Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1176 – From Today Onwards, You Guys Will Have Support!

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Chapter 1176: From Today Onwards, You Guys Will Have Support!
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In reality, the Nightmare Tapir’s last attack was very close to a True G.o.d’s attack.

Although one had no idea if the attack would be rebounded back by the gravel world if he were to perform a True G.o.d’s ability, his real combat strength was only on Virtual G.o.d rank-8 after all. Recalling Lin Huang’s warning earlier, the Nightmare Tapir maintained the attack below True G.o.d without stepping out of the line.

Even though that was the case, the attack suppressed Zhi Ji and Jie Wu like a piece of cake.

He even had the ability to control the intensity of the attack to stop it from spreading before it arrived at the duo’s heads.

Zhi Ji and Jie Wu felt like they escaped death from the attack.

The Divine Power in their bodies were drained completely when the collision happened. As a result, their G.o.d relics retreated back to their bodies. The intense attack crushed their bodies one after another when it reached their bodies. If the Nightmare Tapir did not manage to control its power, their skulls and brains might have turned into mush by now.

Left with their heads, the duo saw darkness envelop them and the Nightmare Tapir then released them from the dreamland.

All 11 of them from Misery looked puzzled when they returned to reality all of a sudden.

Apart from Zhi Ji and Jie Wu, the rest had no idea what happened. All they remembered was the Nightmare Tapir’s thunderous shriek and they blacked out. To their absolute surprise, they were sitting at the meeting table in peace when they woke up.

Zhi Ji and Jie Wu were in shock. They only realized that the tough battle that they were in was only a dream after seeing that their bodies were perfectly fine while they were sitting in the meeting room and everything around them was in one piece. Never had they thought they would be dragged into the dreamland without realizing it.

Nevertheless, they dared not underestimate the Nightmare Tapir. They knew that if they were killed in the dreamland, they would truly die in reality. They would not have a chance of waking up.

Meanwhile, the Nightmare Tapir had shrunk and laid by Lin Huang’s feet at that moment.

The Ninetails Lynx also revealed itself. It shrunk into a kitten and lay on Lin Huang’s shoulder.

Zhi Ji and Jie Wu looked at the Nightmare Tapir in fear. However, their pupils shrunk when they saw the kitten that was pretending to sleep on Lin Huang’s shoulder as they sensed its true aura.

Lin Huang smirked and trained his eyes on Zhi Ji directly. “I won the bet.”

Zhi Ji nodded before Lin Huang proceeded to speak further. “We’ve lost. We’re willing to do as we promised!”

“From today onwards, Misery will be under your jurisdiction, Master Emperor! We’ll publish an announcement within 24 hours telling the entire gravel world about this news.”

“Oh, no. We’re the only ones who need to know about Misery being under my jurisdiction. There’s no need to inform the world. You don’t have to announce it, so the Union Government won’t think I’m trying to take over them,” Lin Huang waved his hands and said while smiling.

Lin Huang was even delegating all of his responsibilities as the Emperor of Dynasty. He knew that he could not take up the responsibility as chief of the Union Government.

He had never thought of taking over the Union Government. Although it was glorious being a leader, the role would come with great responsibilities.

In reality, the Union Government had been doing a great job throughout the hundreds of years. From building safety zones from nothing and building as well as maintaining all sorts of regulations, Lin Huang knew he definitely could not do any better than they had.

Moreover, compared to being the leader of a gravel world, he would rather explore a bigger world to see what was outside this gravel world.

“Misery is still Misery on the surface. Nothing has changed,” Lin Huang continued, “I don’t need you guys to convert into a neutral organization either, but we hope that Misery will be the leader of the underground world and law enforcer, just like the Union Government’s position in the union organization. Your mission is to standardize all the underground organizations’ doings.”

The people from Misery initially looked upset as they thought Lin Huang would make their organization a neutral one. They never thought Lin Huang would have made such an arrangement instead.

“I’ll come up with a code of conduct for underground organizations. You guys think of ways to promote it. I’ll give you guys some suggestions. You can use Dynasty being dismissed from the underground world as a reference.”

Zhi Ji and the rest frowned slightly as people from the underground organizations obeyed no one. The mission that Lin Huang had a.s.signed them was definitely a tough one.

“Oh yeah, you actually do need to publish an announcement. However, it has nothing to do with me. It’s about Misery’s statement of agreeing to Dynasty pulling out from the underground world. Just make it simple.”

“We’ll sort it out later.” Zhi Ji nodded lightly.

“I’ll treat you well for being under my jurisdiction. You guys will have the same treatment as Dynasty does. Whatever Dynasty has, you guys will have it too.”

“I’ll register you guys as an affiliate organization of Royal, so you’ll enjoy the same treatment as Dynasty does. You guys didn’t have support in the great world back then, but now you do!”

By doing so, Lin Huang was binding himself completely to Misery. Misery would become an organization under him officially instead of having a vague verbal agreement.

After all, Misery was the No. 1 underground organization. Throughout the years, they had heard of Royal that was behind Dynasty. Although they did not know much about Royal, they knew that it was a major organization in the great world.

Naturally, Misery was willing to have support from such a major organization.

“Just like Dynasty, we’ll give you access to the many trial zones in Royal. It depends on how willing you are to give in to obtain cultivation resources.”

Zhi Ji and the rest’s eyes lit up when they heard that. Misery’s current issue in development was the lack of resources. If they had sufficient resources, Misery could have over 30 Virtual G.o.ds now.

“As for the ruins and sites that you currently own, they’ll still be yours. Just like Dynasty, we’ll have our own possessions, and n.o.body will interfere with each other. Of course, if you guys are lacking the manpower to explore ruins and sites, you can ask me for Dynasty’s help. On the other hand, I’ll also request a.s.sistance from you if Dynasty has such a need,” Lin Huang said intentionally to tell Zhi Ji that he was not interested in the Buddhist city ruins that they were hiding.

“I won’t be going through Misery’s treasury, but there are a few things that I hope that you guys can collect for me.” Lin Huang had already seen what was in Misery’s treasury in Zhi Lu and the rest’s memories. Indeed, there was nothing that he was interested in.

“Do tell, Master Emperor.”

“The first are the G.o.dheads and broken G.o.dheads. The more, the better. The second one would be the G.o.d-level soul crystals. The higher the grade and the more of them there are, the better. The third thing, other items that contain a sea of spiritual energy…”

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