Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1212 – Brother, You Must Come Back!

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Chapter 1212: Brother, You Must Come Back!

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It was a sunny day on the 18th of March.

The temperature in Emperor City was getting warmer since it was the break of spring. People no longer wore their thick coats and cotton-padded jackets. They regained their spirits like before.

The sun had just risen in the morning. It was sunny, and there were no clouds in the blue, blue sky.

A faint glow came from basking in the sun.

Lin Huang dragged his old friends to the fat aunty’s dumpling stall early in the morning.

In reality, at Dynasty, there would be professional Food Hunters taking turns to make breakfast every day. The delicious dumplings at the fat aunty’s stall were not the main reason why Lin Huang frequented it. Taste-wise, Food Hunters could definitely make better ones. Lin Huang loved going there for breakfast because there was warmth and kins.h.i.+p there. In reality, such warmth was what most ordinary people in this gravel world experienced every day. It was such warmth that made Lin Huang realize that he was only human after all.

They combined two tables at the dumpling stall and took their seats around it.

The fat uncle served the dumplings while chuckling. “They’re freshly made. Eat them while they’re hot!”

Fatty Yin Hangyi was the first to pick the chopsticks up. He could not stop complimenting how tasty they were after taking a bite.

The rest began eating one after another.

“They have some really sick skills!” Fatty gushed after finis.h.i.+ng a serving of dumplings. “The dumpling skin and filling are close to perfection, and the control of heat was great too.”

“Master also said that their dumplings are the most perfect ones that ordinary people can make. Many Food Hunters might not even be able to make better ones with the same ingredients,” Lin Huang reiterated what Mr. Fu said while smiling.

After breakfast, Lin Huang became a tour guide and brought them to visit a few tourist attractions in Emperor City. They had a lot of fun going around.

Lin Huang only had countable occasions of such relaxed times throughout the four years since he traveled to this world.

They toured around until dinner time. Lin Huang then brought them to Dynasty’s headquarters.

He invited all of his friends to the Emperor’s Palace. Naturally, apart from Yi Yeyu and the rest, Lin Xin, Mr. Fu, and Xiao Mo were there too.

They all gathered at the big dining table. Lin Huang sat at the main seat with Mr. Fu on his left and Lin Xin on his right.

To talk at ease, Mr. Fu set up a voice s.h.i.+eld to shroud the dining table to avoid their voices from being heard.

The chefs were working happily in the Emperor’s Palace kitchen. It was their first time entering the Emperor’s Palace. Before the dishes were served, the bartender began preparing the drinks that each of them ordered.

Lin Huang picked up the gla.s.s before him after everyone had been served their drinks.

“Everyone, it’s been almost three to four years since I met you all. Some of you fought monster hordes with me, some of you killed monsters in ruins with me, some of you grew with me along the way, some of you gave me help and love, and some of you went through life and death with me. I’m lucky to have friends like all of you. It’s destiny.”

“Lin Huang, you’re making me bashful by saying that,” Fatty scratched his head and said rather shamelessly.

“To me, it’s my honor to have seen you grow,” Yi Zheng said in all seriousness.

“I knew that you’d succeed back then, but never had I thought your growth would be so tremendous. You’ve only spent less than four years getting to where you are now.” Yi Yeyu was emotional thinking about how Lin Huang had been only a rookie under her when they met.

“You’ve saved my life twice,” Leng Yuexin said while smiling faintly, “I’m the lucky one, no matter what.”

“I owe you my life too.” Xiao Mo pumped his chest.

Chan Dou reminisced with a smile. “You told me that I took care of you before, but I don’t remember that. All that I know is that you took care of me when I lost my memory.”

Li Lang, who was dressed in a white suit as if he was getting married, raised his gla.s.s high. “We’ve fought together more than once, and we’ve risked our lives for each other. Let’s not get emotional and drink up!”

Liu Ming spoke to Mr. Fu through voice transmission while looking around the crowded table, “They’re all great kids.”

Mr. Fu nodded and smiled. He picked his gla.s.s up and downed it.

Besides Lin Huang and the rest, even Lin Xin, who had never touched alcohol, picked up her fruit c.o.c.ktail and drained it.

“This is actually a farewell.” Lin Huang only spoke slowly after drinking, “I’ll leave the gravel world in two days. I’m going to the great world to find a solution to solve the gravel world’s disaster.”

Apart from Mr. Fu, everyone was stunned.

“Are you going into the virtual zone?” Liu Ming was the first to respond. He subsequently turned his head to peek at Mr. Fu. He seemed to be confused about why Mr. Fu would allow Lin Huang to go on a suicide mission.

“Must you go into the virtual zone?” Yi Zheng frowned and asked.

Lin Huang nodded lightly. “At the moment, the virtual zone is the only way known to get to the great world.”

“I heard that none of the people who entered the virtual zone came back alive.” Yi Yeyu was concerned too.

“In reality, not everyone who entered the virtual zone is dead. From what I know, only two survived,” Lin Huang explained, “One is a Master G.o.d from G.o.d Bless. He came from this gravel world and went to the great world through the virtual zone. Another one would be the demiG.o.d, Qi Muxiong. I found out from his inherited memory that he’s been to the virtual zone too.”

“I personally speculate that the reason why n.o.body survived the virtual zone isn’t that all who entered it is dead. It’s most likely that the virtual zone is a one-way street. There’s no turning back as soon as one enters.”

“If that’s the case, even if you manage to survive the virtual zone and enter the great world, when exactly will you be back?” Leng Yuexin asked.

“At the moment, I’m thinking of finding another way to get back. That’s the second thing that I need to do when I get to the great world apart from finding the source of the disaster. I must come back before the disaster arrives!”

“I personally think that you should stay and spend one to two years developing the alliance between Dynasty and the Union Government, Junior Brother. We might be able to survive the disaster then,” Liu Ming offered his personal opinion.

“I’ve considered what you said too, but that’s not going to eradicate the issue. The civilization of our gravel world has been destroyed over and over again because the disaster comes over and over again. To eradicate the problem, finding the source in the great world will be the only way. Our world will only be safe if we’ve found the source of the problem.” Lin Huang thought further.

“Can’t Grandpa Fu seal the crack in the Abyss Brink again?” Lin Xin could not help but ask softly.

“Silly girl, it’s not as simple as you think.” Mr. Fu shook his head while forcing a smile to soften the blow of the truth.

“In reality, the seal at the crack isn’t to seal the crack. I can’t even seal that crack with my current combat strength. We told the people that the seal works just to give them relief. The true function of the seal is just to prevent some weak monsters from entering our world through the crack. The thing that’s really blocking armies from invading is the will of this gravel world. When the will of the world can’t stop the crack from expanding, the True G.o.ds from outside will enter from the crack. The seal won’t be able to stop them.”

In reality, Lin Huang learned about the truth about the crack from Wu Mo. Mr. Fu aside, even a seal combining some True G.o.ds from the ancient era could not do anything to the crack.

“I’m going to the great world this time to find out why the crack appeared. As soon as I find the reason the crack has appeared, then I can find a solution to prevent it from cracking again.”

“But there are just too many uncertainties. We’re not sure if the virtual zone can really bring one to the great world. Even if you make it to the great world, returning is a problem. Also, we don’t know whether you can find the reason why the crack formed and whether it can be stopped from cracking again.” Liu Ming raised more doubts.

“These unknown matters will remain unknown forever if n.o.body finds out.” Everyone fell into silence for a long time as soon as Lin Huang said that.

Someone must take the first step to find out more about the uncertainties. Even if Lin Huang did not do that, someone would in the future.

“In reality, there’s another reason for me to go to the great world,” Lin Huang added, “My cultivation method is rather unique, so it’s difficult for me to elevate my combat strength if I stay in the gravel world. If I stay, I might not be able to elevate a rank within a year. However, I might be able to elevate to virtual G.o.d-level in the great world within a year.”

At the moment, Mr. Fu finally spoke to mediate the situation, “A man should have ambitions. I agree that Lin Huang should venture into the great world. This gravel world is too small for him. Just like that saying, ‘shallow water can’t feed a dragon’. I think the great world is Lin Huang’s stage, and I believe that he’ll succeed in the great world!”

“I think so too,” Lin Huang said shamelessly while smirking, “Alright, let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about something else.”

The heavy atmosphere was lifted much more after the master and disciple said that.

Although the atmosphere was nothing compared to the beginning, it was much better than before. They continued to chat.

It was almost 8.30 p.m. when dinner ended. The chefs and bartenders had left the Emperor’s Palace over half an hour ago.

Seeing that almost all the dishes were finished on the table, Lin Huang stood up while raising his gla.s.s. “This is the last toast. There’s a gift for everyone after we drink.”

Everyone stood up with their raised, and they finished their drinks.

The dinner finally came to an end officially.

“Alright, it’s time for presents.” Lin Huang walked to Yi Zheng and pointed a finger to his forehead.

Almost at the same time, he contacted Xiao Hei. “Use a Flawless Card. The target is Yi Zheng.”

As a Flawless Card penetrated Yi Zheng’s body with a golden glow, he sensed the changes in his body immediately. He quickly sat with his legs crossed.

The rest looked at Yi Zheng in confusion. They did not see the golden glow from the Flawless Card. All they saw was Lin Huang pointing at Yi Zheng’s forehead.

Subsequently, Lin Huang walked to Yi Yeyu and pointed a finger on her forehead. He used the second Flawless Card.

Later on, Lin Huang used a Flawless Card on Leng Yuexin, Li Lang, Liu Ming, Chan Dou, Xiao Mo, Yin Hangyi, and Lin Xin respectively.

In the Emperor’s Palace, apart from Lin Huang and Mr. Fu, the rest sat with their legs crossed while sensing the changes in their bodies.

Chan Dou and the rest woke up one after another around midnight. They gaped at Lin Huang in surprise.

“Lin Huang, what did you do? I sense that my talent and qualification have gone through a ma.s.sive boost!” Yi Yeyu asked while widening her eyes.

“Nothing much. It’s just a trick, but I can only do it once.” Naturally, Lin Huang was unwilling to explain further.

“All of you are on immortal-level, so you can cultivate ancient methods instead,” Lin Huang said to Yi Yeyu and the rest, “Master will examine which cultivation direction you guys are more suited for throughout the next two days and teach you guys the methods ]then.”

Lin Huang had spoken to Mr. Fu a few days before. He had also shared the methods he obtained and those that b.l.o.o.d.y created with Mr. Fu.

“Xiao Mo, although your body has been modified by the Crow G.o.d whereby it’s close to perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level while your combat strength is on imperial-level purple gold-rank, there’s no Life Palace in your body. Just continue to cultivate the set of methods that I gave you earlier.

“As for Boss Chan, you seemed to have elevated to imperial-level by cultivating the ancient methods that I gave you earlier. I think you might have lost consciousness when you were taken by G.o.d Bless while your subconscious mind cultivated the methods on its own. With your firm base, you’ve managed to build your foundation naturally and elevated to imperial-level. Just continue to cultivate the methods. You don’t have to cultivate other ancient methods,” Lin Huang said and looked at Liu Ming.

“Senior Brother, you’ve elevated to imperial-level and consolidated your Life Palace. You only have two choices if you’d like to elevate to virtual G.o.d-level. You either break your Life Palace and rebuild a new foundation or you get Master to help you to break through to virtual G.o.d-level when you get to demiG.o.d-level. Both ways are similar whereby breaking and consolidating G.o.dheads is required. It’s your choice.”

“How about me? I feel that my qualifications have been boosted too,” Fatty asked immediately after seeing that Lin Huang had a plan for everyone.

“It depends on where you want to go.” Lin Huang turned around and looked at Yin Hangyi. “If you’d like to cultivate, you can learn from Master. If you’d like to become a Food Hunter, you can establish a restaurant in Emperor City.

“No matter what you choose, I personally suggest that you stay in Emperor City with the old lady. Bring your aunty and the rest. As for the restaurants, sell them. Baqi City is just a grade-C foothold after all. It’s nothing compared to Emperor City. Keep your house, so you can stay there when you visit the city again. Settle the rest of the properties.”

Fatty was encouraged when he heard the advice but he hesitated. “Give me some time to think about it.”

In reality, Lin Huang knew that Fatty was uncertain because he was concerned about his grandmother.

However, he knew the old lady’s character well enough. She definitely would not do anything that would slow Fatty down. She might even ask him to stay in Emperor City.

After he was done planning for his friends, Lin Huang walked to Lin Xin. “Silly girl, learn from Master properly. Read more, play less.”

“Mm-hmm.” Tears were flowing from her eyes. “Brother, you must come back!”

“I definitely will within a year!” Lin Huang patted Lin Xin’s head with a grin. “I can’t leave such a cute sister like you behind.”

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