Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1186 – I’ll Tear All Of The Floors, Walls, And Ceiling Down!

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Chapter 1186: I’ll Tear All of The Floors, Walls, and Ceiling Down!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Chan Dou left, Lin Huang began his preparation to leave the gravel world.

His combat strength had elevated to imperial-level rank-3. He would need more and more G.o.dheads in the future to continue elevating his combat strength.

It might be hard for him to break through within a short period of time if he continued staying in the gravel world.

Therefore, he had finally came up with an official itinerary to the great world.

However, since it would be New Year’s Eve a few days later, Lin Huang allowed himself to rest for a few days. He was planning to finish everything he had yet to handle in the gravel world after the new year and with that, he would be able to depart to the great world without any worry.

New Year’s Eve came rather late this year — on 21st February. In reality, it was almost early spring in Emperor City. The temperature had turned a little warm, being only 13 or 14 degree celsius at its warmest point during the day. Most people just stopped wearing jackets.

Meanwhile, the weather in Emperor City was rather nice. The weather was a cloudless sunny sky as far as thousands of miles.

The first thing Lin Huang did after sending Chan Dou off was to step into the dimensional portal to head over to Peaceful Ocean.

To avoid being chased, Mr. Fu’s s.h.i.+p had been wandering around Peaceful Ocean. He hardly stayed in one place for a long time. However, now that his combat strength had recovered and even elevated to Virtual G.o.d rank-9, he no longer had to hide himself. With that, there was no need for him to wander around.

Lin Huang appeared on Mr. Fu’s s.h.i.+p directly as soon as he stepped out of the dimensional portal.

“My dear disciple, there’s been an elevation in your combat strength again since we last met a few months back!” Mr. Fu’s voice was heard without warning the moment Lin Huang appeared. As his voice echoed, Mr. Fu’s body slowly revealed itself within ten meters of Lin Huang.

“It’s just an elevation within imperial-level. Compared to you, master whose rank has elevated to Virtual G.o.d rank-9, mine is nothing.” Lin Huang smiled as he walked toward Mr. Fu.

It was then that Mr. Fu took out two chairs and a tea table from storage. “Take a seat.”

He took a seat after speaking to Lin Huang and began making tea as Lin Huang sat on the other chair, saying nothing as he watched Mr. Fu patiently prepare the tea.

Once Mr. Fu was done sealing the pot with the prepared tea, he brought it over along with tea cups. “I heard Dynasty has been doing great these past few months.”

Lin Huang took the tea cups and nodded as he smiled. “It’s alright. I merely set things in motion. Tianfu and the rest have been handling everything ever since.”

“The model that you came up with was pretty interesting. There must be many organizations that are willing to join as long as you promote it. The problem is it’s pretty risky. After all, Dynasty isn’t the Union Government that oppresses everyone without abandon. As time goes by, as more and more organizations join, there would be more disputes of interest. When that happens, people would begin challenging Dynasty’s leader.”

“That scenario has crossed my mind from the very beginning. That’s why I’ve come up with two plans.” Lin Huang nodded lightly. “I’ll drag Misery in after the new year. By then, Misery would be leading the entire underground organization that would be supporting Dynasty. That’s my first plan.”

“Misery?!” Mr. Fu looked at Lin Huang with his eyes widened.

“Misery is now under me. Just like Dynasty, I’ve added them into the Royal’s affiliate organization list. There’s no need to worry about them betraying me,” Lin Huang smiled as he explained.

Mr. Fu was stunned for a moment before asking, “So you were the mastermind behind Misery’s earlier release of new regulations integrating the enture underground organization?”

“Yes.” Lin Huang nodded. “I made that decision after discussing with b.l.o.o.d.y and Grimace.”

“After all, I neither have enough time and effort to turn all the underground organizations neutral like I did to Dynasty, nor can I stop everyone in the whole world from being evil. Therefore, the decision b.l.o.o.d.y, Grimace and I came up with was that we might as well support one powerful organization among the underground organizations, and get them to lead the development of the underground organizations. The regulations enforced at the moment can’t completely stop them from crimes, but it can restrict some of their evil doings. However, it will improve slowly and subtly transform the entire underground organization.”

Mr. Fu nodded after listening to that, “What you have planned is great but it’s going to be tough. I admit that despite most people having a good nature, they could possibly commit a crime on impulse or when they’re forced into a corner. However, there are people who are born evil. It’s in their bones, and there are no regulations or restrictions that will change them.”

“I know that. We’ll kill those who are born evil if we ever encounter any. I won’t waste my effort trying to turn someone good,” Lin Huang said as he smiled.

Mr. Fu nodded after seeing Lin Huang come to such a realization and moved on from that topic.

“You said you came up with two plans. Misery was the first one… so what’s the second one?”

Hearing that, Lin Huang simply shot Mr. Fu a smile while remaining silent.

Mr. Fu was initially puzzled but later reacted by pointing at himself. “Are you talking about me?”

“Master, your ability has recovered and it’s improving. I hope that you can make a comeback and guard Dynasty for me when I’m away from this gravel world!” Lin Huang nodded along with his request.

“Are you going to the great world?” Mr. Fu frowned slightly when he heard that.

“Yes. My cultivation system is different from regular ones. It’s very hard for me to elevate here in the gravel world. Moreover, the disaster is coming really soon, and I don’t think it’s wise to be a sitting duck. I’m thinking of going to the great world to look for the crux so we can eradicate this problem of our world being attacked.”

“But your current combat strength…” Mr. Fu was still concerned of Lin Huang’s combat strength.

“Master, my ability is more than enough to protect myself,” Lin Huang’s body began rapidly disintegrating into pieces the moment he finished speaking. The entire G.o.d-level s.h.i.+p and the Peaceful Ocean below the s.h.i.+p disintegrated along with him as well.

Mr. Fu was stunned as he saw the events unfolding before his eyes, not believing even for a moment that he could be caught in an illusion without even realizing it.


“Master, that was just a little demonstration I performed for you. Sorry if I’ve offended you,” Lin Huang put the tea cup down while smiling. He was still sitting still as if the events that happened earlier did not happen.

Mr. Fu had just noticed a monster that looked like a tiger with long trunk that appeared next to Lin Huang without him even noticing. Shock flashed through his eyes as he could clearly sense the Virtual G.o.d rank-8 combat strength of the monster.

Noticing Mr. Fu’s stare, Lin Huang introduced it with a smile, “This is Nightmare Tapir, he was the one who created the dreamland earlier.”

“Such a bizarre illusion ability!” Mr. Fu could not help but exclaim.

“I currently have three imperial monsters that have similar ability to him,” Lin Huang added.

“No wonder you managed to oppress Misery. I should’ve thought of this.” Although Mr. Fu said that, he had no idea exactly how powerful the most compelling Misery member was. All that he knew was that Misery had more Virtual G.o.ds than any of the other top organizations.

“So when do you plan to leave?” Mr. Fu asked again after snapping back from his shock.

“I’ll leave after New Year when I’m done sorting out the follow-up and some other stuff on my plate,” In reality, Lin Huang was planning to leave after he broke through to imperial-level. However, he countered many things throughout these few months which he had to postpone his plan until now.

“And when do you plan to come back?”

“I’ll try my best to come back within a year. Although the Union Government foresees that the disaster will take three years to hit, their estimation might not be accurate. Moreover, more than half a year had pa.s.sed since the three-year speculation. We don’t have much time left.” In reality, Lin Huang knew that the one-year period that he gave himself was rather tight.

“Sure, I’ll guard Dynasty for you for a year. But I’m telling you beforehand, this old thing can’t bear much torture. I’ll leave when one year is up. You better come back alive within a year or I’ll trade everything within Dynasty’s treasury into food if you’re late for even a day. I’ll remove all of the doors if you’re two days late. I’ll tear all of the floors, walls and ceilings if you’re late for three days!”

Lin Huang was unsure whether to laugh or cry hearing that…

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