Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1166 – Sparing Nobody!

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Chapter 1166: Sparing n.o.body!

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Huang Tianfu and the rest felt helpless. They thought they could test Misery for a little instead of turning against each other so soon. However, there was no way they could turn the situation around since Lin Huang said that.

Beyond Misery’s expectations, Lin Huang went straight into the subject.

To them, Dynasty was at a loss. Usually people who were at a loss would not state their opinions in a discussion. Instead, they would beat around the bush to test where the one with the upper hand stood.

Since Lin Huang had asked about their intentions in such a straightforward way, Ku Zhen thought he saved a lot of his effort.

“Since you’ve asked, Emperor Lin, I shan’t beat around the bush and I’ll say whatever I have in mind.”

Ku Zhen paused and continued when he saw Lin Huang nod at him, “We hope that Dynasty will cancel their collaboration with the Union Government.”

Ku Zhen had been staring at Lin Huang when he said that. He wanted to see what kind of reaction Lin Huang would have.

Lin Huang only smiled lightly. “Don’t you think you guys are sticking your noses into our business?”

“Misery is the underground boss. It was in the past, and it still is now. You guys working with the Union Government broke the underground organizations’ rules. This is under our jurisdiction,” Ku Zhen explained.

“Dynasty is now a neutral organization. We’ve got nothing to do with underground organizations. I don’t care where you stand among the underground organizations, but you can’t do anything to us,” Lin Huang warned, not buying it at all.

“You guys can’t dismiss yourself from the underground world as you wish. Dynasty will still be an underground organization as long as Misery hasn’t given permission for you to do so. Dynasty will still be under Misery’s jurisdiction. The notice you guys announced doesn’t count. Such behavior isn’t in line with our underground organizations’ rules.” Ku Zhen began denying Dynasty’s power of statement.

“It’s our business whether to dismiss ourselves from the underground world or not. It has nothing to do with other organizations. I don’t care if Misery agrees with that or not, but we’ve already done that. It’s a fact. The Union Government working with us publicly has proven that they approve of us as a neutral organization.”

Lin Huang paused before speaking again, “If Misery has something to say about us dismissing ourselves from the underground world, you should’ve come to us when we announced it. You shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing now, telling us that we’re breaking the rules after we’ve made the announcement four months ago.”

“You guys only announced it with a written notice four months ago. n.o.body would’ve taken that seriously. Do you think we should visit all the organizations that want to dismiss themselves from the underground world one by one? We wouldn’t have come if you guys didn’t work with the Union Government and broke the rule.” Ku Zhen retaliated against what Lin Huang from through Misery’s angle.

“Whether you agree with that or not, Dynasty is a neutral organization now and we’ve come to an agreement to work with the Union Government. Everything has been set, so you can’t change the fact even if you’ve come all the way here.”

“You can change the facts. I suggest you think it over again, Emperor Lin.” A gleam of coldness flashed through Ku Zhen’s eyes.

“We, Dynasty, will never take our words back.” Lin Huang shook his head and declined immediately.

“Why are we still wasting our time talking to them?” Jie Sha, who was sitting aside, finally could not take it any along and revealed a ferocious expression. “Let’s just kill them!”

The skinny Zhi Lu next to him held Jie Sha’s arm and looked at Lin Huang calmly.

“You have two choices. One is to cancel the collaboration between Dynasty and the Union Government and dismiss yourself as a neutral organization. Release a notice within three days to inform the world. The second choice is to end Dynasty from this world entirely, sparing n.o.body’s lives.”

Huang Tianfu and the rest had a slight change of expression as soon as Zhi Lu said that.

Lin Huang was the only one who maintained a light smile on his face. He seemed to not take Misery’s threat seriously at all. “You’re pretty old. I can’t believe that you’re so immature.”

Ku Zhen, who had been observing Lin Huang secretly, was suspicious of Lin Huang’s reaction. His detective ability found out that Lin Huang did not fake his confidence. However, he could not figure out what kind of trump card did Lin Huang exactly possess.

‘The only trump card he has now might be Mr. Fu. If Mr. Fu is at his peak, we might we scared of him. However, currently, Mr. Fu’s ability is merely on Virtual G.o.d rank-4 or rank-5 at the most.’

“You’re seeking death, brat!” Jie Sha yelled at Lin Huang before Zhi Lu could speak.

“Huang Tianfu, we forgive this brat for not knowing the rule. Are you guys unaware of the rule as well?” Meanwhile, Zhi Lu ignored Lin Huang completely and looked at Huang Tianfu instead.

Huang Tianfu and the rest looked terrible. They were really unsure if Lin Huang’s trump card would work out.

At that moment, Huang Tufu was the first to stand up. “I support the Emperor no matter what his decision is! If you’re going to fight us, we’re all in!” He had returned from Division 3 just for this.

Never had Lin Huang thought that Huang Tufu would be the first one who supported him.

Huang Tianfu hesitated for a moment. Then, he said while sighing when he saw Huang Tufu standing by the Emperor’s side, “The Emperor’s decision is Dynasty’s decision. I’m merely Dynasty’s butler. Naturally, we’ll do whatever the Master wants. As for the consequences, we’ll bear it together.”

Huang Wunan shrugged, feeling helpless, and walked to Huang Tianfu without saying a word.

While the rest looked conflicted, Jie Sha grinned all of a sudden. “Those who are against this brat’s direction, you’ll live as long as you stand your ground.”

Lin Huang remained unbothered and did not comment anything on what Jie Sha said.

Apart from those who had stood their ground, Huang Baiyu, Huang Haoyang, and the other right demiG.o.ds were the ones remaining on Dynasty’s side.

Huang Baiyu was a little conflicted initially, but he walked up to Lin Huang after hearing what Jie Sha said. “I didn’t agree with what Master Emperor is doing initially, but I can’t take it when you guys are trying to break us apart.”

Huang Haoyang also could not take it and finally piped up, “Although I’m unwilling to fight Misery, I respect Master Emperor’s decision. Also, you trying to break us apart is just a cheap act. It always backfires. It’s been hundreds of years since the last time I used this technique.”

Ku Zhen and Zhi Lu could not help but peek at Jie Sha next to them as soon as Huang Haoyang said that.

Since Huang Haoyang stood his ground, the remaining eight demiG.o.ds stood on Lin Huang’s side without hesitation. None of them objected to the decision.

Lin Huang looked at the three of them across while smirking. He spoke again while having his eyes on Ku Zhen, “Bodhisattva, I’ve got a question for you.”

“Do tell.” Ku Zhen nodded lightly.

“You guys said that you’d end Dynasty if we rejected your suggestion, sparing n.o.body’s lives. Is that a threat or will you guys really do that?”

Everyone could not figure out what Lin Huang was trying to do. Ku Zhen was stunned for a second and subsequently answered while smiling, “Of course, it’s not a threat. If you guys insist on rejecting our suggestion, we can only end Dynasty to show others the consequences of betraying the underground organization!”

“I get it now. If that’s the case, I’ll give you guys a multiple choice question too.” Lin Huang nodded while smiling hearing that.

Ku Zhen and the other two were puzzled to hear Lin Huang saying that out of nowhere.

“You have two choices. One is to leave now. I’ll pretend that you guys were never here and pretend that whatever happened today never took place. Dynasty and Misery won’t get into each other’s business. We will live in peace.

“The second is to leave your dead bodies here and I’ll go ahead ending Misery. n.o.body from Misery will be spared. I’ll eradicate all of you!”

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