Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1160 – Lin Huang Is Trending Again!

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Chapter 1160: Lin Huang is Trending Again!

Lin Huang closed the forum after posting that comment on the thread. He no longer followed the topic after that.

He did not plan to hide his discussion with the Union Government from anyone anyway. It made no difference to him that it was exposed since everyone would find out sooner or later. He did not care whether people found out sooner or later. If he cared, he would have disguised himself with Huang Tianfu and the rest when they entered the First City yesterday.

However, Lin Huang had no idea that the comment he posted on the thread in the black market forum became a hit. The views on the thread that was initially tens of thousands skyrocketed to over 30 million views within less than ten minutes after he commented, and the number was rising. The comment threads grew from a few hundred to more than 100,000 now.

The black market forum almost crashed from the traffic that came out of nowhere.

The reason for the sudden spike in traffic was that some of them posted the thread on some other social media sites. In addition to that, some people screenshot Lin Huang’s comment and forwarded it around.

The criticism about that Lin Huang and Dynasty being traitors that was consistent on the black market forum took a turn after a new bunch of people flooded the site. The threads were all supporting Lin Huang.

“Are you guys ashamed of taking this video sneakily? The Emperor wasn’t even hiding it.”

“Good job on the ‘it’s none of your business’! Because of that, I’m Lin Huang’s fan from today onwards.”

“Secret visit, my a*s! He visited the Union Government publicly and didn’t disguise himself at all. Instead, he walked into the building from the entrance. The video you posted shows that loud and clear, so how is that a secret visit? Do you think we’re all blind?”

“To those who called out Dynasty as a traitor, the Emperor officially announced that Dynasty was no longer an underground organization four months ago as soon as he was appointed. They’re now a neutral organization. What does a neutral organization working with union organization has anything to do with you underground organization?!”

Lin Huang’s name became the No. 1 topic on all the social media sites early in the morning. Dynasty also became the second topic on trending topics, and they were popular now.

The first thought that flashed through many people’s minds when they saw Lin Huang’s name on social media sites was, ‘What did Lin Huang do again? Why is he always trending? Can he give a chance to the others?!’

Everyone who clicked on the trending thread and read it thoroughly came to the same conclusion — they supported Lin Huang!

The reason was simple. Many ordinary cultivators were on all social media sites while most of them loathed the underground organizations.

Lin Huang’s action undoubtedly made a statement that Dynasty was a neutral organization. Moreover, him working with the Union Government was a plus to the ordinary cultivators. To them, the Union Government represented justice. It was impossible for them to be in the same boat with evil organizations. Therefore, Dynasty’s image turned positive now.

In reality, Lin Huang and b.l.o.o.d.y did not expect that to happen.

One of the reasons why Lin Huang decided to work with the Union Government was that the Union Government had the most power. Another reason was that compared to other organizations, the possibility of the Union Government backing out on their promise was slimmer.

Lin Huang and the rest had no idea that the Union Government was following this matter closely since early in the morning.

Jiang Shan and the rest were a little surprised to see that almost everyone on the Internet supported Lin Huang.

“Everyone on the Internet supports Dynasty and Lin Huang. I really have no idea what Lin Huang fed those people,” Deputy Chief Dongfang Bai shook his head while saying, failing to understand how did that happen.

“It’s not too hard to understand actually.” Jiang Shan smiled hearing what Dongfang Bai said. “Lin Huang is only 19 and he’s already the Emperor of Dynasty as well as the No. 1 genius of the era. His name doesn’t represent himself alone. It’s more like a symbol, a symbol that the younger generation believes in.

“Think about it. He’s a formidable genius as bright as the sun above, masking all of the light the rest of the talents s.h.i.+ne with his ability and he’s the same age as you when you were 19. Would you wors.h.i.+p him?”

Dongfang Bai fell into silence. The rest also experienced a slight change of expression.

“Lin Huang’s existence isn’t something bad. There’s no need for us to be intimidated by him. Even if Lin Huang isn’t the one conquering the world, it might be Zhang Huang, Liu Huang or Li Huang. It’s just how reality is. A person will show up at the right time in the right position as the leader of the new era. He’ll leave his mark in his time and people will remember him for years to come,” Jiang Shan continued.

“You sure speak highly of him. Are you trying to boost his ego?” said the committee chairman Zhao Lingming while smiling.

“What I said is what I really feel. You must know that I was even less significant than his finger when I was 19,” Jiang Shan ridiculed himself.

“Alright, let’s stop talking about Lin Huang. We might as well call off the meeting with Dynasty and agree to all of their conditions directly if we continue to talk about him,” Dongfang Bai scorned.

“It’s almost time to go. I think the people from Dynasty are already waiting at the meeting room.” Ran Ning changed the subject right away.

They then stopped chatting and headed to the meeting room.

Lin Huang and the other three had been waiting in the meeting room much earlier.

When it was almost 9 a.m., they began the meeting officially after a moment of chatting.

The Union Government chief, Jiang Shan, was the first to speak, “Emperor Lin, you were saying that the main bargaining power you guys have is the authority to the ruins and sites yesterday. We’d like to know how many are there going to be.”

“Royal’s grade-0 trial zone is the equivalent of grade-1 to grade-5 ruins and sites in our world. I can give you authorization to 300 of them. Meanwhile, a grade-1 trial zone is equivalent to grade-6 ruins and sites in our world. I can give you authorization to 30 of them. However, the condition is that we’ll take a 30% commission from the items that you guys obtained from the trial zones,” Lin Huang named his condition directly.

Apart from the restriction whereby only Royal’s affiliate organizations were allowed to enter the trial zones, members with rank-A authorization actually had another privilege which was to invite a maximum of three people who were not from the affiliate organizations into the trial zones.

However, the guests would not obtain any points from the killings in the trial zones. Royal’s internal market would not be opened to them either. The only thing they could bring back would be the monster and the treasures from the trial zones.

They probably gave such a privilege because Royal did not want their elite members to be too introverted. They hoped that the members could socialize like normal people and even work with other organizations instead of limiting themselves to being acquittances with others.

Meanwhile, the authorization to the ruins and sites Lin Huang was offering the Union Government was actually a privilege given to rank-A Royalties.

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