Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1188 – Mr. Fu’s Thoughts

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Chapter 1188: Mr. Fu’s Thoughts

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After meeting the three Grand Dukes, Lin Huang brought Mr. Fu to the residential area and got him to pick his own compound.

The luxurious residential area in Dynasty’s headquarters had different courtyard styles for each compound. Lin Xin got to choose her own courtyard as well.

Mr. Fu scanned through all the courtyards with Divine Telekinesis.

Lin Huang smiled seeing that as he was clearly looking for Lin Xin.

A moment later, Mr. Fu stopped walking when he arrived at the compound to the right of the one Lin Xin chose. “This courtyard seems pretty good, I’ll pick this one.”

Naturally, Lin Huang knew why Mr. Fu picked that compound but said nothing about it.

“Xin Er happens to be staying next to me. I can visit her whenever I have time,” Mr. Fu said while smiling.

“Then let’s drop by Xin Er’s place. I’ll get someone to clean your house,” Lin Huang replied and sent a message to Huang Tianfu. He then brought Mr. Fu to Lin Xin’s courtyard.

Mr. Fu nodded while smiling. “That’s great, it’s been a while since I last saw Xin Er.”

Lin Xin was practising with her sword in the courtyard as the duo walked in.

This girl could elevate her combat strength by merely eating Life Crystals. However, she knew what her weakness was. Her combat strength elevated too fast so the cultivation of her combat skills along with actual battle experience was lacking. To remedy this, she would spend some time practising with the sword every day.

She was now only on immortal-level rank-6 but she had mastered no less than 20 sword skills. She was only on level-1 Sword Dao which was Nuance at the moment.

Although she had surpa.s.sed many of the same age, she was very much lacking if compared to top geniuses like Lin Huang.

Seeing Lin Xin so focused in practising with her sword, Lin Huang and Mr. Fu stopped walking at the same moment. They did not interrupt her as they waited for her to finish practising this set of her sword skills.

Approximately four to five minutes later, Lin Xin was done with her first round of practise. It was the Soul b.u.t.terfly, something Lin Huang taught her.

It was only then that she noticed Lin Huang and Mr. Fu’s presence. She put away her sword and sprinted toward them.

“Brother!” She also noticed that the person standing next to Lin Huang looked a little familiar as she arrived before her brother. “You’re… Grandpa Fu?”

Mr. Fu once spent New Year’s Eve at Lin Huang’s house looking like this, and Lin Xin still remembered how he looked like.

“You still remember Grandpa Fu, little girl.” Mr. Fu was happy that Lin Xin recognized him.

“But why did Grandpa Fu disguise this way again?” What Lin Xin said subsequently upset Mr. Fu.

“Xin Er, this is how master really looks like. He was injured earlier which caused his body to age. Now that he recovered, his looks returned as well,” Lin Huang explained immediately.

“It’s normal to look young when he’s recovered but how come he’s even taller now?” Lin Xin asked honestly.

“Well…” Lin Huang had no idea how he was going to answer that question.

Mr. Fu who was standing aside decided to explain himself, “The injury that I suffered earlier contained a curse that caused my flesh to shrink. Bones are in my flesh so they were cursed as well. Therefore, my height and body had been shrinking each year throughout the 800 years. It’s just that the changes can’t be seen by the naked eye.”

Lin Huang recalled the time when he saw Mr. Fu for the first time three years ago when he heard what Mr. Fu said. Indeed, Mr. Fu was slightly taller three years ago compared to when he last saw him before his recovery. However, the change was insignificant and was almost invisible to the naked eye. He even thought it was an illusion.

Mr. Fu seemed to no longer want to dwell on this issue so he s.h.i.+fted the subject to Lin Huang after explaining.

“Little girl, your combat strength elevation is pretty fast. You’re catching up with your brother.”

“What’s the use of elevating so fast? My brother could fight 10,000 of me when he was on immortal-level rank-6,” It was Lin Xin’s turn to feel depressed. She knew her weaknesses very well and was rather upset to hear such a compliment.

“You’re exaggerating,” Lin Huang patted Lin Xin’s head while smiling, “Sword skill are merely something quite minor for you. As soon as you train well in your main firearm, your ability will reach the supreme genius-level as well.”

“Really?” Lin Xin asked with eyes wide open as she heard him say that that.

“Of course I’m serious. Your talent in firearms is no less impressive than the few supreme geniuses that I’ve met in the past.” Lin Huang nodded while smiling. He was not lying to Lin Xin about this. Lin Xin’s talent in firearms was truly no less inferior than that of a supreme genius. However, she would have to work harder on her cultivation.

One must know that most supreme geniuses spend almost all their time in cultivation apart from sleeping and eating. It would be normal even if they were to cultivate for more than 15 hours a day. It was not that Lin Xin was slacking. She spent more than eight hours in cultivation almost every day and at times, she would even spend more than ten hours. Compared to ordinary people, she was working extremely hard.

The reason why Lin Huang held his tongue from telling Lin Xin about her difference compared to other supreme geniuses was because he did not want her to turn into a lunatic when it came to cultivation.

After chatting for a while, Lin Huang left with Mr. Fu since the compound that he chose was now clean. Meanwhile, Lin Xin continued to practice with her sword.

Mr. Fu had been quiet ever since he stepped into the compound.

“Master, we can get you another one if you don’t like this. Let’s take a look at the compound to Lin Xin’s left.”

Mr. Fu smiled and shook his head as he heard that. “I’m just thinking if I should tell you this.”

“Master, there’s no secret between us. Just tell me what you have in mind.”

“It’s about the little girl Lin Xin,” Mr. Fu turned his head to look at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang smiled while nodding. “What about her?”

“Have you ever thought of getting her to cultivate the Saber or Spear Dao instead?” Mr. Fu raised an odd question.

“I’ve never thought of that. She was the one who picked the Sword Dao back then. I thought I’d let her do whatever she wanted so I didn’t pay much attention to that,” Lin Huang was unsure why Mr. Fu asked such a question.

“I think her talent in the Sword Dao seems to be… quite mediocre. So I’m thinking whether it would be better for her to change it to the Saber Dao or something else. After all, she would have to try all sorts of weapons to find one that suits her most.” Mr. Fu was secretly observing Lin Huang’s reaction.

Lin Huang was still a little puzzled from hearing the question earlier. However, he realized what Mr. Fu meant now that he heard this and could not help from smirking. “Master, I don’t know much about other weapons apart from the Sword Dao. I’m afraid I can’t teach her if Xin Er really wants to learn some other weapons.”

He managed to read between the lines and gleaned that Mr. Fu wanted to teach Lin Xin the Saber Dao. Perhaps he saw some potential in Lin Xin, causing him to make such a rash decision out of nowhere.

After all, he had been cultivating the Sword Dao. He did not accept Mr. Fu’s Saber Dao inheritance.

“Don’t you have me if you can’t teach her? I’m good in every weapon so I can let her try and see which suits her most. She can’t be burying her talent if she’s really good in one of those weapons,” Mr. Fu replied immediately.

“I’ll leave her in your hands then, master,” Lin Huang agreed while smiling.

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