Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1173 – Come At Me, All Of You

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Chapter 1173: Come At Me, All of You
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The 11 Virtual G.o.ds from Misery, including Zhi Ji, were shocked when they heard Lin Huang’s declaration. Then, rage settled into their hearts.

In the entire meeting room, apart from Zhi Ji who appeared calm, the remaining ten of them glared deadly at Lin Huang.

Three of them stood up directly in a stance which left no doubt that they were going to fight Lin Huang.

“Lin Huang, do you know what’s the consequence of challenging us, Misery?” spoke an old man with a mustache sitting on Zhi Ji’s left all of a sudden. His tone was clearly furious and threatening.

From Zhi Lu and the rest’s memories, Lin Huang recognized this as Jie Wu, Misery’s powerhouse whose combat strength was right behind Zhi Ji’s. He seemed skinny and inconspicuous. In reality, he had a combat strength of Virtual G.o.d rank-8 and was also Misery’s second leader. In their memory, although Jie Wu’s combat strength was a rank lower than Zhi Ji’s, his ability might be comparable with Zhi Ji who was on Virtual G.o.d rank-9.

Lin Huang peeked at Jie Wu but eventually ignored him. Instead, he looked away quietly and fixed his eyes on Zhi Ji who was sitting beside him.

“I can give you guys three minutes to discuss it.”

“You…” Jie Wu was seething from anger when he was ignored directly. However, Zhi Ji, who was sitting aside, gripped his shoulder.

Jie Wu only calmed down slowly after seeing that Zhi Ji shake his head at him. However, he continued glaring at Lin Huang in rage.

“Please take your seats.” Zhi Ji gestured to the three of them who had stood up.

After everyone in the meeting room took their seats in silence, he frowned slightly for a moment before lifting his head to look at Lin Huang.

“How about this, Master Emperor? I know that you brought your imperial monsters and that there are two Virtual G.o.d rank-8 imperial monsters hiding in this room.”

The remaining ten of them were stunned as soon as Zhi Ji said that. They then looked around immediately.

Lin Huang did not expect Zhi Ji to find out about the Ninetails Lynx that was hiding in the alternate dimension and the Nightmare Tapir that had concealed itself with an illusion. He smiled and refused to comment on that, saying nothing at all.

Zhi Ji continued, “Why don’t we make a bet?”

“Pick your most powerful imperial monster to fight me. If your imperial monster wins, we’ll serve you willingly. If your imperial monster loses, we won’t drag the rest of the Dynasty members into this. I’ll send your body to Dynasty myself.”

Lin Huang could not help but grin when he heard he stakes.

Clearly, Zhi Ji was a wise man who wanted to take the opportunity to see how powerful his trump card was. If his trump card was powerful enough, he would not lose anything by surrendering. However, if his trump card was measly, it would mean that he was but a lamb sending itself to a tiger’s jaws and seeking death.

Lin Huang did not respond to the bet right away. Instead, he glanced at the other ten slowly and smirked more. “This bet of yours isn’t exciting enough. Why don’t you get all 11 of them to fight together? That way, you can prevent anyone of you from being upset when you lose. I’ll still be sending only one imperial monster from my side.”

Although the Virtual G.o.ds from Misery felt they were being underestimated, at the same time, they thought there was something wrong with his head.

His changing the bet would mean raising the bar for himself.

“If that’s what you say, brat!” Next to Zhi Ji, Jie Wu was so mad that he was cackling. He thought Lin Huang completely underestimated his abilities. A raging fire in his body was rearing to go and was ready to be released later.

“Yes, mark my word.” Lin Huang tilted his head at everyone. “Does anyone have anything to say? It’s best that you say it now instead of backing out if you lose later.”

While they were secretly cursing Lin Huang for being arrogant, they were also glad. All of them thought Lin Huang changing the bet was undoubtedly digging his own grave.

Naturally, none of the 11 of them objected.

Among the 11 of them, Zhi Ji was the only one frowning a little, but he still said nothing. Although they had the upper hand in the bet, he had the feeling that Lin Huang was either up to something no good or he was really confident about changing the bet.

However, since the bow was already nocked on the arrow, it had to be released.

“Since you suggested that, Master Emperor, we’ll change the bet as you wish. The condition of the bet remains,” Zhi Ji concluded out loud.

Lin Huang nodded while smiling and shook his sleeve. “You may come out now.”

The Nightmare Tapir leaped out of Lin Huang’s sleeve as soon as he said that. It restored its original size and revealed itself.

The first impression it gave everyone in his tiger form and long elephant trunk was that it was a ferocious beast. However, Zhi Ji and the rest sensed that the monster before them only had Virtual G.o.d rank-8 combat strength.

Zhi Ji suspected something was up at that point. “Master Emperor, are you sure you’re using this imperial monster to fight in this bet?”

“I only have three monsters with similar abilities, so I’ll choose him,” Lin Huang confirmed with a feeble smile.

Meanwhile, Zhi Ji and the rest did not notice that Lin Huang faded and disappeared after he said that.

“Jie Wu, come with me! The rest of you will defend where you are. Beware that he might have some unknown attack techniques!”

Their opponent was a Virtual G.o.d rank-8 monster. Because Lin Huang had gotten it to fight them, it could possibly mean that it was a quadruple mutated mythical-level. The monster might not be defeated by low-level and mid-level Virtual G.o.ds. Even a Virtual G.o.d rank-7 Virtual G.o.d might not be able to break its defense. Therefore, Zhi Ji did not attack directly but delegated the responsibilities to the rest.

The Nightmare Tapir did not attack immediately either. A gleam of disdain flashed through its eyes when he saw the 11 of them summoning their G.o.d relic battle armors and weapons right away and glaring at it with their guards up.

Zhi Ji was the first to move. He did not attack immediately. Instead, he was running towards the side rapidly. He seemed to be trying to attract the Nightmare Tapir’s attention from the looks of it.

Meanwhile, Jie Wu was the second to move. He headed towards the opposite direction while Zhi Ji went quietly.

Clearly, both of them planned to attack the Nightmare Tapir from the front and behind.

However, just when the duo stayed in position and charged at the Nightmare Tapir from the front and back, it swung its trunk and shrieked louder than thunder.

The deafening shriek pierced through the eleven people’s eardrums like some demonic tune hurting their heads.

Even Jie Wu and Zhi Ji who were charging at it covered their ears immediately. They felt like tens of thousands of thunderclaps had exploded in their heads. The roar of endless thunders was screaming in their heads continuously.

However, it was useless to cover their ears since the shriek pierced through their souls directly.

Zhi Ji and Jie Wu only felt their heads hurting terribly, but the remaining nine of them from Misery collapsed onto the ground one after another.

The three powerhouses on Virtual G.o.d rank-3 fell onto the ground almost as soon as the shriek was released. The five mid-level Virtual G.o.ds only lasted less than 30 seconds before also collapsing onto the ground. Meanwhile, the Virtual G.o.d rank-7 spat foam after lasting for almost three minutes.

Zhi Ji and Jie Wu, on the other hand, began to adapt to the headache three minutes later. Then, they struggled to stand up still.

They realized they were the only two left among the 11.

Until then, Zhi Ji and Jie Wu finally understood why Lin Huang had gotten the 11 of them to fight together.

Zhi Ji understood Lin Huang’s ironic act of kindness and could not help thinking to himself, ‘This monster really has the ability to fight 11 people!”

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