Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1170 – Death Is The Starting Point To The Other Side

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Chapter 1170: Death is The Starting Point to The Other Side

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A white silhouette flew out of the battle the moment when the golden light exploded in the air.

Lin Huang looked closely to see that it was Ku Zhen in a white robe.

In reality, Lin Huang expected that to happen.

Killer showcased his Virtual G.o.d rank-1 ability in this battle.

Although Ku Zhen’s ability was also powerful, he was slightly weaker than a virtual G.o.d-level. He might be able to fight a perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level when he encountered one. In fact, he might even win, but that was the best that he could do.

However, Lin Huang clearly sensed that Ku Zhen’s aura did not fade.

Although he had been suppressed by Killer in the collision, he was not dead. Lin Huang could even tell from his aura that he was not harmed physically.

Lin Huang looked at the layer of white glow that was spinning rapidly around his body. He plainly saw that the layer of Divine Power did not defend the impact of the golden glow by force. Instead, it was spinning quickly around his body and absorbed most of the impact.

“This guy is pretty good in battle.”

Killer charged immediately since the attack did not kill his opponent, going after Ku Zhen again.

Ku Zhen did not choose to retreat. Instead, he activated his Divine Power again and went after Killer as he moved.

The white and black silhouettes collided again and again in the air. Circles of energy waves and strong winds were created.

The Dynasty headquarters was a mess in the dreamland. Apart from the areas that were protected by G.o.d relics, almost every inch of the land looked like it had been dug by excavators on Earth.

Although Ku Zhen had given up his battle model of not draining his Life Power, even initiating the attacks, the difference in the duo’s ability soon began one-sided.

Ku Zhen would always be the one who would be shot out during each collision.

Killer would go after him again and again, but Ku Zhen was extraordinarily persistent.

He had the upper hand depending on the G.o.d relic sword in his hand and G.o.d relic battle armor. Together with his exquisite movement skill and unique charging methods, he managed to avoid being annihilated by Killer with all of the techniques that he had.

Desperately looking for opportunities to attack again and again, he would swing his sword whenever he found an opening. He was unwilling to lose any chance of winning.

“This guy has compelling battle talent. He’s considered the top among supreme geniuses. He might be on par with Chan Dou,” Lin Huang could not help but comment. He even began to be curious about other Bodhisattvas from Misery after watching Ku Zhen’s performance.

In comparison, Killer lacked battle experience.

In reality, his ability was a level more powerful than Ku Zhen’s. With his endless Life Power and Divine Power, theoretically, he should have the upper hand. However, he failed to kill Ku Zhen as they fought for more than ten minutes.

However, Lin Huang did not panic at all. He saw Killer improving throughout the battle with Ku Zhen, so he did not bother urging him. Instead, he was happy to see Killer practicing with Ku Zhen who was like a sandbag to him.

Time pa.s.sed by, and Ku Zhen’s will was decreasing. His Divine Power and Life Power were almost drained. Meanwhile, his opponent’s Life Power was endless like what Lin Huang said. From the beginning until the end, his battle will did not dip even for a second and his attacks remained consistent.

Lin Huang, who was watching the battle, smiled as he watched Ku Zhen changed his battle model again. He began dodging Killer’s attacks and refused to fight head-on again.

“He should only be left with less than a tenth of Divine Power in his body. The possibility of him turning the tables around is slim.”

In reality, Killer’s ability in the battle was not stagnant. As Ku Zhen’s Life Power was dropping, he was learning continuously. His mythical-level learning ability allowed him to digest Ku Zhen’s battle model in less than an hour. He had also found a way to counter him.

Killer’s attack mode changed all of a sudden as Lin Huang watched in surprise.

His initial attack mode was quick and fierce. However, his attack this time became a mix of light and heavy, quick and slow, and even illusory sometimes.

Lin Huang’s eyes lit up when he saw the change.

Ku Zhen was dodging even more clumsily since the change. While he tried to figure out why Killer changed his battle model, he felt more and more troubled.

A respectable Bodhisattva like him had become a monster’s sandbag. What was more pathetic was that the monster was somebody else’s summoning beast!

As Ku Zhen felt anxious, a black silhouette flashed by and stopped before him.

He looked up to see that it was Killer. However, his sword remained in the scabbard, and he seemed like he was not planning to attack.

“Show me what else you have. Otherwise, you won’t ever have the chance again.” Killer’s voice was deep and a little husky. He sounded like a middle-aged man who was a heavy smoker.

Ku Zhen grinned ferociously just when Killer was done speaking. The narrow, long battle sword in his hand lit up. Almost at the same time, he disappeared from where he was. Lin Huang’s pupils shrunk.

In the air, a white glow shot out like a lightning bolt, reaching Killer in almost the blink of an eye and targeting his forehead.

Nevertheless, Killer was calm. He twisted the giant sword in his hand. Then, it shrunk rapidly and turned into a long, narrow sword. It was even thinner than Ku Zhen’s sword.

Killer only changed while swinging his battle sword after the sword experienced a change in form. Soon, he disappeared.

His black sword also flew forward like a lightning bolt. It was even a few times faster than Ku Zhen’s attack.

Even Lin Huang could barely capture Killer’s trajectory.

What surprised Lin Huang was that he saw the shadow of the sword skill Thunder Sting that he cultivated before in the swing of the sword.

Clearly, Killer had integrated many human sword skills with his own sword skills.

It was evident that Ku Zhen did not expect Killer to be able to change the form of the battle sword in his hand. Besides that, his sword was even a few times faster than his top speed.

The black and white bolts of lightning collided in the air. Before an explosion could erupt from the collision, Killer had activated the Divine Power in his body this time.

The black Divine Power was like a flood that broke out of a dam, suppressing Ku Zhen’s charge of Life Power that was depleting.

Ku Zhen’s heart dropped entirely when he saw the black Divine Power coming at him like a wave.

In reality, he was attempting to win by speed whereby he would severe Killer’s head when he was unaware. Therefore, he held nothing back when he attacked earlier. He funneled all of the Divine Power in his body into it, causing him to drain the Divine Power in his body completely. Even the G.o.d relic armor and the G.o.d relic battle sword in his hand retreated back into his body because his Divine Power had been drained.

Without his G.o.d relics, Ku Zhen stood where he was calmly. He watched the black wave coming at him expressionlessly.

Seeing that he was going to drown, Ku Zhen opened his arms wide all of a sudden. He mumbled softly while showing a slight smile, “Death is the starting point to the other side…”

His entire body was engulfed by the black wave completely before he was even done speaking.

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