Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1196 – The Meeting After The New Year

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Chapter 1196: The Meeting After the New Year

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Lin Huang finally eased into rest mode officially after the third day of the New Year.

However, he did not stay idle. He was learning new sword skills every day.

He would master a new pseudo-mythical-level sword skill almost every day. As he mastered more and more sword skills, he could faintly sense that his level-6 Sword Dao was approaching its peak.

Time flew by, and very soon a week had pa.s.sed.

The tenth day of the New Year was the last day of holiday for many, including the people in Dynasty.

It was the 11th day of the New Year on the 3rd of March. All the organizations basically went back to their normal working operations.

Lin Huang called for a meeting with Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan early in the morning.

Since it was the first meeting of the year, Huang Tufu rushed back to the headquarters from Division 3.

The rest of the upper echelons were basically there.

At the meeting table, the six demiG.o.d Dukes gaped at Huang Tianfu and the rest in confusion. They clearly sensed that Huang Tianfu and the other six of them were now on virtual G.o.d-level. It was unexpected.

The six of them asked about it through voice transmission. The only response they got was, “Master Emperor will explain later.”

The meeting officially began at 9 a.m.

It was still hosted by Huang Tianfu who welcomed Lin Huang after starting the meeting.

“The purpose of this meeting is to gather everyone since the New Year has started. After all, it’s a new beginning with new plans. While I have many plans for myself this year, so does Dynasty.

“The first thing I would like to announce is that Mr. Fu is settling in Dynasty,” Lin Huang explained further upon seeing many of them appearing surprised.

“I know that you guys have many doubts. The legendary Mr. Fu is my master. He used to be on Virtual G.o.d rank-8 and he’s now on Virtual G.o.d rank-9. I invited him to come into Dynasty before the New Year, and he’s temporarily staying for a year.”

“Mr. Fu coming in won’t affect Dynasty’s daily operations. Dynasty will still be led by Huang Tianfu, Huang Wunan, and Huang Tufu. Mr. Fu is only responsible for Dynasty’s safety matters.”

Many of them were finally relieved to hear that. They were a little worried that Dynasty would have a change in authority structure when they first heard about Mr. Fu moving in. It seemed like Lin Huang had invited Mr. Fu there to provide Dynasty with a pillar of support.

“The second thing is what you guys have witnessed—Tianfu and the rest have elevated to virtual G.o.d-level.

“I’ve successfully found a way to elevate demiG.o.d-levels to virtual G.o.d-level. I’ve also gotten Mr. Fu to help Tianfu and the rest of the powerhouses on perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level to virtual G.o.d-level.

“Such an elevation process must follow the strict steps that I provide. Apart from that, only high-level Virtual G.o.ds such as Mr. Fu can carry out the process. Furthermore, the basic condition is that the person to be elevated must be on perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level and the Life Power in his body will have to be fully converted to Divine Power. That’s the reason why the six demiG.o.d Dukes present today weren’t informed before the New Year.

“The third thing is that I have a portion of G.o.d’s Blood that can help demiG.o.ds to accelerate their conversion of Life Power to Divine Power. I’ll get Tianfu’s help to delegate it out the next few days.

“As the G.o.d’s Blood might not be able to get all the demiG.o.ds to perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level, it will be distributed according to the contribution points that all of you obtained last year. Those who have more contribution points will be given the G.o.d’s Blood first while those who have less will be awarded later. Does anybody have anything to say about the sequence?”

All six of the demiG.o.ds shook their heads.

In reality, it was very fair to carry out the dissemination by one’s contribution points. Moreover, Lin Huang had taken over Dynasty last year, so it made sense to disseminate the G.o.d’s Blood based on a year of contribution points.

“So, I’ll hand over the G.o.d’s Blood to Tianfu. He’ll elevate you guys to perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level when he’s done giving out the G.o.d’s Blood and send me the list of those who are elevating to Virtual G.o.ds. I’ll then get Mr. Fu to handle that.

“The fourth thing is also related to demiG.o.ds elevating to Virtual G.o.d. I’ve discussed this with Mr. Fu. We’re planning to announce this news to the public. After all, we can’t hide this forever as soon as there are that many Virtual G.o.ds in Dynasty. It’s better that we let people know now.

“We have plans to charge organizations other than Dynasty for the service. So, don’t think that you guys won’t have any compet.i.tion and that you’ll be able to relax as soon as you guys have elevated to Virtual G.o.d.”

“The reason we came up with such a decision is mainly that disaster is. .h.i.tting our gravel world soon. We need virtual G.o.d-level powerhouses to handle the crisis.

“Of course, the exact announcement will be made when this round of Dynasty demiG.o.ds are done with the elevation. Therefore, I hope that all of you complete the elevation to virtual G.o.d-level as soon as you can when you get the G.o.d’s Blood. Those who have insufficient G.o.d’s Blood will have to obtain them before the news goes out. The price of the G.o.d’s Blood might shoot up after that.

“Apart from those of you are present today, I’ll get Tianfu to inform the rest of the demiG.o.ds. However, I hope that you guys won’t spread this news out before Dynasty does officially. If I find anyone spreading the news intentionally, I’ll get Mr. Fu to sever the person’s cultivation base and dispel the person from Dynasty. That will be the end of the person’s relations.h.i.+p with Dynasty!”

Lin Huang glanced at everyone before speaking again, “The fifth thing is the circle that Dynasty has built with the Union Government.

“At the moment, the Union Government and Hunter a.s.sociation are the leaders. The Mystic b.u.t.terfly is the fence-sitter while the heretics aren’t powerful enough. I’m getting Misery to join for the balance of the circle and to impede the Union Government and Hunter a.s.sociation. From now on, Misery will be our secret ally, but publicly, Dynasty isn’t on the same side with them.

“As soon as Misery joins us, the development of the circle must slow down. We can’t grow too fast. Dynasty’s current priority is to deepen the collaboration with all major organizations so that the Union Government, the Hunter a.s.sociation, and the Mystic b.u.t.terfly won’t leave us. The circle will only be preliminarily stabilized when we’ve achieved that.

“Before the disaster condemns this gravel world, the Union Government will definitely want to lead this circle. There’s no need for Dynasty to revolt their leaders.h.i.+p. All we have to do is to win the same position as them. They can lead, but Dynasty must be included in the leaders.h.i.+p. In other words, this is the main development direction for this circle for the next one to two years. We’ll discuss the details further next time.”

Lin Huang put a halt in the discussion of the circle and said no further for a few moments.

“The sixth thing is that I’ll leave the gravel world for a while after I’m done with everything on my plate.”

Everyone gawked at Lin Huang when he announced that.

“How long will you be gone?” Huang Tianfu asked immediately.

“A year at the moment. Of course, I hope that I can get back before the disaster befalls. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense for me to return,” Lin Huang said, “I’ll give Tianfu a communication measure. If something really happens in the gravel world, contact me and I’ll get back as soon as I can.”

“But none of the people who left our world have ever returned,” Huang Tufu muttered while frowning.

“The main reason is that they can’t return to our world since they’ve elevated to true G.o.d-level,” Lin Huang explained, “I’m only on imperial-level, so it’s not difficult to return as long as I find the route. Even if I can’t find the route myself, I can get Royal to help me. After all, I’m a rank-A Royalty.”

The people were relieved when they heard Lin Huang. In reality, they were a little afraid that Dynasty would become ownerless again if Lin Huang died. Then, Royal would cut their resources off again.

“That’s more or less what I’ve got to say today. I’ll sort out the details in the next two days and send it to the three Grand Dukes. You guys can discuss it when they’ve studied the details and approved it.”

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