Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1162 – Give Me Your Report Within Three Days!

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Chapter 1162: Give Me Your Report Within Three Days!

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To avoid having interviews with media, Lin Huang and the rest returned to Emperor City as soon as the agreement was signed.

Lin Huang browsed the websites on his Emperor’s Heart Ring as soon as he returned to Emperor City. He realized all of the headlines on the news pages was the collaboration between the Union Government and Dynasty.

The comment section below the news was on fire. The number of comments were growing almost every second.

Although everyone knew that Lin Huang led Dynasty to the Union Government headquarters in First City three days ago, many of them looked down on Dynasty whereby they thought the discussion would most probably come to no avail.

After all, Dynasty used to be an underground organization back then. Many of their members were still on the union organization’s blacklist until today. The two organizations were on different pages no matter whether it was in the past or now. Theoretically, it was pretty impossible for the Union Government to come to an agreement with Dynasty.

Although Dynasty was a top organization in this world, compared to the Union Government, they were on a different level. Many people thought that the Union Government would have everything that Dynasty had. Therefore, there was no need for the Union Government to work with Dynasty at all.

However, the outsiders had no idea that the bargaining power that Lin Huang offered was so handsome that the Union Government could not reject it at all.

Being a neutral organization aside, the Union Government might be unable to decline such tempting offer even if Dynasty was still an underground organization. Naturally, if that was the case, they would definitely not make their collaboration known to the public. Instead, they would only work secretly.

Apart from the news sites, the collaboration between the Union Government and Dynasty became the No. 1 or No. 2 topic on all the forums and social media sites. Lin Huang was even trending as No. 1 on some sites.

Clearly, people took note of Lin Huang and the collaboration between the Union Government and Dynasty.

Lin Huang realized that his personal social media account experienced a boost in fans again.

On the social media site that he paid the most attention to, his fans that were originally over 50 million had grown to 70 million and was still growing.

Within an hour of him posting the statement, there were over two million comments and at least 10 million likes on his post.

Lin Huang scanned through the comments roughly. Most of them basically supported what he did. Many new cultivators began following him because of the collaboration that had gone through this time. It proved that Dynasty was indeed a neutral organization because it was impossible for the Union Government to work with an underground organization. At least, it was impossible for them to do that publicly.

Moreover, working with the Union Government publicly would be the equivalent to drawing a line with the underground organizations. It was a different story from merely saying that Dynasty was a neutral organization like Lin Huang had before.

Naturally, there were criticisms in the comments too.

Some of them criticized them for standing on the underground organization’s side, saying that Lin Huang and Dynasty were traitors to the underground organization. Some of them were condemning them for taking the union organization’s side, accusing Lin Huang and Dynasty doing it as a show and just pretending on the surface. After all, they were still an underground organization deep down in their bones with a neutral organization’s cover over their skin.

Lin Huang did not respond to those jokers. He only looked through the comments and skipped through the pages, not even bothering to read the details. It was not that he was a chill person, but he just thought it was not necessary for him to waste time on those jokers.

He closed the website after looking at a few pages of comments. He sat with his legs crossed and began cultivating Seamless.

However, he had no idea that the collaboration between Dynasty and the Union Government which he made possible had become heated discussions in many top organizations.

On the union organization’s side, they were most curious about what bargaining power did Dynasty exactly have to make the Union Government agree to work with them. Moreover, some of the organizations heard some of the conditions and found out about the access the Union Government gave to Dynasty.

Some union organizations looked for the Union Government committee and deputy chief directly to object to the collaboration.

However, Jiang Shan and the rest were expecting to hear different opinions, so they carried out the solutions that they had prepared.

The underground organizations were also in heated discussions. However, most of them were discussing to take revenge on Dynasty. They thought that Dynasty working with the Union Government was a betrayal.

“They used to be one of the top three underground organizations and they’re kissing the Union Government’s a*s now?! Dynasty is just pure disgusting!”

“Who do they think the underground organizations are? They dismissed themselves just like that. Did we agree to that?!”

“They kept saying that they’re going to the neutral side and we didn’t say anything because we know it was just something that they’d say. I thought we could just laugh about it, but they’re ignoring the other underground organizations completely just to work with the Union Government. We don’t care about anything that you’re trying to stir but this is just stabbing a knife into our backs!”

“Dynasty is too much! We must teach them a lesson this time! Especially that Emperor, we must teach him a good lesson. He has been stirring things up ever since he was appointed!”

Apart from the union organizations and the underground organizations, the neutral organizations were also in heated discussions about the collaboration between the Union Government and Dynasty.

This happened in Shadow Killer’s headquarters in the No. 1 safety zone of foothold No.1A11 in Silhouette City.

“What Dynasty did this time is pretty interesting,” commented a man in white as he smiled slightly while watching the news projected before him.

A shadow on the ground became distorted and slowly transformed into a big, black mouth. It then spoke, “We’ve collaborated with the Union Government hundreds of years ago. Besides the Union Government, we’re also collaborating with the Hunter a.s.sociation and Adventurer Paradise.”

“That’s different. We’re collaborating with the union organizations secretly. Dynasty announced their collaboration to the world. They’re not afraid of letting everyone know about it.”

“Perhaps the current Emperor of Dynasty is a dumb*a.s.s. It makes sense for him to do such a thing without putting any consequences into consideration,” the big, black mouth spoke again.

“No, Dynasty’s three Grand Dukes are all smart, especially Huang Tianfu. Not many in the underground organizations can compare to him when he does something with motive. It’s impossible that he doesn’t know the consequences of doing this. Even if that Emperor is dumb, it’s impossible for Huang Tianfu to allow him to come up with such a stupid plan. Him going to the Union Government with the Emperor for the discussion proves that three of the Grand Dukes approved of that. So, the only possible explanation is that Huang Tianfu knows Dynasty has the ability to handle the consequences.”

Meanwhile, in foothold No. 2A13 of Freedom City in the No. 2 safety zone, 13 people sat at the table in the meeting room at the neutral heretics headquarters.

Among the 13 of them, some of them were listening to music with earphones on, some were digging their nose, some were rubbing their feet with their leg up, some were biting their nails and some were sleeping while snoring…

The person who sat in the main seat was a man who wore a black robe covering his body and had a terrifying white mask on his face

The man removed his mask and revealed a harmless face that seemed like a baby’s. He looked like he was only in his early 20s.

“Hey, can you guys at least pretend to be serious? We’re in a meeting now!” insisted the black-robed man while slamming the table.

“Boss, you can just say what you’ve got to say. There’s no need to slam the table. We’re not deaf,” complained the man who was rubbing his feet before he sniffed his fingers. He then revealed a disgusted expression.

“I’ll chop your legs off!” the black-robed man growled fiercely.

‘Boss, don’t be angry. You look like a baby who is upset. That makes you lose all of your power.” The middle-aged man with stubs had half of his little finger up his nostril. His voice was m.u.f.fled when he spoke.

“It’s all your fault! You guys always half-a*s everything you do. We were supposed to be the first neutral organization to collaborate with the Union Government. Now, Dynasty has done it first!” The black-robed man pointed his finger accusingly at the people.

“Boss, you can’t blame us for that. We have everything that the Union Government has. What can we offer to work with them?” said the fatty who was sleeping and snoring earlier, yawning while looking sleepy.

“I don’t care. We can do what Dynasty did! You guys figure out what can we offer to work with the Union Government when the meeting adjourns! I’ll give you three days. Each of you will have to write a report! You know what’s the consequence for not pa.s.sing it up on time!”

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