Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1200 – Killing All Of The Virtual God–Level Monsters In Your Ruins!

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Chapter 1200: Killing All of The Virtual G.o.d-level Monsters in Your Ruins!

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“It’s made up?!” Lin Huang was shocked. Excluding the part of the memories which was only unsealed when he elevated to imperial-level, he had looked through the memories at least ten times when he was cultivating Seamless earlier. He had never noticed anything wrong.

“Don’t you think apart from cultivation and battles, this memory of his seems to be acted out from a script? The people that he met during his daily life are like non-player characters in games. Even what they say is almost the same every time they meet, don’t you think?”

“Daily life?” Lin Huang looked at it immediately.

He usually skipped those parts whenever he looked through the memories. Apart from scanning through it roughly the first time, he basically skipped it every time after that. As expected, he soon noticed that something was off after b.l.o.o.d.y reminded him about it.

“Indeed, these people sounded weird and they behaved strangely too. I didn’t notice anything from that single conversation, but everyone seems to be customized from the same set of a model after watching more of them.

“Moreover, in his daily life, many of those people who have zero interaction with him and those buildings, as well as the trees around him, were blurred out. Usually, we retrieve the most original memories when we read someone’s memory. As long as we don’t zoom in, everything he saw should be clear and detailed. Even if he forgot something, his original memory should be clear as a movie film.

“Also, he made many details up intentionally. He even used some real footage and combined them with the made-up stories. He thought people couldn’t tell since it’s a combination of real and fake stuff. However, the real portion of the memory had tens of times of information in almost every frame compared to the made-up memories. It causes the made-up memories to be extra crude compared to those details that are usually ignored with the naked eye.” b.l.o.o.d.y pointed out each issue one after another.

“I’ve cast parasites on up to a hundred millions of brains and read countless minds. Those amended memories and messed up memories due to some pathological causes in the brain… I can tell them apart easily. Although Qi Muxiong’s inherited memory was made by a powerful technique, the effect is too crude. It gives me a feeling that it was made up simply without even trying to hide it.”

“So, what’s the reason for him to do that? If the inheritance is real, why make up the memory?” Lin Huang could not understand it.

“n.o.body knows.” b.l.o.o.d.y shook her head. “Maybe there were too many embarra.s.sing incidents in his original memory and he’s afraid of being humiliated by his descendants. Maybe that’s why he made up a fake memory to hide it. Or perhaps there are secrets in his memory that he doesn’t want people to know.”

She came up with two possible speculations. Lin Huang shook his head to shake off the thought since he could not figure out the answer.

“Forget it. Let’s not think about it. Since Qi Muxiong’s ruins is in the virtual zone, we’ll explore when we go by then. We might retrieve the answer when we get there. Even if we don’t, the effort won’t be wasted if we get his Goldfinger.”

Since Qi Muxiong’s ruin was in the virtual zone, Lin Huang would not have to make two trips. The only thing left to do would be to look for loot in other ruins and sites.

In the entire gravel world, there were a total of 13 grade-6 ruins and sites with virtual G.o.d-level treasures and there were only four ruins and sites with true G.o.d-level treasures.

Lin Huang checked through Zhuge Feifan’s memory. These 17 ruins and sites were not opened recently. However, there were three grade-6 ruins that were opened all the time. They belonged to the Union Government, the Hunter a.s.sociation, and Shadow Killer relatively.

“I can only explore Shadow Killer’s ruins when they join the circle. I’ll explore the two grade-6 ruins under the Union Government and the Hunter a.s.sociation’s jurisdiction these few days.”

Lin Huang submitted his application to the Union Government and the Hunter a.s.sociation as he thought about this point. He just realized that it was almost midnight when he was done submitting the application.

The next morning, Lin Huang woke up early. He washed up and began to practice his sword skills.

He had boosted his telekinetic threads to more than 60,000 threads from cultivating Seamless the past few days. Now, he had arrived at the peak of his current combat strength.

Since he would not have more telekinetic threads from cultivating Seamless any further, he switched to practicing his sword skills. He happened to have downloaded information from so many organizations these past few days and obtained many sword skills.

Jiang Shan from the Union Government responded when it was almost 9.30 a.m. His application was approved. Some ten minutes later, the Hunter a.s.sociation also approved his application.

Seeing that it was still early, Lin Huang summoned his dimensional portal without hesitation and headed straight to the First City.

The person who was responsible for welcoming him was still the person he was familiar with, Guan Zhong.

“Master Emperor, it’s been a while.” Guan Zhong smiled lightly.

“Chief? Why are you here?” To be honest, Lin Huang was a little surprised. Although he held a high position whereby it made sense for the Union Government to send Guan Zhong to welcome him, the thing was that it was not an official visit. It would be alright for them to get anyone to send him to the entrance of the ruins. There was no need for them to send the chief of the Agency EA to serve him.

“I was given the responsibility when I was speaking to the chief this morning.” Guan Zhong spread his arms wide.

“You sound like you’re reluctant,” Lin Huang teased with a grin.

“Definitely not. I agreed to do it with all the willingness in my heart,” Guan Zhong said while smiling, “I was excited when I heard that I’m serving you, Master Emperor.”

‘What an exaggeration…’ Lin Huang was speechless.

“In reality, I’ve got nothing much to do in the past two days, so I thought I’d volunteer myself to give a good impression,” Guan Zhong explained further.

“Alright then, let’s not beat around the bush. Let’s get to business.” Lin Huang did not bother to dwell on that topic with Guan Zhong.

Guan Zhong nodded and summoned a dimensional portal directly. He opened the door and gestured for Lin Huang to go in first. Then, he went in after him.

A moment later, Lin Huang realized he was clearly no longer in the First City when he stepped out of the dimensional portal.

There were mountains after mountains all around him as he gaped around him. Moreover, there was snow beneath his feet. It was obviously not spring in the First City.

“Where is this?” Lin Huang could not help but ask as he looked around.

“A forbidden area that’s unpopular,” Guan Zhong answered. However, he added, figuring that his response was a little too perfunctory, “As this place is a little secluded, not many people know about it. Therefore, there’s no official name for this place. If you must give it a name, the people living in the foothold close to this mountain call it the Crouching Dragon.”

“Crouching Dragon…” The name reminded Lin Huang of Sir Tang in a TV drama.

“Is there anything that you’re looking for, going into a grade-6 ruin alone, Master Emperor?” Guan Zhong asked while pretending to be casual.

“I’m not looking for anything. I just thought I would take a stroll in ruins that I’ve never been to before leaving the gravel world,” Lin Huang said while smiling. In reality, he did not finish what he was saying. ‘And I thought of killing all of the virtual G.o.d-level monsters in your ruins!’

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