Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1204 – Body Severed By Tide Of Boa

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Chapter 1204: Body Severed By Tide of Boa
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the air, the black and red tentacles turned into various weapons and collided. Each collision was comparable with a Virtual G.o.d rank-4 powerhouse’s full-force attack.

The collisions of the black and red Divine Power created deafening explosions consecutively. Thunder roared continuously as if there was a furious storm.

The impact coming from the collisions of two types of Divine Power alone spread thousands of kilometers away. Almost everything turned into dust wherever the impact pa.s.sed by. The ground collapsed, and rivers and lakes dried up. Even the clouds in the sky were chased away. Almost all the holy fire-level to imperial-level monsters died.

A vacuum was formed as a result of the strong collisions. Circles of waves formed in the sky and spread tens of thousands of kilometers away.

The trees in the ruins were broken by strong winds. Many other plants were even uprooted. Dark clouds filled the sky and the ground cracked. It looked like doomsday had come.

The level of battle even surpa.s.sed Lin Huang’s personal abilities.

Lin Huang, who was situated in the middle of the battlefield, had to carry a Mirror (the elevated Dark Mirror since Lancelot had elevated to mythical-level) to block the impact of the Divine Power.

He involved himself in the battle quietly. However, he realized that he would only be beaten no matter what. Putting the rest aside, he would be completely crushed in terms of speed alone.

He could only catch the shadows of the duo’s attacks. Unfortunately, his body could not react in time at all.

The duo’s intense attacks lasted for over ten minutes. Apart from Lin Huang, b.l.o.o.d.y, and Thunder who were still alive, everything around was pulverized into dust.

The main reason why they could watch the battle in such a relaxed manner without being affected was the powerful defense coming from the Mirror.

In the middle of the battlefield, although the Rotten Heart had been suppressed, it persisted with its stubborn defense and had yet to lose.

Bai frowned slightly upon seeing that it could not defeat it.

He had consolidated up to 1,000 tentacles from the Almighty Vampire Particles. However, the black threads were crawling out of the opponent’s body too. They were no fewer than his.

Although the opponent’s black threads were much weaker than his Almighty Vampire Particles whereby they would be broken again and again, they recovered continuously.

Lin Huang realized Bai’s problem as he watched the battle.

Perhaps because it was its first battle ever since he elevated to pseudo-supreme G.o.d-level, Bai was eager to prove its improvement by winning the battle. However, it encountered a cunning opponent this time. It seemed to have noticed Bai’s eagerness and slowed the battle rhythm down on purpose. As a result, the battle stagnated.

Just when Lin Huang was going to remind him, b.l.o.o.d.y spoke through voice transmission before he could say anything, “Bai, don’t let it drag the battle rhythm out. Your overall ability is much more powerful than its own, but it’s limited. It’s very hard to oppress it entirely. All you’ll have to do is to kill it in this battle. Don’t try to win it perfectly. The more distracting thoughts you have, the more disadvantages there are for you in this battle. Don’t think about anything else now. Just think of how to kill it in the fastest way.”

Bai was stunned when it heard what b.l.o.o.d.y said. It then noticed its problem subsequently. It shook its thoughts off immediately and stopped thinking of ways to defeat it perfectly.

Its attack soon became precise after that. It stopped colliding with the opponent’s black threads. Instead, each attack went after the opponent’s body.

The Rotten Heart began showing its weakness and become clumsy as soon as Bai changed its battle rhythm.

Lin Huang peeked at b.l.o.o.d.y next to him after seeing Bai’s changes.

Although he did not hear what b.l.o.o.d.y said to Bai, he figured that she must have pointed something out for it.

There were more and more wounds on the Rotten Heart’s body.

However, a black liquid would flow out whenever there was a wound on its body. The wound would then recover right away.

Bai had no concern with that. It knew that such a technique of its opponent would be draining.

Some ten minutes later, the healing on the Rotten Heart’s wounds began to slow down. Even the black tentacles were weaker than before.

Bai sped up his attack frequency after noticing that.

The wounds on the Rotten Heart’s body that was already clumsy increased all of a sudden. Its body was pumping rapidly. Although it had strengthened the black tentacles’ defense, the draining of Divine Power was clearly more now.

Bai was calm because it had completely mastered the battle rhythm.

Realizing that it was now on the losing end, the Rotten Heart’s pumping began to speed up. It was beating faster each second than before.

The rotten parts in the black heart began cracking.

At the same time that the black juice was spilling, there would be thick rotten tentacles coming out of it. The hundred rotten tentacles were completely different from the appearance of the black fluid earlier. They were more like the real stuff made of flesh and blood.

As the rotten tentacles grew, there was an intense noxious stench lingering in the air. Lin Huang felt dizzy after merely inhaling a little bit of the air. He shut his breathing system immediately and shouted at the rest at the same time, “Stop breathing. Its tentacles are toxic!”

A black silhouette came as soon as Lin Huang spoke. Thunder was the first to react. It flapped its wings slightly and dodged the black silhouette.

Lin Huang had just realized that the black silhouette that came earlier was a rotten tentacle coming from the Rotten Heart. It was attacking Lin Huang and Thunder.

Bai was enraged to see the Rotten Heart attacking.

“You’re seeking death!” Two red glows shot out of Bai’s eyes whilst endless b.l.o.o.d.y mist curled out of his body. They turned into ferocious b.l.o.o.d.y boas one after another. Tens of thousands of gigantic b.l.o.o.d.y boas were going after the Rotten Heart like a tide.

The Rotten Heart did not yield. Up to a hundred black rotten tentacles charged at the tide of the boa.

The b.l.o.o.d.y boas tore the rotten tentacles one after another. However, the b.l.o.o.d.y boas would be dyed black as soon as they touched the black liquid that shot out of the tentacles.

Lin Huang was frowning a little as he watched the whole scenario.

“Can the toxic even infect pure energy?!”

Five to six minutes later, the b.l.o.o.d.y boas tore up to a hundred rotten tentacles into pieces. However, almost half of the 10,000 boas were infected by the black toxin.

Nevertheless, Bai did not plan to stop fighting at all. It proceeded to control the giant boas to attack the Rotten Heart. They were tearing it apart.

In the beginning, the Rotten Heart would strive to recover itself. It even attempted to defend by extending its black tentacles. However, the b.l.o.o.d.y boas would bite them off each time it extended its tentacles.

After attempting it for some 20 times, it finally realized that there was no way for it to turn the tables around at all.

The Divine Power in its body had been drained, so its flesh could no longer recover. It could only watch its body being torn apart by the giant boas surrounding it, eating it alive.

In reality, it did not last long since its Divine Power was drained. Approximately five to six seconds later, it was devoured by the b.l.o.o.d.y boas one after another. A black G.o.dhead hovering in the air was the only thing left behind.

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