shoulder and flew while grabbing him.

A moment later, the duo appeared at the only business district in Nanmu Town.

Fatty looked around and stared at Lin Huang in puzzlement. “Why are we here?”

“Take a shower and put on new clothes. Can you smell the stench on you? Also, you’ll have to remove your disguise when you get home. I don’t think you should appear before your grandmother wearing something that doesn’t fit.”

Fatty lifted his arm and sniffed his armpit. To his absolute disgust, he felt nauseous and almost vomited.

He just realized that apart from the time they were flying, Lin Huang had been keeping a distance of two meters away from him.

After taking a thorough shower at a bathhouse with individual showers, the duo went shopping and bought a few sets of clothes for Fatty.

Lin Huang got Grimace to remove Fatty’s clothes after Fatty put the new ones on. They then headed to the Yin residence.

Since the family transferred Ke Lai Hotel to Lin Huang, he did nothing to it apart from setting the direction of the development in the beginning. However, under the operation of a professional management team, Ke Lai Hotel’s profits surpa.s.sed ten times more than two years ago. Lin Huang held the Yin family’s 50% of shares with the family recipe. The annual profit the family had been receiving was much higher than before, so they were ama.s.sing their wealth.

Tears welled up in Yin Hangyi’s eyes when he saw the old house that he was familiar with.

Initially, he was worried about how the family had been holding up before going there. After all, his father and he had pa.s.sed away while n.o.body could manage Ke Lai Hotel.

However, Fatty was relieved when he saw that the courtyard was as neat as two years ago through the fences.

He peeped at Lin Huang who was next to him secretly, figuring that this old friend must have helped his family.

The old security guard at the entrance began observing them with narrowed eyes when he noticed their appearance. He soon recognized Lin Huang.

Lin Huang experienced a major growth in his height, but in reality, he did not have much changes in his appearance. Many people had been visiting the family for the past two years, but there was n.o.body else who was as young as Lin Huang.

“Are you Mr. Lin? Please come in. Come in! I’ll tell the butler and the old lady that you’re here!”

“Very much appreciated, sir.” Lin Huang nodded while smiling. He did not expect the man to remember him.

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