Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1201 – Blasphemy Dragonpede

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Chapter 1201: Blasphemy Dragonpede
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The grade-6 ruin under the Union Government’s jurisdiction was called the Demon Swamp. It had many abyss creatures and demons. It was said that the total number of monsters exceeded those in the usual grade-6 ruins.

Moreover, through the exploration before, it was known that there were at least 20 virtual G.o.d-level monsters in this ruin.

That was the reason why Lin Huang chose to go there first.

“The volcano beneath us is the entrance. It’s approximately 1,000 meters beneath the spiritual lava,” Guan Zhong said while smiling pointing at the volcano ahead. “Although this ruin is open all year round, almost n.o.body below imperial-level can get to the entrance.”

Lin Huang sensed the intensity of the spirit beneath and nodded. “This spiritual volcano’s spirit intensity is above an imperial-level powerhouse’s Life Power. With the pressure coming from the depth of 1,000 meters, indeed, it blocks all cultivators below imperial-level from going in.”

He looked around and finally found out why the mountain was called the Crouching Dragon. “No wonder this mountain is called the Crouching Dragon. The connected mountain range resembles a winding giant dragon. If I’m not mistaken, we’re standing on the dragon’s head. Am I right?”

“That’s right,” Guan Zhong agreed with a smile.

“If this is the dragon’s head, then what’s that volcano?” Lin Huang asked while pointing at the spiritual volcano beneath them.

“People living nearby call it the dragon jewel.”

“They’re pretty creative.” Lin Huang raised an eyebrow.

He thought the scenery was beautiful as he stood tall at the top of the dragon’s head. He snapped a few pictures and said to Guan Zhong calmly, “I’ll go down then. Thanks for your service.”


Lin Huang leaped and allowed his body to freefall. He only adjusted his direction slightly just before falling into the crater. He summoned a pitch-black G.o.d relic battle armor as he entered the crater while his body was engulfed in dust.

A maroon layer of defense emerged on the surface of the battle armor as he inserted his Divine Power into it.

He plunged straight into the boiling lava just when the defense layer appeared.

Heat throbbed from all directions all of a sudden. Even with the Divine Power blocking it out, the spiritual lava made one uncomfortable.

Lin Huang was plummeting rapidly. He scanned the area with his Divine Telekinesis at the same time and soon found where the entrance was.

Guan Zhong, who was standing on top of the dragon’s head outside of volcano, watched Lin Huang fall into the crater. He then summoned a dimensional portal and stepped into it.

As he pa.s.sed through the entrance of the ruin, Lin Huang got a rough idea of the ruin before he landed.

The sky was dark blue, and it looked like night had just fallen. Dusk covered the wilderness.

Lin Huang did not even see a single monster in his field of vision.

However, he could not help but grin as he widened his range of Divine Telekinesis.

“How careless…”

There was no other reason for him to smile so gleefully other than that there were actually monsters around him as he scanned the area with his Divine Telekinesis. There were monsters called Predator Plants disguised as weeds spreading across the wilderness. There were at least tens of thousands of them.

Nonetheless, with his naked eye, Lin Huang did not see any.

Apart from that, there were a couple of Carrion Maggots hiding underground.

The Carrion Maggot was at least ten meters long. Their bodies were as poisonous as pure venom. Although they loved eating rotten meat, they would make an effort to get onto the ground to hunt on their own sometimes.

Although the Predator Plant was an immortal-level monster, the couple of Carrion Maggots underground had imperial-level combat strength.

An imperial-level powerhouse might be at risk if he were to enter such a place without any preparation.

Noticing the existence of the two types of monsters, Lin Huang stopped descending. He summoned b.l.o.o.d.y calmly while hovering mid-air.

In her red dress, b.l.o.o.d.y sensed the existence of the Predator Plants and Carrion Maggots as soon as she was summoned. “Let’s cast parasites on a few of them. See if there’s anything useful in their memories about this ruin.”

To be honest, b.l.o.o.d.y was unwilling to cast her parasite on monsters that had poor combat strength and low grade. However, she did it without hesitation since the order came from Lin Huang.

A few invisible Leech Pods flew out and soon penetrated the few Predator Plants and Carrion Maggots’ bodies.

Currently, she had Virtual G.o.d rank-2 combat strength. Almost no living thing below Virtual G.o.d rank-2 could sense the existence of her Leech Pods. The parasitization on the few local monsters was completed smoothly.

Almost the moment when the Leech Pods penetrated their bodies, the information in those monsters’ heads were sent to b.l.o.o.d.y.

b.l.o.o.d.y spent less than a second sorting that information out.

“This is the south of the ruin. There should be a virtual G.o.d-level monster around 8,000 kilometers towards the north. They’ve no idea about the exact information of that virtual G.o.d-level monster. However, I have a rough idea about the exact route following the terrains and distribution of monsters.”

“Then, let’s head over there. There’s no need to waste time using our feet,” Lin Huang suggested and summoned Thunder.

Thunder, which had elevated to quadruple mutated mythical-level, had undergone a change of form again. Its feathers were now deep indigo with patches of beautiful golden patterns on them. Its pupils were golden purple. Its body was much more muscular than before, but it did not look bulky at all. Instead, it appeared as elegant as before but was more overbearing now.

Lin Huang leaped onto Thunder’s back with b.l.o.o.d.y and patted it.

“Follow b.l.o.o.d.y’s instructions.”

Thunder flapped its wings and flew into the sky like a bolt of purple lightning. The entire sky echoed with thunder.

As the purple lightning soared into the sky, Thunder deviated and flew straight towards the north.

Within a minute, they arrived at their destination on Thunder’s back.

Lin Huang only sensed the virtual G.o.d-level monster with his Divine Telekinesis when he was close.

It was an evil spirit-type monster from the abyss called the Blasphemy Dragonpede. Lin Huang had read about such a monster in the Union Government’s archives.

The monster was a dark purple giant centipede. With its two pitch-black wings, it was thousands of meters long.

Its favorite food was dragonkin’s babies and sky dragons with dragonkin’s bloodline. Moreover, such a monster was deadly. It could poison almost all the monsters on the same combat strength.

Lin Huang also sensed that the monster was only on Virtual G.o.d rank-2, which was the same with b.l.o.o.d.y and the rest.

While he was going to summon Lancelot to fight it, he never expected Thunder to attack the monster that occupied the swamp as soon as it noticed the monster. It did not even wait for Lin Huang’s order.

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