Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1208 – Shadow Killer’s Visit

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Chapter 1208: Shadow Killer’s Visit

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It was almost 3.30 a.m. when Lin Huang returned from the Hunting Garden to Emperor City.

The first thing he did was sort out the loot as soon as he returned to the Emperor Palace.

They killed almost seven billion monsters from the two grade-6 ruins throughout the few days, namely the Demon Swamp and the Hunting Garden.

Among the monsters killed, there were 58 virtual G.o.d-level monsters. Lin Huang had also obtained a total of 17 Virtual G.o.d rank-3 to rank-4 G.o.dheads.

Apart from the bunch of G.o.dheads, Lin Huang also obtained almost 20,000 complete Monster Cards throughout the two days. Most of the Monster Cards were legendary-level. Only three of them were pseudo-mythical-level.

There was also a pile of card pieces. He did not integrate them. Instead, he stored them in the card piece mall as back-up.

The G.o.dheads and cards aside, in reality, the biggest reward he obtained was the seven billion monster The were breeding material for the Bug Tribe Queen Mothers.

According to b.l.o.o.d.y’s calculation, the four Queen Mothers should be able to breed 200 million imperial-level purple gold-rank Bug Tribe fighters with the seven billion monster

Initially, there were only over 30 million Bug Tribe fighters in the galactic hive. Throughout the round of breeding, the number of bugs would be increased by a few more times.

Apart from that, b.l.o.o.d.y also obtained 40 Virtual G.o.d rank-1 and rank-2 Parasitic Puppets. She experienced a boost in her abilities.

One could say that this round of kills gave Lin Huang’s overall abilities a substantial boost.

After sorting out the loot, he tossed the 17 G.o.dheads that he had just obtained into his body and began to practice his sword skills.

Lin Huang’s Emperor’s Heart Ring began vibrating all of a sudden when it was almost 11 in the morning.

In the midst of practicing his sword skills, he picked up the video call immediately upon seeing that it was Huang Tianfu calling.

“What’s up?”

“Misery sent us a message. They’ve come to an agreement with the Union Government. But the Union Government got Misery to join anonymously because of their reputation. Moreover, to avoid future inconveniences, Misery will sign an agreement with Dynasty instead. If they do that, when Misery is exposed of being in the circle, the Union Government can pretend that they know nothing and push the responsibility onto us.” Huang Tianfu knew the Union Government’s plan very well.

“Isn’t that what we want?” Lin Huang grinned when he heard that.

“But are the people from Misery reliable?” Huang Tianfu asked, feeling concerned.

Lin Huang fell into silence for a moment and thought about it carefully. In reality, it was unnecessary for him to hide the truth from Huang Tianfu any longer. “Misery is already an affiliate organization under me.”

“Do you mean they’re under Royal now?” Huang Tianfu did not expect that. He was clearly stunned when he heard what Lin Huang said.

“Yes, I’ve registered them under Royal,” Lin Huang acknowledged.

“I get it now. Dynasty will give our all no matter what Misery needs in the future,” Huang Tianfu soon accepted the truth.

“Dynasty is Dynasty, and Misery is Misery. Both organizations will develop individually. You don’t have to worry about the development on Misery’s side as they won’t interfere with us either,” Lin Huang added, “There’s no need for you to treat Misery as compet.i.tion. Dynasty’s compet.i.tion will forever be Dynasty.”

“Your humble one understands,” Huang Tianfu replied without any change in his expression.

“Anything else?”

“Shadow Killer set an appointment two days ago. They’ll visit tomorrow at 9 a.m.”

“I’m around tomorrow,” Lin Huang confirmed.

“Also, the remaining demiG.o.ds have elevated to virtual G.o.d-level successfully throughout the past two days with Mr. Fu’s help,” Huang Tianfu added, “I’m thinking of announcing about the demiG.o.ds elevating to Virtual G.o.ds after we’ve come up with an agreement with Shadow Killer.”

“Sounds great. We’ll do as you say.” Lin Huang did not raise any objections.

After hanging up on Huang Tianfu’s call, Lin Huang recalled that Shadow Killer’s grade-6 ruin was the only one left that he had yet to visit.

“It’s time to leave the gravel world after signing an agreement with Shadow Killer in these few days. Let’s visit the last grade-6 ruin.”

It was in the middle of the night. Lin Huang practiced his sword skills until approximately midnight. Figuring that he was meeting Shadow Killer the next day, he quickly washed up and went to bed.

The next morning, he entered Dynasty’s office after breakfast.

Although Shadow Killer was a giant, they had always been low-profiled no matter what they did. They did not announce their visit to Dynasty this time. Otherwise, the Internet would have been stirred early in the morning, and Dynasty would have definitely trended again.

In reality, within Dynasty, only the three Grand Dukes and a few Dukes knew about this. The rest of the members had no idea about the visit.

When it was around 8.50 a.m., the people from Shadow Killer arrived.

Everyone gaped at the group of 11 people as soon as they walked into Dynasty’s office.

Lin Huang welcomed them at the entrance with Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan. They brought the people from Shadow Killer to the meeting room on the highest floor.

The people in the office discussed excitedly among themselves after they left. They were guessing who those people in the black robes were. They seemed to be so honorable that the Emperor had welcomed them himself.

In reality, Shadow Killer’s leader was not the demiG.o.d Ying s.h.i.+san who the outsiders knew about. Instead, it was Yue Shen who led the team to Dynasty this time. His combat strength was on Virtual G.o.d rank-3.

Among the ten people behind him, there was one Virtual G.o.d rank-3 and another Virtual G.o.d rank-4 while the rest were demiG.o.ds.

The one with the highest combat strength on Virtual G.o.d rank-4 was a lady. She wore a black veil on her face and even blocked her Divine Telekinesis function.

Lin Huang merely stole a glance and figured that Shadow Killer must have found a way to elevate demiG.o.ds straight to virtual G.o.d-level because a Virtual G.o.d rank-3 G.o.dhead was the most a person’s body could bear.

After entering the meeting room, Yue Shen from Shadow Killer went straight into the subject after they chatted for a while and introduced themselves.

“What we want from working with Dynasty is very simple. We want the same privileges as the Union Government and the Hunter a.s.sociation.”

The first response Lin Huang had was, ‘Has our intel been exposed?’ when he heard that. However, he soon realized that was not the case.

“No offence, but do you know what’s the collaboration we have with the two union organizations?” Huang Tianfu could not help but ask.

“We’ve no idea what exactly it is, but the condition must be too hard to resist for you guys to be work with the Union Government,” Yue Shen said while smiling.

“So, how are sure that what the Union Government wants is also what you guys want?” Lin Huang asked.

“We’re not sure. That’s why we’re visiting to ask what exactly that is. If that’s what we, Shadow Killer, want as well, we’ll proceed with the discussion. If not, there’s no need to go any further,” Yue Shen said like everything made sense.

Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan looked at Lin Huang. They seemed to be asking for Lin Huang’s permission to tell the truth.

Lin Huang nodded lightly. “There’s no harm to tell you guys. What we offered the Union Government is access to Royal’s trial zones.”

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