Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1153 – One Day, We’ll Definitely Meet

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Chapter 1153: One Day, We’ll Definitely Meet

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The sky was turning dark when Lin Huang returned to the Emperor Palace after he settled the matter with Mr. Fu and Yin Hangyi.

He glanced at Dynasty’s headquarters that was still well-lit. He hesitated before going in.

As the Emperor of Dynasty, he had actually entered the building merely a few times.

The security guards and front desk receptionist who worked overtime as well as the people in the lobby were stunned to see him walking into the building. They gawked at him.

Lin Huang remained smiling as he nodded at the people.

He walked straight to the front desk and spoke to the lady who was dressed rather fas.h.i.+onably, “Is Tianfu here?”

“Yes, Master Tianfu is here.” The lady at the front desk nodded immediately.

“Thank you. Keep it up,” Lin Huang replied and turned around, heading to Huang Tianfu’s office.

The lady at the front desk watched Lin Huang left looking like she was charmed while mumbling softly, “Master Emperor thanked me…”

Lin Huang knocked on the door when he arrived at Huang Tianfu’s office.

Huang Tianfu’s voice soon boomed from the room. “Come in!”

Lin Huang then opened the door and entered. Huang Tianfu was stunned for a moment when he saw that it was Lin Huang who strolled in. Clearly, he did not expect him.

“Still busy working?” Lin Huang glanced at the numerous doc.u.ments that were projected from his Emperor’s Heart Ring. He suddenly felt that it was not easy being in Huang Tianfu’s position.

“There’s something that I need to handle,” Huang Tianfu said and paused all of a sudden. He asked in surprise, “Master Emperor, have you already broken through to imperial-level?!”

“Yes, I just did,” Lin Huang confirmed with a wide grin.

“I thought you’d need at least a week to half a month when you went hunting for Life Base monsters. I never expected you to be so quick!” Clearly, Huang Tianfu knew that Lin Huang had left Dynasty early in the morning.

“The elevation this time was considered pretty smooth.” Lin Huang did not plan to explain his cultivation system that was different from the usual since Huang Tianfu did not have to know about that. “How much more time do you need to finish this? Shall we have supper together?”

“I won’t finish them just yet. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“I heard there’s a new barbecue place that’s pretty amazing.”

“Are you talking about Biggie Barbecue? They’re pretty amazing indeed,” Huang Tianfu replied cheerfully, “They usually let the customers do the grilling themselves, but the owner has a special sauce. There are four flavors which are non-spicy, slightly spicy, medium spicy and extra spicy. They only open after 6 p.m. but people queue until 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. Their business is booming!”

“Is it really that good?” Lin Huang was even more excited hearing that.

“You’ll see after you’ve tried it. Their sauces are amazing,” said Huang Tianfu and he turned off the projection. He then projected his contact book. “Let me call the owner and get ourselves a reservation. Otherwise, we’ll have to queue one to two hours when we get there.”

Both of them departed as soon as Huang Tianfu completed the reservation. Soon, they arrived at the Biggie Barbecue restaurant.

It was almost 7 p.m. There was a long queue outside the restaurant. At least 40 to 50 people were waiting to be seated.

The owner came out and welcomed Lin Huang and Huang Tianfu as soon as they arrived. He led the duo to a VIP room that had just been cleared on the third floor.

The owner was a bald middle-aged man who looked plump and kind.

However, Lin Huang clearly sensed that the guy was a transcendent. Although he was only on holy fire-level, he was still a transcendent nevertheless.

“It’s our pleasure that will last for a lifetime for the Master Emperor to come to our humble restaurant!” Clearly, the owner recognized Lin Huang as soon as they met.

“Give us your best today. Show Master Emperor your skill,” challenged Huang Tianfu while grinning.

Lin Huang thought he could finally do the carving himself, but the owner ended up doing it. He merely smiled as they watched the owner’s messy knife skills.

Although the owner was pretty good at it, he was not considered an eligible sword cultivator. Judging from his fancy way of cutting meat, Lin Huang could tell that he was the type who went for elegance. This kind of person would most probably fail in Martial Dao due to his lack of effort to grasp the true Martial Dao.

Lin Huang did not comment on his skills from the beginning until the end. He might have pointed out his mistakes if the owner were a cultivator. However, the owner before him had obviously excused himself from the cultivator circle and was living a normal life now. He might not want to hear what Lin Huang had to say even if he were to discuss Sword Dao with him out of kindness.

Naturally, the owner was perfect apart from his overly fancy knife skills.

He began preparing the second batch of meat to be grilled after the first batch was done and served it to both of them.

Lin Huang shoved the first piece of grilled meat into his mouth in antic.i.p.ation. Just when he chewed twice after putting it into his mouth, the expression on his face turned odd.

After he ate the first one, Lin Huang shoved the second piece of meat into his mouth solemnly. He put the cutlery in his hands down after eating the second one. He looked at the owner who was preparing the second batch of grilled meat.

“Sir, where did you get the sauces from?”

Huang Tianfu was surprised to see Lin Huang asking that question so seriously. “What’s wrong?”

“Answer me!” Lin Huang raised his hand to stop Huang Tianfu from asking further. His eyes remained staring on the owner. “Who gave you the recipe for this sauce?”

The owner put what he was doing down and explained while panicking, “A guy gave it to me when I was running my restaurant back in Division 7.”

Lin Huang looked through the photo alb.u.m in his Emperor’s Heart Ring immediately. He finally projected a photo after searching for a long time. “Was it him?”

“Looks similar, but that’s a kid in this photo. The young man that I met looks the same age as you,” said the owner nervously while looking at the photo.

“Which foothold did you meet him in Division 7?” Lin Huang asked again.

“Winter City!”

“When was that?”

“Over three months ago.”

“Can you tell me what happened when you guys met in detail? Tell me everything you remember. Try not to miss anything out,” Lin Huang requested.

The owner did not decline his request. Instead, he nodded and began telling the story.

“I had a restaurant in Winter City of Division 7 before this. Business was alright. Three months ago, that handsome young man came to my restaurant and ate almost everything I stocked that day on his own. When he called for the bill, he told me that my food was okay but not my sauces. He told me that he happened to have barbecue sauces that he could give me for free. However, I must promise him one thing, which was to open a barbecue restaurant in Emperor City of Division 1, next to Dynasty’s headquarters.

“The first reaction I had was to think that that guy was insane or that he was just a con man. However, he took out the sauces and made a batch of grilled meat for me and got me to try them. I agreed to his condition after eating only a piece of grilled meat. He gave me the recipe for the sauce and left.

“The rental agreement for the restaurant that I rented back then had come to an end, so I cleared my stuff and came straight to Emperor City after I made the first batch of sauces.”

“Do you know the guy that he’s talking about?” Huang Tianfu could not help but finally ask.

“If I’m not mistaken, he should be my brother.” Lin Huang figured the person was most likely Lin Xuan because the grilled meat tasted very familiar to him. Although the sauces had improved a lot, Lin Huang recognized it was Lin Xuan’s recipe after tasting them.

“What else did he tell you? Think carefully. Did you miss anything out?” Lin Huang lifted his head again and looked pointedly at the restaurant owner.

“Oh yeah, he said something else after giving me the recipe. He told me if the Emperor of Dynasty came to my restaurant one day and asked about him, tell the Emperor this —’Don’t think of me, don’t look for me. One day, we’ll definitely meet.’”

“Don’t think of me, don’t look for me. One day, we’ll definitely meet…” Lin Huang repeated while frowning slightly.

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