Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1169 – A Losing Battle

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Chapter 1169: A Losing Battle

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Soon, Killer, who was in the air, locked onto Ku Zhen’s coordinates with its Territory skill. He picked up his sword and swung it from where he was.

The black crescent-shaped sword attacks charged insanely at Ku Zhen one after another.

Ku Zhen dodged the attacks in the dust without stopping. He tried his best not to confront Killer’s attacks as much as he could, appearing very clumsy.

His white robe was filled with dust and soil, and there were many tears on it too.

Lin Huang, who was watching the battle from far away, could not help but smirk. He knew what Ku Zhen was planning to do.

The goal was simple. He wanted to drain Killer’s Life Power. Killer’s attacks would drain Life Power tens of times more than he would. As long as he dragged it out long enough, it was sufficient to drain Killer’s Life Power.

Naturally, Ku Zhen’s plan would work theoretically.

The problem was that apart from the Life Power in his body, Killer would obtain Life Power from Lin Huang’s side, and his Life Power was almost endless. Ku Zhen’s plan was clearly a smart idea that would never work.

Of course, he should not be blamed. Most experienced powerhouses might do what Ku Zhen was doing when they encountered such a sword cultivator monster with powerful attack abilities like Killer.

However, Ku Zhen was unfortunate to have encountered Killer today.

Even though Killer’s capability of draining the Life Power was tens of times more than his, if he compared who would drain their Life Power first, Ku Zhen would definitely be the one.

Unfortunately, Ku Zhen had no idea about that. He was thinking to himself while dodging Killer’s attacks clumsily, ‘Let’s see how much longer you can attack like this! I’ll let you brag for now, and I’ll teach you a lesson when your Life Power is drained!’

Lin Huang was watching Ku Zhen running around like a dog that had lost its home in the dust gleefully. He did not plan to tell Ku Zhen that Killer’s Life Power was impossible to be drained at all. He was watching a show, waiting for Ku Zhen to realize something was wrong.

Time pa.s.sed in the dreamland.

Ku Zhen had been suppressed by Killer to the point that he only managed to attack a few times. All the while, he had been dodging and defending himself from Killer’s attacks.

The Dynasty headquarters was in a mess in the dreamland. Apart from the Emperor Palace, a few G.o.d relic palaces, and the mothers.h.i.+p that were in one piece, all of the other buildings had turned into ashes.

If not for the layer of defense covering the place, Ku Zhen would have escaped from Dynasty since the beginning.

Ku Zhen was persistent in his battle plan as he did not want to fight Killer head-on.

The battle went on for half an hour. Ku Zhen gave everything that he could to dodge the attacks. He would drain his Life Power to defend himself from those attacks that he could not dodge in time. Sometimes, he might be hit by the impact of the attack. In reality, those were draining his Life Power significantly.

He had drained more than half of the Life Power in his body throughout the half an hour. However, Killer who initiated the attacks did not seem tired at all.

Ku Zhen finally noticed something wrong. He realized that Killer did not exhibit any exhaustion at all. Theoretically, such a high-frequency attack that would be harmful should drain his Life Power significantly. However, Killer did not seem to experience a drop in his attack frequency and strength. On the contrary, it was even boosted a little bit.

The peculiarity made Ku Zhen suspect that Lin Huang might be using some special technique to replenish Killer’s Life Power. He then raised his suspicion. “Emperor Lin, this is just a sparring session. Do you really think you should replenish your summoning beast’s Life Power?”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you this. This summoning beast of mine is rather special whereby the Life Power in his body is endless, so it can’t be drained,” Lin Huang explained while smiling calmly.

Ku Zhen was speechless to hear that. He did not suspect the authenticity of what Lin Huang told him. Mythical-level monsters could not be measured in theory, thus it was not surprising for them to have a certain ability.

However, Ku Zhen realized that he had wasted half an hour after finding out about Killer’s ability.

He was running around like a stray dog, not even daring to fight back because he was scared to lose his precious Life Power. However, he drained over half of his Life Power throughout the half an hour. Meanwhile, his opponent attacked him for over half an hour but none of the latter’s Life Power was drained.

The thought of it alone made him mad!

“No, my Life Power will be drained if I go on like this. I’ll be the one who will be killed by then.” Ku Zhen frowned and thought hard about it. He realized there was only one way to end this cycle, which was to fight with all his might!

After making up his mind that he had no second option, Ku Zhen clenched his teeth and leaped with immense strength. He got out of the dusty area and dodged Killer’s attacks one after another as he charged towards Killer.

‘He’s fighting a losing battle.’ Lin Huang’s eyes lit up. He was excited to see the head-on battle between the two sword cultivators.

In the air, Ku Zhen managed to dodge all of Killer’s attacks like a slippery loach. Soon, he arrived before Killer.

He smashed his long, narrow sword against the gigantic black sword in Killer’s hand.

Ku Zhen was attacking out of rage. He held almost nothing back, even activating the Divine Power in the inked relic in his body. He wanted to destroy Killer unexpectedly.

Killer did not hold back either. As a quadruple mutated mythical-level monster, although he was only on imperial-level purple gold-rank, he could activate his Divine Power too. However, he did not usually do it because it brought more burden upon his body.

Ku Zhen activating his Divine Power triggered Killer to activate his too.

Inky black Divine Power flowed out like liquid and engulfed his entire battle sword in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, Ku Zhen’s Divine Power was white, completely contrasting to Killer’s.

The different Divine Powers collided together through the swords.

Glaring golden glows of light shot into the sky from the point of collision in the next second.

It was only a small dot size of a sesame seed, but it began growing rapidly in the next second. Within almost two breaths, it turned into a giant, golden sphere with a diameter of over three meters. It then exploded.

The glaring golden light spread tens of kilometers away. Clearly, the defense in the dreamland did not block the peculiar scene out entirely.

The golden glow that exploded from Killer and Ku Zhen’s collision illuminated tens of thousands of kilometers away like a sun.

Fortunately, it was just a dreamland.

If this happened in reality, one would wonder how many innocents would be involved in this battle and died from the impact of the collision.

Lin Huang’s eyes lit up as he watched the phenomenon. He could barely look away from the golden sphere that erupted.

“That’s my Killer. His ability has totally reached virtual G.o.d-level standard!”

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