Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1210 – Fatty’s Troubles

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Chapter 1210: Fatty’s Troubles

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Lin Huang looked at the time after chatting with b.l.o.o.d.y for a while. It was almost two in the afternoon.

He spread his Divine Telekinesis range out and realized that the three Grand Dukes were there. Furthermore, most of the Dukes who were at the agreement-signing ceremony with Shadow Killer were there too.

He left the Emperor’s Palace in a flash and appeared in Huang Tianfu’s office.

Huang Tianfu was chatting with Huang Wunan and Huang Tufu. They were surprised to see Lin Huang’s sudden appearance.

The trio greeted Lin Huang as soon as they saw him, “Master Emperor!”

“Tufu, you’re still here. Is the headquarters busy today?”

“We announced the news about demiG.o.ds elevating to Virtual G.o.ds this morning and created a stir on the Internet. The Union Government, the Hunter a.s.sociation, the Mystic b.u.t.terfly, and Shadow Killer called to ask if the news is real,” Huang Tianfu explained with a candid smile.

“No wonder everyone is here…” Lin Huang recalled that Huang Tianfu had asked for his opinion on whether to announce the news after signing the agreement with Shadow Killer. “I almost forgot about that.”

“Go ahead with this. Tianfu, help me gather everyone for a meeting tomorrow morning. It’s best that everyone can attend. There’s something that I want to announce.”

“I’ll inform them later,” Huang Tianfu agreed directly without asking what the matter was.

Huang Tufu was more straightforward, so he asked directly, “What’s the matter, Master Emperor?”

Lin Huang, who was turning around to leave, stopped. He turned his head and looked at Huang Tufu. “All of you will find out tomorrow.”

Lin Huang did not interrupt them seeing Huang Tianfu and the rest were busy.

He called Zhi Ji from Misery when he returned to the Emperor’s Palace. He got him to arrange the meeting that would take place the day after tomorrow.

Zhi Ji did not ask about that any further.

After hanging up the call with Zhi Ji, Lin Huang thought about it and called Yin Hangyi.

The call was picked up after ringing less than twice. Fatty’s round face occupied the entire screen.

“Can you not stick your face so close to the screen every time?” Lin Huang grumbled.

Fatty moved his face a little further away from the screen and argued, “It’s not like you’ve no idea that I have short arms. It’s more troublesome to put my face a distance away.”

“You’re complaining about moving your hands, but how come you never complain when you’re eating?”

“Of course, it’s different when I eat. Eating can replenish my energy!” Fatty always had odd theories of his own.

“Replenish your energy? It’s no wonder you’re so fat!”

Lin Huang finally got down to business after messing around with Fatty. “How’s home?”

Fatty hesitated for a moment after hearing that. He then nodded and said, “Not bad. Same old, same old.”

However, his hesitation was undoubtedly like slow motion to Lin Huang who saw through it crystal clear.

“What happened? Stop messing around with me,” Lin Huang probed further.

Fatty only told the truth after realizing that he could not hide it from Lin Huang.

“Nothing much. It’s just that the people in town heard about me coming back alive and said that my family is bad luck. It’s just conflict among neighbors. There’s nothing to worry about.”

In reality, Lin Huang expected such a thing to happen. The reason being, Fatty looked exactly the same as he was two years ago. People who knew him from the past could definitely discern it. Especially because he lived in such a small place like Nanmu Town, everyone had seen each other and they all basically knew one another. They recognized each other’s faces even if they did not know each other. Moreover, the entire town would find out about something as soon as it happened no matter how minor it was. There was no way of hiding anything in that town.

Lin Huang advised Fatty to move in order to prevent trouble like that. Fatty was just concerned about his old lady who had been living in the town for over a decade. He was afraid that the old lady was unwilling to move because she had gotten used to her life.

“So, how’s business?” Lin Huang asked again when he realized Fatty was reluctant to talk more about his family.

“Business has been affected slightly.” Fatty shook his head, feeling helpless. “There’s a high-end restaurant close to the main outlet in Baqi City. They’ve been competing with us. The people in town found out about that and sold the news about me coming back alive to them. They hired people to make up rumors when they dined at our restaurant. They said that a dead person made the food and that people would have bad luck after eating it. Apart from that, they said the reason why our food is so delicious is that we use human meat… Many people in Baqi City heard the stories they made up, and some of the regulars did not dare to dine in our restaurant any longer.”

“People are clearly making things up. Can’t you get the Union Government to handle this?” Lin Huang frowned slightly.

“I did, but it didn’t work. They said it was the customers who said that. There’s nothing that they can do since it came from the lips of the customers. The Union Government ran their checks for a while and found those people who made up the rumor. Those people said that someone else told them that. They didn’t want to tell who told them that, so that was the end of it,” Fatty updated.

“I’m just complaining and venting to you, so don’t worry about it. You’re the Emperor. Take care of your own stuff. This is just something insignificant. You don’t have to worry about this.” Fatty was unwilling to get Lin Huang involved in this.

“Oh yeah, is there anything that you want to tell me?” Fatty changed the subject upon noticing Lin Huang fall into silence.

“I’ll have a gathering on the 18th. I invited some old friends over, and Yi Yeyu will be there too. Come join us. Treat it as a getaway to clear your mind.” Lin Huang invited Fatty with a smile.

“The witch examiner will be there too?” Fatty widened his eyes and revealed a lecherous smile. “Are both of you…?”

“You should use your brain capacity to figure how to be a better Food Hunter instead,” Lin Huang interrupted Fatty instantly, “On the morning of the 18th, I’ll get someone to pick you up.”

“Oh yeah, get the old lady and the rest to come too. Just treat it as a vacation. I’ll arrange the food and accommodation. I can send someone to be your tour guide if there’s somewhere you’d like to go,” Lin Huang added.

“That’s too much to ask for.”

“Don’t worry. Emperor City is my territory. Of course, I have to give you guys the best,” Lin Huang a.s.sured, “Tell the old lady that if she doesn’t want to come, I’ll knock on her door myself.”

“Sure, I’ll treat it as a holiday then,” Fatty agreed.with a grin.

After hanging up on the call with Yin Hangyi, Lin Huang called Yi Yeyu, Yi Zheng, Leng Yuexin, Li Lang, Chan Dou, and his senior brother, Liu Ming to invite them to the gathering.

They agreed to come without hesitation.

These friends were close to Lin Huang. Furthermore, some of them had helped him throughout his journey of growth.

Apart from bidding them farewell, Lin Huang actually got each of them a gift.

Lin Huang opened his contact page after calling his friends one after another. He called Jiang Shan from the Union Government when he found his number on the contact page.

He spoke expressionlessly when the call was picked up, “Chief Jiang, I need a favor. I have a friend in Division 7’s Baqi City who’s encountered some trouble.”

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