Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1161 – He’s Trending Again!

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Chapter 1161: He’s Trending Again!

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Lin Huang offered acess to 330 trial zones as soon as he spoke. It was almost half of all of the ruins and sites in the entire gravel world. Moreover, the number surpa.s.sed the total number of ruins and sites that the Union Government owned.

The meeting room fell into silence once again hearing the offer Lin Huang gave.

The Union Government was mentally prepared for Lin Huang to definitely offer a high number but never had they thought it would be so high. Although Jiang Shan and the rest were mentally prepared, they were shocked when they heard the actual number Lin Huang offered.

If they agreed to that offer, it would mean that the number of sites and ruins that the Union Government could explore could be multiplied.

“If you guys need, I can pick those trial zones that have just been opened,” Lin Huang added, “But there’s something that I must tell you in advance.

“Although there are many Royal trial zones, there are also many Royalties’ affiliate organizations. Therefore, it’s very normal for you guys to into other organizations who would enter the trial zones the same time that you do. Even if those were new trial zones, the organizations under the Royalties might’ve explored and taken the resources.

“Royal doesn’t prohibit fights in trial zones. One can even say that they encourage them. So, when your people into other organizations in the trial zones, don’t show mercy when you have to fight. Otherwise, you’ll end up being the one killed.”

“I understand that. We’ll pa.s.s that message down then.” Jiang Shan nodded and proceeded, “I’ve looked at the list you sent to Guan Zhong yesterday, and we’ve discussed it and came to an agreement.”

Jiang Shan read out while projecting a list, “The first condition is that you guys requested to have access to the union organization’s trading channels. We’re okay with that. It can be opened to Dynasty freely.

“The second condition is that you guys requested to enjoy the same privileges we offer to the union organizations. We can promise you that as well.”

“However, we can’t agree to give access to union information to Dynasty. The most that we can do is give Dynasty access to public information, not the access to the confidential stuff.

“The same goes for the access of books and doc.u.ments of all sorts. We can only open a part of it to Dynasty. We can give access to cultivation books under G.o.d-level, but not to other books, doc.u.ments, and confidential stuff.”

“As for the access to ancient sites opened to Emperor Lin alone, we can do that for you but the duration will only be 30 days. The access will be revoked as soon as 30 days have pa.s.sed.

“We can also give a month of access to the highest authorization in the Central Library to Emperor Lin. However, you can’t transfer or record the methods in the books to others.”

There were over 20 lists on the projection. Those were the conditions that Lin Huang and b.l.o.o.d.y had discussed and listed.

Among the conditions, there were only merely a few that were completely accepted.

Most of the requests were not rejected by the Union Government directly. Instead, they accepted them with their own terms and conditions.

The Union Government’s way of handling the matter was completely within b.l.o.o.d.y’s expectations.

In reality, Lin Huang could see where the Union Government drew the line in the list. Almost all of the conditions that touched the union organization’s confidentiality were rejected instantly.

Huang Tianfu and Huang Baiyu were quiet. In reality, they were pretty satisfied with the first round of discussion with the Union Government. However, b.l.o.o.d.y and Lin Huang wanted to fight for more.

Soon, b.l.o.o.d.y who was hundreds of meters away contacted Lin Huang. “The Union Government has drawn the line. I think they’ve shown it on purpose to prevent us from putting the union organization’s confidentiality on the table for the next few rounds of discussions. If that’s the limit, we don’t have to step across their baseline over and over again. We just have to compromise on some of the conditions as long as we get what we should fight for.”

Lin Huang spoke again after communicating with b.l.o.o.d.y on their consciousness for a while, “Chief Jiang, to be honest, I see your sincerity in working with us. However, there are some conditions that I hope to bargain with you.

“The first one, access to information. If you’re only giving us access to public information, that has not much difference versus not giving us access to it at all.

“Everybody knows that most underground organization members have a Emperor’s Heart Ring with a fake ident.i.ty. Moreover, the fake ident.i.ties are basically members of the union organizations including the Union Government, the Hunter a.s.sociation, and Adventurer Paradise. We can look at the public information open to the union with a fake ident.i.ty ring. Therefore, the first condition that you guys offer serves no difference compared to not giving us anything.

“We know it’s pretty impossible for you guys to give elder-level authorization to us. After all, an elder-level authorization would fall under core authorization. However, we’re hoping to fight for transcendent-level access, even if it’s only holy fire-level.”

Jiang Shan turned his head to look at his people after hearing that.

He then turned his head back to look at Lin Huang after a simple communication with the remaining seven people through voice transmission. “Please give us some time to deliberate.”

“Please do.” Lin Huang nodded lightly while picking up the cup and taking a sip of tea. He waited for them to discuss among themselves patiently.

Meanwhile, b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice came into his head again. “There will be two possible results later. One of them could be they’re going to change the authorization. If that’s the case, we’ll pick something that they’ll most probably disagree with. The other result would be for them to disagree to change it. If that’s the case, there’s no need for us to insist on this and compromise with another condition that we’re eager to realize.”

Approximately seven to eight minutes later, the Union Government finally came up with their decision.

Jiang Shan and the rest who gathered around fixed their attention back to the table. Jiang Shan finally spoke again, “I’m so sorry, we can’t give you access. As for the fake ident.i.ties that Emperor Lin mentioned, we’ll look into it. The public union information is only open to union organizations. It’s not for non-members to pry.”

“Alright, since you guys have come to that decision, I won’t waste any more time dwelling on that. Let’s talk about the next condition.” Lin Huang shrugged and skipped to the next condition promptly.

Both sides discussed back and forth for the entire day and finally came to a preliminary agreement. In reality, the progress was considered swift for a collaboration between top organizations.

After the direction and conditions of the collaboration came to an agreement, Lin Huang and the rest stayed another two days in First City to discuss the details.

Including the first day that was wasted, they spent a whole four days to finally officially sign the agreement.

Lin Huang and Jiang Shan decided to release a statement together as soon as the agreement was signed.

The statement that was posted on the Union Government’s official account was, ‘It’s a historical day today! The Union Government is collaborating with the neutral organization, Dynasty!”

The attached picture was the last page of signatures on the agreement as well as a photo of the upper echelons of the Union Government and Dynasty.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang was much more casual with his statement. ‘Happy collaboration []~( ̄▽ ̄)~*’

The photo he attached was the photo taken with Lin Xin and the Union Government chief, Jiang Shan, as well as the cover of both agreements.

Lin Huang who was still trending on top ten rose to No. 1 within less than three minutes of the statement being made. He became the trending No. 1 again!

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