Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1205 – The Galactic Hive’s First Show

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Chapter 1205: The Galactic Hive’s First Show

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Bai fled the battle in the air. The b.l.o.o.d.y patterns on his black robe seemed to be dormant again. Not only had they stopped flowing, but even the color was also dimmer. The lavlike color was now bright red as if it was painted on a picture.

The b.l.o.o.d.y crystal on his forehead penetrated his body automatically. His pupils that were b.l.o.o.d.y red became black and bright again.

Just when Bai was ready to recall the mist that was almost black, Lin Huang called out to him, “These participles have been infected. Will it be okay if you recall them?”

“Don’t worry. I got them infected on purpose.” Bai nodded and explained calmly, “In reality, this Rotten Heart has the same nature as my ability, which is the Blood Bond. However, his Blood Bond is special whereby it’s a cursed virus. It’s very suitable for battle. I got my Almighty Vampire Particles infected on purpose to engulf its cursed virus to obtain a new Blood Bond technique.”

“Are you sure about this?” Lin Huang was still worried. It was not that he had no trust in Bai’s ability, but the black rotten tentacles seemed like bad news no matter what. It might pose a problem if Bai were reckless.

“Let me show you.” Bai knew the reason why Lin Huang was worried. Instead of explaining it with words, he demonstrated it directly.

He created a cloud the size of a fist from the black mist and another cloud the size of a thumb from the red mist. He placed both of them in a transparent, sealed energy bubble.

In the bubble, the red mist attacked the black mist as soon as they touched. It engulfed the black mist mercilessly. The same unit of red mist was produced whenever each inch of the black mist was engulfed.

The black mist attempted to extend its tentacles to infect the red mist a few times but its attempt was to no avail. The red mist would consume and convert the black mist each time it extended its tentacles.

Within ten seconds, the black mist was completely destroyed. The Almighty Vampire Particles were the only thing left in the entire sealed bubble.

“I didn’t do anything throughout the entire process. I allowed them to do that,” Bai said while smiling at Lin Huang after popping the bubble with its finger. “My Almighty Vampire Particles usually won’t be affected by such a virus because my Blood Bond grade is higher than the Rotten Heart. Its virus is just food to my Almighty Vampire Particles. The reason why they were infected was that I removed the defense on purpose, allowing the virus to go in. The goal is to a.n.a.lyze and simulate how the virus works.”

“Alright then.” Lin Huang was relieved to see Bai’s demonstration.

“Can I have the G.o.dhead?’ Bai turned his head to look at the black G.o.dhead hovering mid-air nearby after explaining.

“You can have it if you want,” Lin Huang offered. He did not ask Bai why would he want the G.o.dhead. He knew that Bai had its reasons.

“This G.o.dhead has signed a Blood Bond. I can use it as a medium to master the Rotten Heart’s Blood Bond ability better. I can refine this G.o.dhead directly when I elevate to Virtual G.o.d rank-4 and obtain the Rotten Heart’s complete inheritance.” Bai provided a detailed explanation anyway.

“You can have it if it’s helpful to elevate your abilities. There’s no need to explain in such detail,” Lin Huang responded with a smile. “Put it away now. We need to move on.”

Bai only put the G.o.dhead away in its body after getting Lin Huang’s permission.

The three of them hopped onto Thunder’s back. Thunder flapped its wings and flew towards their next target.

b.l.o.o.d.y cast parasites on six of the remaining ten virtual G.o.d-level monsters. Grimace and the rest practiced on the other three Virtual G.o.d rank-3 monsters. Meanwhile, Bai fought the Virtual G.o.d rank-4 monster.

The battle this time was much easier than killing the Rotten Heart before.

The Virtual G.o.d rank-4 monster that Bai fought was a Dead Spirit Dominator that was an expert in close-range combat.

Bai used the Rotten Heart’s ability that he had just signed the Blood Bond with directly. His b.l.o.o.d.y tentacles turned black with the curse and toxin. The battle had just started for less than ten seconds, but a simple contact slashed the Dead Spirit Dominator’s abilities by more than half.

Subsequently, the battle turned around as if Bai was beating a child. He spent less than two minutes settling this battle. However, Bai did not ask for the Virtual G.o.d rank-4 G.o.dhead this time. Instead, it gave it to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang spent almost two hours decimating all the 23 virtual G.o.d-level monsters.

He checked the time. It was only past 11 in the morning. He was bored, so he had lunch early. Bai, b.l.o.o.d.y, and Thunder took their favorite snacks out as their lunch.

It was noon after lunch, and Lin Huang was done chatting with his few pets.

The ruins would only reset the monsters after midnight. In other words, they would have to wait for another 12 hours. Lin Huang was bored just thinking of it.

Although it was noon at the moment, it seemed like the sky was turning dark.

Lin Huang lifted his head to gaze at the sky. The moon aside, there was not even a single star. He was getting really bored. He thought of something as he was dull to his very core.

“The Queens need many as material to give birth to Bug Tribe fighters. There are so many monsters in this ruin. Isn’t this the best source of Bug Tribe material?!”

A daring idea came into Lin Huang’s head as he thought about this point.

Almost in the next second, a ma.s.sive galactic hive the size of a moon landed in the ruin.

This hive was oval like a football. It hovered some ten meters above the ground.

It was Lin Huang’s first time summoning the galactic hive since he obtained it.

Even he was amazed when he saw the true form of the hive in reality.

b.l.o.o.d.y, Bai, and Thunder were completely dumbstruck as they stood frozen where they were.

“Is this the legendary galactic hive?!” b.l.o.o.d.y could not help but mumble. She had read about such a thing in the ancient doc.u.ments more than once. However, it was her first time seeing the real thing. She was well and truly shocked.

Meanwhile, Bai and Thunder were speechless.

The bugs in the galactic hive used the hive as a medium. They did not occupy Lin Huang’s summoning authority at all. He could summon a few hundred million or even a billion of them.

Lin Huang contacted the four Bug Tribe Queen Mothers and issued his order, “Clear the entire ruins!”

The four Queen Mothers that got his order cascaded the order to the bugs under them through the hive immediately. A stream of bugs rushed out like a tide when they received the Queen Mothers’ orders.

They flew in all directions under the Multi-eyed Worms, the Superbrain Worms, the Golden Bugs, and the thousands of Bug Servants’ command.

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