Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1179 – Heretics’ Visit

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Chapter 1179: Heretics’ Visit
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang was woken up from his cultivation by the alarm on his Emperor’s Heart Ring at 8 a.m.

He stopped cultivating Seamless immediately and left the Emperor’s Palace after getting up to wash up. He left b.l.o.o.d.y behind in the palace to continue coming up with the methods.

The meeting with the heretics would be at 9 a.m. It was not even 9.50 a.m. when he came back from breakfast. Just as he stepped into Dynasty’s headquarters, a voice echoed all around Emperor City, “The Heretics’ Presiding Judge, Sun Zhuo, visits Dynasty with the Vice Presiding Judge and the Virgen!”

Lin Huang stopped walking upon hearing the voice. He turned towards the direction of the voice, looking stunned. “They’re the heretics alright. They even brought their own announcer.”

It was crowded in the Emperor City. Especially with those cultivators, someone soon posted about it on the Heart Network and all the social media platforms.

Dynasty that was initially trending as No. 2 achieved first place in less than ten minutes after the news spread.

All the social media platforms were busy early in the morning.

“Holy sh*t! They’re conquering the union organization, the underground organizations, and the neutral organizations! Is Dynasty planning to conquer the world and become the ruler?”

“They were involved with the Union Government a few days ago. They flirted with Misery yesterday and are dating the heretics today. Dynasty is a cla.s.sic a*shole!”

“The commenter above is so accurate in his description! I already have the live version in my head.”

“They really look like a*sholes if you put it this way! I’m crying from my laughter \(*T▽T*)/”

Four official accounts responded to that comment.

“A*shole! ヾ(。`Д´。)ノ彡,” commented the heretics’ official account.

“A*shole! ヽ(#`Д´)ノ┌,” commented the Union Government’s official account.

“Hehe,” commented Misery’s official account.

“???,” commented Dynasty’s official account.

As people were discussing fervently on the Internet, the people from the heretics had walked into Dynasty’s headquarters.

Lin Huang and the three Grand Dukes welcomed them.

The heretics’ Presiding Judge looked the same as Lin Huang had seen from the video a few years ago. He still wore his black robe and a terrifying white mask on his face.

“I’m the heretics’ Presiding Judge, Sun Zhuo.” The Presiding Judge in a terrifying mask introduced the other three behind him after a simple self-introduction. There was a man and two ladies standing behind him.

Lin Huang noticed the middle-aged man behind him immediately because the man clearly had a Virtual G.o.d rank-3 aura. He looked like he was over 40 years old with a plump body. He had stubble all over his face and looked like he was sleep-deprived.

“This is our Vice Presiding Judge, Zhou Tong.”

“This is our Presiding Judge Elder, Cao Ya.” Sun Zhuo then pointed at the one who was skinnier among the two ladies.

The lady was very pet.i.te. She was less than 1.5 meters tall even in her shoes. She looked like a 12 to 13-year-old girl. She dyed her hair purple and divided it into two ponytails. She did not look like an adult no matter what.

However, Lin Huang knew very well that her real age definitely exceeded what she seemed like because her combat strength was clearly on demiG.o.d-level.

As for the last lady, Lin Huang actually recognized her as soon as he saw her.

The lady was the heretics Virgen who had attempted to capture him back to the heretics last time.

“This is the heretics’ Virgen, Xia Yu.” Sun Zhuo and the rest were secretly observing Lin Huang’s response when Sun Zhuo said that.

Lin Huang merely peeped at Xia Yu and nodded. “I know. We met three years ago.” However, he only glanced at her and stopped giving her attention.

The heretics’ Virgen had been on blue flame-level back then while Lin Huang, who had been on bronze-level, could only run clumsily when they met. Now that three years had pa.s.sed, although this lady had experienced a great improvement whereby she was on immortal-level rank-5 now, he had surpa.s.sed her by heaps.

Meanwhile, Xia Yu was observing Lin Huang secretly.

She had a deep impression of Lin Huang because he was the one and only mission that she had ever failed in her life. Since she found out about Lin Huang’s ident.i.ty as the Emperor throughout the half a year, she would occasionally follow the news about him.

She would always feel it was absurd whenever she saw Lin Huang doing something dramatic on the news. The little guy who had only been on bronze-level back then had surpa.s.sed her immensely no matter whether it came to combat strength, ability, or ident.i.ty.

After the heretics introduced their people, Lin Huang also gave a simple introduction to his people. They then entered the office with the heretics. He closed the meeting room door after the four heretics had entered.

The heretics’ Presiding Judge finally removed his mask then. Lin Huang finally saw how he really looked like. He could not believe that he had such a baby face that made him looked like he was only in his early 20s.

Huang Tianfu and the other two were surprised too.

“I never thought the heretics’ Presiding Judge would be so young,” Lin Huang teased while smiling.

“Stop teasing me, Master Emperor. My parents gave me this face, so there’s nothing that I can do about it. I’ve always been treated as a little brother by everyone who’s the same age since I was a kid,” Sun Zhuo said while smiling helplessly.

Lin Huang could roughly understand why Sun Zhuo insisted on wearing a mask whenever he was out. In reality, not only did he have a babyface, but he also looked like a harmless, kind person. One could say that he was not threatening at all.

Although Lin Huang was also young and handsome, his glory on the Stairway Tree was known to the world. n.o.body dared to underestimate the No. 1 genius of the era. Furthermore, as long as he did not smile and showed a poker face, he would be taken seriously no matter where he went.

However, Sun Zhuo would look like a dummy if he had a poker face with how he looked. He would look like an irritated baby when he was mad, and it would be funny.

Therefore, wearing a mask was actually a wise move.

As they were chatting, Lin Huang noticed that Xia Yu had been observing him. She looked like she had something to say but was hesitating.

“Is there anything that you would like to say, Virgen?” Lin Huang asked with a smile.

Xia Yu hesitated and decided to speak up anyway, “I’m just very curious about how you cultivated. How did you manage to cultivate so fast?!” The reason why Xia Yu asked that was that she was also a supreme genius, and she could not figure out how Lin Huang had surpa.s.sed her so much in terms of cultivation speed.

“Hmm, how do I explain this? I can only say that it depends on the body that we’re born with. I adapt to Life Power faster whereby I can break through without spending too much time digesting whenever I reach each rank.” Lin Huang told her the excuse that he had prepared beforehand with a grin.

Naturally, he could not tell her that he managed to elevate so quickly because he could obtain a sea of Life Power by getting his imperial monsters to kill other monsters instead of refining Life Crystals to replenish his Life Power slowly.

“I’d bring you back to the heretics even if it meant death for me if I knew you have such potential back then.” Xia Yu shook her head while sighing helplessly. Until now, she regretted having pa.s.sed the chance to make a good bud such as Lin Huang back then.

Sun Zhuo and the rest had a slight change of expression after hearing that. They told Xia Yu to stop talking about that through voice transmission. After all, this part of the history was not glorious to Lin Huang.

On the other hand, Lin Huang smiled while waving his hand. He accepted everything that had happened to him in the past.

“There’s nothing that I can’t talk about. This might be fate. If you really had captured me for the heretics back then, I might not have achieved what I have today.”

“We have to make many choices at the crossroads in our lives. It might seem unimportant when we make our decisions, but it might decide where our future leads. I just happened to be fortunate enough to have made the right choice.”

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