Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1198 – Hunter Association’s Appointment

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Chapter 1198: Hunter a.s.sociation’s Appointment

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The Memory Card only took less than three hours to download everything in the Central Library.

In reality, Lin Huang had been cultivating Seamless with his eyes closed during the few hours. He only opened his eyes when the Memory Card had downloaded all of the information and become memories in his head.

It was not even 12 p.m. when he checked the time. It would not make sense for him to stay, so he stood up and left.

He ate something around the library and contacted the chief of the Union Government, Jiang Shan.

Jiang Shan was surprised to see that it was Lin Huang who called. He picked up anyway.

Lin Huang asked while smiling as soon as the video call was connected, “Master Chief, could you help me change the slot that I booked for the archive visit tomorrow to today instead?”

“Didn’t you apply to visit the library today?” Jiang Shan asked with his brow raised. He knew that Lin Huang submitted the applications yesterday.

“I’ve found the stuff I was looking for at the library.” Lin Huang came up with an excuse. “So, I thought I’d drop by the archive today instead of tomorrow.”

“I’ll speak to the people at the archive. I’ll change the time slot for you if n.o.body is using it in the afternoon. However, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow if somebody is using it in the afternoon.” To Jiang Shan, such a favor was nothing as long as it did not interfere with the archive regulations. After all, amending the time slot at the last minute was permitted. “They’ll inform you whether they can amend the time slot for you later.”

“Thanks, Master Chief!” Just when Lin Huang was going to hang up, Jiang Shan stopped him.

“Emperor Lin, I happened to have something to discuss with you.”

Lin Huang was stunned to hear that. The first thought that came into his mind was, ‘Did someone expose that we’ve elevated demiG.o.ds to Virtual G.o.ds?”

However, his face remained calm. “Do tell, Master Chief.”

“The Hunter a.s.sociation spoke to me twice. They’re looking into working with you guys. What they mainly want is access to the trial zones.”

“Sure, we can discuss the time later,” Lin Huang agreed to that right away.

In reality, he wanted to see if there was anything useful in the Hunter a.s.sociation’s library and archives.

After hanging up the call with Jiang Shan, the archive sent him a message in less than two minutes. The amendment of the time slot had been approved.

The time was amended from 1 p.m. on the 5th to 1 p.m. on the 6th.

To Lin Huang, the hours given were not important. As long as the information was downloaded by the Memory Card, he would no longer need to return to the library and archive in the future.

Lin Huang made it to the archive at 1 p.m.

In reality, it was a huge building that was similar to the library. He arrived on the ninth floor after scanning his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

The setting was similar to the library. There was also a tissue that looked like a human brain floating in a transparent sealed container.

The difference was the color of the brain. The one in the library was light red while this one was sky blue.

Given his experience in the morning, Lin Huang got the blue brain to get him all the information that was available in the archive directly.

After crus.h.i.+ng another Memory Card, it began to download the information automatically.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang closed his eyes and began cultivating Seamless in a relaxed manner. The second the Memory Card stopped downloading the information around two hours later, it became a part of Lin Huang’s memory. He stood up and left right after he opened his eyes.

As he arrived at the entrance of the archive, Lin Huang summoned a dimensional portal and returned to Emperor City.

The first thing he did as soon as he arrived at the Emperor’s Palace was to share everything in the two Memory Cards with b.l.o.o.d.y.

With b.l.o.o.d.y’s computing skills, she spent over two hours digesting everything in the two Memory Cards.

“The information load is pretty huge,” b.l.o.o.d.y could not help but exclaim after she was done digesting all of the information.

“Is there anything useful?” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“Yes, quite a number of them. However, the real secrets should be sealed by the Union Government. For instance, there should be complete production drawings for weapons containing rule power. However, there’s no such thing in the memory that you shared with me. Also, the item lists that were excavated from the ancient ruins are missing. There should be many secrets in them.”

“It’s normal for them to be sealing such information. After all, I’m just an outsider. It’s impossible for the Union Government to reveal everything to me,” Lin Huang, on the other hand, was understanding. “If I were Jiang Shan, I would seal that information and hide them from everyone else.”

b.l.o.o.d.y nodded and proceeded to speak, “There are quite a number of useful information too, especially in cultivation alone.”

“There are 14 G.o.d-level sword skills that you can use and 37 pseudo-mythical-level sword skills. Including sword skills, there are a total of 63 G.o.d-level and 218 pseudo-mythical-level martial skills. There are also three divine skills and up to a hundred secret skills…”

As Lin Huang was talking to b.l.o.o.d.y about the information that he obtained, a message came all of a sudden.

Lin Huang saw that it was Jiang Shan who had sent the message. He said that the Hunter a.s.sociation had decided the time when they would visit Dynasty the next day.

In less than five minutes after Jiang Shan sent the message, Huang Tianfu informed Lin Huang that he had received the Hunter a.s.sociation’s appointment.

The Hunter a.s.sociation even published the appointment on the Internet.

In reality, Lin Huang could understand why they did that. They were afraid that people might take photos of the Hunter a.s.sociation’s upper echelons visiting Dynasty, so they announced it instead.

The content of the appointment was simple. They were going to discuss a collaboration with Dynasty.

However, everyone on the Internet was discussing it despite the appointment having very vague content.

After being quiet for a few months, Dynasty was trending on No. 2 on the Internet again.

The Hunter a.s.sociation was trending as No. 1 this time.

Everyone in the cultivation world was talking about this, and the Hunter Forum was the most crowded one.

Most people in the cultivation world had registered themselves as a hunter before even though they had never officially joined the Hunter a.s.sociation. They could post on the Hunter Forum as long as they had their hunter’s license.

The main topic on the Hunter Forum was what exactly Dynasty did the Hunter a.s.sociation want to work with them on. What kind of collaboration were they looking into?

Meanwhile, in the black market forum, they were discussing what Dynasty had to be attracting the Union Government and the Hunter a.s.sociation to work with them.

As the Internet was heated with discussion, the Hunter a.s.sociation’s upper echelons appeared in Emperor City in a high profile early in the morning on the 6th of March.

They walked into Dynasty’s headquarters while many media representatives snapped pictures.

Lin Huang led the three Grand Dukes who had hidden their combat strength to welcome the people from the Hunter a.s.sociation.

The discussion between both parties was considered smooth. They came up with the preliminary direction of the collaboration and project in the morning alone.

They then spent two days going through the details and signed the agreement eventually.

b.l.o.o.d.y was observing and providing suggestions in the Emperor’s Palace throughout the entire process.

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