Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1184 – Lin Huang Comes Out Of Closed–Door Cultivation

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Chapter 1184: Lin Huang Comes Out of Closed-door Cultivation

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The winter in Emperor City was not considered cold. It would drop below zero degrees Celsius occasionally and sometimes it would snow.

However, it was mid-February at the moment. It was close to the New Year, and half of the winter had pa.s.sed. The temperature was slowly turning warmer.

As it was close to the New Year, the entire Emperor City seemed rather prosperous.

“It’ll be New Year’s Eve the day after tomorrow. When will Brother come out of his closed-door cultivation?”

Lin Xin had been feeling down the past few days because in two days, it would be New Year’s Eve, but Lin Huang was still in closed-door cultivation.

“Master Tianfu said that the Emperor will be in closed-door cultivation for two months, so he should be out within these two days,” comforted Xiao Mo who was sitting next to her. He had officially joined Dynasty. Naturally, he was addressing Lin Huang and Huang Tianfu differently now. However, the task Huang Tianfu had a.s.signed him was very simple. It was the same as before, which was to protect Lin Xin at all times.

“I hope that he can get out from his closed-door cultivation before the year ends so that I can say goodbye to him,” Chan Dou who was aside could not help but speak up.

“Boss Chan, are you really going back to the Chan Clan?” Lin Xin asked immediately.

“It’s New Year’s Eve after all. I must be with my family no matter what. Moreover, I can’t be hiding the truth that I’m alive from them forever,” Chan Dou replied while smiling.

“But your memory…” Xiao Mo was a little concerned.

“Although my memory has yet to recover, my combat strength had elevated by three ranks within half a year in Dynasty. I’m on imperial-level white gold-rank now, and I can fight a demiG.o.d by force if I ever encounter one. As long as those old monsters hiding in the organizations don’t show up, I should be able to protect myself.

“Even though I don’t remember how my parents look like, this is a problem that I must face at the end of the day as long as my memory doesn’t fully recover. There’s no need to keep dragging it out. I’d rather face it now and solve it as soon as I can. Also, I thought going back to the Chan Clan might be helpful to recover my memory as I’d be in an environment that I was once familiar with,” Chan Bai explained what he was thinking about honestly.

“So, will you come back to Dynasty, Boss Chan?” Lin Xin asked again.

“I will visit all of you when I have the time,” Chan Dou said with a gentle smile. In reality, he had no idea when he would come back after he left this time.

As the few of them were chatting, the doors to the Emperor’s Palace opened all of a sudden. Two silhouettes walked out with Lin Huang being one of them leading the way.

He wore a black trench coat while b.l.o.o.d.y in her red trench coat was not far away behind on his left.

Lin Huang walked straight to Dynasty’s office as soon as he got out of the Emperor’s Palace. With his Divine Telekinesis, he sensed that Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan were around.

Everyone gaped at Lin Huang as soon as he stepped into the office building.

“Master Emperor!”

Lin Huang nodded lightly at them. “Proceed with your own stuff. Ignore me,” he said and walked straight into the elevator with b.l.o.o.d.y.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, everyone in the lobby began discussing excitedly among themselves.

“Who is that girl? She’s so pretty!”

“Could she be the Master Emperor’s girlfriend?”

“That might be possible. Didn’t you see they were wearing couple trench coats? The colors were just different. One is black while the other is red.”

Although the elevator was going up rapidly, Lin Huang, who was currently on imperial-level rank-3 and b.l.o.o.d.y who was on Virtual G.o.d rank-2, heard the gossip loud and clear.

Lin Huang could not help but peek at what b.l.o.o.d.y was wearing next to him. Her style indeed looked similar to his. Perhaps, she had copied it when she saw him. It was no wonder people misunderstood.

Nevertheless, he did not say anything about that.

His combat strength had broken through to imperial-level rank-3 during the closed-door cultivation this time.

Initially, he thought the combat strength of his summoning beasts would not elevate since he was on imperial-level. However, just when he elevated to imperial-level rank-2, something happened to b.l.o.o.d.y. Her combat strength broke through imperial-level and arrived on Virtual G.o.d rank-1.

Lin Huang then checked through all of the other cards to find that all of the quadruple mutated mythical-level cards had elevated to virtual G.o.d-level. Meanwhile, Bai who was on pseudo-mythical-level had elevated too.

As he advanced to imperial-level rank-3, there was a transformation in the combat strength of his Monster Cards again. They reached Virtual G.o.d rank-2.

Overall, there was an immense boost in Lin Huang’s overall ability.

Lin Huang only felt that it was a pity that the ten thousand pseudo-mythical-level bugs, the pseudo-mythical-level Soul-a.s.similating Beast, and the two White-haired Swordfiends that he had yet to elevate did not go on to virtual G.o.d-level automatically.

In the monster world, pseudo-mythical-level was the lowest grade to elevate to Virtual G.o.d. However, not all pseudo-mythical-level monsters could get to virtual G.o.d-level successfully.

However, it was clear that the ten thousand pseudo-mythical-level cards that failed to be elevated did not lack potential. It was a bigger possibility was that it was the system default, a.s.suming that all pseudo-mythical-level monsters would not elevate automatically.

As Lin Huang had his head occupied about the Bug Tribe army, the elevator arrived at the highest floor of the building.

Naturally, Huang Tianfu, who always had his Territory skill activated, sensed Lin Huang’s arrival immediately.

“Master Emperor, you’re out!”

Lin Huang nodded at Huang Tianfu. “Has Tufu gotten back to Division 3? Or is he still in Emperor City?”

“He has returned to Division 3. Is there anything that you need from him, Master Emperor?”

“There’s something that I need to tell you guys. I’ll tell him in private later since he’s not here. Get Wunan here,” Lin Huang ordered.

Huang Tianfu did not ask what exactly was happening. He told Huang Wunan to come through voice transmission immediately.

Knowing that Lin Huang was looking for him, Huang Wunan put what he was doing down and arrived in Huang Tianfu’s office in a flash.

Lin Huang signaled to b.l.o.o.d.y who turned around and closed the office door and performed a Witchcraft Rune to build a s.h.i.+eld that covered the entire office.

Huang Tianfu only asked when the s.h.i.+eld was completed, “Master Emperor, what do you need to tell us that’s so serious?”

“I’ve found a way to elevate demiG.o.d-levels to virtual G.o.d-level.” Lin Huang suddenly noticed something was off as soon as he said that. He corrected himself immediately. “To be exact, it was a method that b.l.o.o.d.y simulated.”

“Really?!” Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan exclaimed in unison.

“I’ve done more than a million simulations and found the right way for the elevation. The success rate is 97.1%. As long as one’s soul and body have no major flaws, the success rate is almost 100%!” b.l.o.o.d.y announced her simulation result calmly.

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