Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1168 – Mythical–Level – Regal Sword Killer!

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Chapter 1168: Mythical-level – Regal Sword Killer!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The man who was standing before Lin Huang was approximately two meters tall.

The hat he wore on his head was maroon and had black dragon patterns all over it. The ma.s.sive hat covered his head under the shade. One could only faintly distinguish that he should be a man from his body.

He merely slung the black cloak on his shoulder casually, leaving his hands outside the sleeves. There were no patterns on the cloak, only golden dragon patterns on the edge of the collars and cuffs.

He stood there with his hands on his chest, as still as a rock.

Ku Zhen’s pupils shrunk without him even realizing it the moment he saw the man in the hat. The person stood before Lin Huang quietly without moving and he could sense the suppressive aura coming from him clearly.

“His name is Killer. He’s also a sword cultivator and has imperial-level purple gold-rank combat strength just like you.” Lin Huang gave a simple introduction. “I think it should be fair enough to give you such an opponent. Am I right?”

As the Bodhisattva of Misery, Ku Zhen did not doubt his ability. He knew very well that his ability was close to invincible below virtual G.o.d-level. He was fearless even when he encountered a perfect-stage demiG.o.d. However, the suppressive aura that the human-form monster Lin Huang summoned before him was similar to a Virtual G.o.d despite the fact that they had the same combat strength.

‘Can this summoning beast be a quadruple mythical-level?!’ A thought flashed through Ku Zhen’s head all of a sudden.

The only explanation that made sense for someone having same combat strength as he did but gave out such a suppressing aura was that the monster was quadruple mutated!

Ku Zhen could not help but seem a little troubled after coming up with this logical explanation.

He had only heard about quadruple mutated monsters but never had he thought he would see a live one. Although he had definite confidence in his ability whereby he was fearless of opponents under virtual G.o.d-level, he had no confidence of defeating a quadruple mutated monster.

He stared at Killer for a moment with his guard up. He turned away all of a sudden and began looking at Lin Huang instead.

“Emperor Lin, it’s boring for me to fight your summoning beast. Why don’t both of us fight? I hear that you’re the No. 1 genius of the era. I’ve actually been wanting to spar with you. Such an opportunity is hard to come by!”

Lin Huang interrupted Ku Zhen amusedly, “I’m an Imperial Censor. The battle technique I love to use the most is to summon a bunch of imperial monsters to surround and fight my opponent. Are you sure you want to challenge me in doing that? I have a couple of imperial monsters like Killer.”

Ku Zhen was speechless. Initially, he thought he would fight Lin Huang himself. However, he had just realized that as an Imperial Censor, Lin Huang would usually summon his imperial monsters to fight according to what he had just told him. Meanwhile, he did not even have the confidence to fight Killer alone. If it was true that Lin Huang had other imperial monsters with similar abilities, him challenging Lin Huang would be seeking death.

“How about this? I’ll give you a chance to fight me if you manage to defeat Killer. I’ll show you the rest of my imperial monsters and whether you win or not, I’ll let you go.” Lin Huang smirked because there was another thing that he did not say out loud. ‘Given that you manage to survive being surrounded by a bunch of imperial monsters.’

Naturally, Ku Zhen managed to read between the lines. He was looking even more aghast now.

Initially, he could have left as soon as he defeated one imperial monster. The situation backfired when he attempted to play it smart by challenging Lin Huang himself.

Lin Huang ignored Ku Zhen’s reaction and turned his head to say to Killer with a smile. “Kill him and I’ll reward you with 300 sword skills. But if you lose, you’ll lose three months worth of snacks.”

Two golden glaring beams of light lit up under the hat when Lin Huang said that while two electric arcs stretched from the glows almost at the same time.

Killer appeared before Ku Zhen in the blink of an eye.

“That’s quick!” Ku Zhen’s pupils shrunk. He did not see Killer’s movements at all, so he could barely catch his movement trajectory.

He swung the long, narrow battle sword in his hand and charged.

At the same time, Killer stretched his big hand under the cloak. A huge, black sword appeared in his hand secretly. The blade alone was at least two meters long while its width was similar to the size of Killer’s waist.

One could imagine how heavy such a sword was. However, it seemed like it weighed nothing in Killer’s hand.

He held a sword up and charged the pitch-black sword forward like a lightning bolt. It collided with the long sword in Ku Zhen’s hand in a heartbeat.

Ku Zhen’s robe fluttered while Life Power charged out of his body. White mist lingered around his body.

However, Ku Zhen felt an immense strength coming from the sword during the point of collision. The intense impact made him shoot out without him having the ability to control it.

He felt that his right arm that was holding the sword had gone numb. He almost lost grip of the long, narrow battle sword in his hand.

Clearly, the opponent’s strength was on a different level.

On the other side, Killer stood immobile like a rock. His cloak was fluttering with the flapping sound in the air while black mist coiled around his body. The only thing that could be seen were the two golden glows under the hat as he gazed in the direction where Ku Zhen had fallen in a condescending way.

The eyes under Killer’s hat lit up before Ku Zhen fell onto the ground completely. His cloak was fluttering like boiling water all of a sudden before he disappeared from where he was.

Two golden beams flashed through the sky, and a black silhouette appeared above Ku Zhen. He had a slight change of expression when he noticed the golden glow approaching.

Killer was swinging his sword again while Ku Zhen’s right arm that was holding the sword was still numb. He could not do anything.

If the sword touched him, even though the attack would be blocked by his G.o.d relic battle armor, the Divine Power in his body would be drained significantly.

An idea flashed through Ku Zhen’s head as he thought about this. In a split second, he summoned a Combat Soul.

A bronze Buddha statue appeared, blocking Ku Zhen and Killer. The statue held up its palm which collided with the giant sword in Killer’s hand.

As the statue flew backward, Ku Zhen bought himself time to escape, seizing the opportunity. Dust flew up as he landed on the ground, covering his body. Killer hovered in the air while sensing Ku Zhen’s location with his Territory skill.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang who was watching the battle from far away raised his brow.

He figured that the Combat Soul that Ku Zhen had summoned to save him was clearly a G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Soul because only a G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Soul could have withstood Killer’s sword attack earlier.

“He’s only on imperial-level purple gold-rank. How did he manage to activate a G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Soul?”

“That’s nothing surprising. After all, he has Divine Power in his body,” the stone tablet piped up.

“Divine Power… in an imperial-level purple gold-rank’s body?” Lin Huang narrowed his eyes. “Which means his cultivation technique is different from the usual one in this world!”

“It’s different indeed.” The stone tablet explained slowly, “The cultivation technique he has is similar to an organization that used to be in the great world. The organization was called the Demonic Buddhist Sect. However, it was destroyed by a Heavenly G.o.d from an organization called the Buddhist Sect after existing for over a hundred years.

“The Buddhist Sect cultivates Reincarnation Dao whereby they would salvage souls for reincarnation. Meanwhile, the founder of the Demonic Buddhist Sect, the Demonic Buddhist Old Man, found a way to cultivate by engulfing souls from a Buddhist Sect’s forbidden skill. He then created a new method — the Demonic Buddhist Telekinesis — with the forbidden skill as the foundation.

“This brat from Misery seems to be cultivating Demonic Buddhist Telekinesis. He must’ve engulfed quite a number of souls since his Divine Telekinesis is almost formed. Its intensity is even higher than your pseudo-Divine Telekinesis. Moreover, the shape of the inked relic in his body that’s similar to a G.o.dhead has formed. There’s a sea of Divine Power in it. He’ll be able to form it completely within half a year to a year. He’ll get to destiny-level (virtual G.o.d-level) by then.”

“So, are you saying that the Demonic Buddhist Sect that’s been destroyed in the great world might be Misery’s mastermind?”

“That’s pretty impossible. The Demonic Buddhist Sect has been destroyed over 50,000 years ago while Misery has only been founded over 600 years ago. There shouldn’t be any relations.h.i.+p between these two.” The stone tablet dismissed such a possibility directly.

“Why is it impossible? What if someone from the Demonic Buddhist Sect survived back then and escaped to our world?” Lin Huang asked again.

“Well, that’s possible,” the stone tablet proceeded, “There’s no need for us to guess on our own. You’ll find out after you read the trio’s minds later.”

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