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Chapter 1234: Molten Lotus

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Eternity Fire called the biggest Divine Power volcano in the ruin the No. 1 Volcano.

The volcano was over 9,800 meters tall. The bottom stretched 180 kilometers horizontally and spanned 120 kilometers vertically. The entire volcano had over ten craters, but the biggest one was as wide as 40 kilometers.

Thunder flew above the volcano in circles. Even though Lin Huang was only watching the scene below while standing on Thunder’s back, he took in the volcano’s majesty and beauty.

He also sensed the wave of energy coming from the Divine Power lava at the bottom of the crater from far away.

Watching the flowing golden lava at the bottom of the crater, Lin Huang did not doubt that any cultivators who had not mastered Divine Power would definitely die if they entered it.

However, that was not what Lin Huang was concerned about. No matter whether it came to himself, the summoning beasts he had in store, or his G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls, all of them had mastered Divine Power successfully. Furthermore, he had obtained the Molten Divine Crystals in the three Divine Power volcanoes.

He stared at the b.l.o.o.d.y lotus located in the middle of the Divine Power lava lake from far away.

The color of the lotus was extremely vibrant. It was so red that it looked like it was bleeding.

The flower had completely blossomed, and there were layers of petals. The stamens and pistils in the middle were of golden whiskers. It seemed like it would take a long time for its lotus seeds to grow.

There was a faint b.l.o.o.d.y mist lingering within the striking petals, giving the entire lotus an extra striking vibe.

The three lotus leaves around it were not an ordinary green but an eerie maroon. They were also covered in a layer of b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

Although it seemed like a plant, in reality, this Molten Lotus was not a plant or a plant-type monster. Instead, it was a G.o.d item.

To be exact, it was a fire attribute spirit that came out of the Divine Power Lava. From the Divine Power Lava, it evolved into a G.o.d rule item due to the influence of the Eternity Fire.

As Lin Huang was observing the G.o.d rule item from far away, the Molten Lotus noticed him too.

One of its purplish-red leaves vibrated lightly while a sea of Divine Power Lava in the volcano shot up into the sky. The gigantic volcano erupted immediately without any warning.

The golden lava seemed to defy gravity at the moment. It rocketed up into the sky like an upside-down waterfall.

It drowned the s.p.a.ce where Thunder was earlier almost in the blink of an eye.

However, a purple glow ignited within the explosive golden sparks. Thunder escaped almost the second it was drowned by the golden lava.

Lin Huang stood on Thunder’s back while looking in the direction of the crater from far away. Thunder took him tens of kilometers away from the volcano in that split second earlier.

“Does a G.o.d item have territorial consciousness too?” Lin Huang raised his brow. He did not expect a G.o.d item to take the initiative to attack him.

“It attacked not because it has territorial consciousness but because it wants to obtain spiritual energy. Since it has evolved into a G.o.d rule item, it obtained a simple consciousness whereby it can sense the spiritual energy in the life forms around it. Its instinct is to kill those living forms to take their spiritual energy to fill its own consciousness for it to become whole. Furthermore, the portion of memory it obtained from the spiritual energy would then become its learning archive,” the Eternity Fire gave a detailed explanation.

“It’s that powerful?!” It was Lin Huang’s first time hearing that G.o.d items were like life forms whereby they could learn.

“Do you want to wipe its consciousness out?” The Nightmare Tapir next to Lin Huang lifted his head to look at him. “Its consciousness is very weak, so it’s easy to wipe it out.”

“It’s rare that such a G.o.d item would have consciousness growing in it. It’ll become more powerful if we retain its complete consciousness,” suggested the Eternity Fire.

Lin Huang only made up his mind after falling into silence for a moment. “Retain its consciousness since it can be useful in the future.”

Wiping its consciousness would mean killing the growth potential of the G.o.d rule item. Meanwhile, Lin Huang had already planned out on whom the G.o.d rule item would be used in the future. He did not hope that Charcoal would get a G.o.d item with zero growth potential in the future.

The effect of this lotus combined with Charcoal’s dragon flame should be great.

The Nightmare Tapir that had gotten the order had no objections. Its pupils turned black immediately.

In the next second, the Divine Power Lava that shot into the sky stopped moving all of a sudden. Subsequently, it seemed to lose its strength and fell. The inverted golden river that was shooting into the sky rained down like a golden waterfall at that moment. A portion of the Divine Power Lava returned to the crater. However, a part of it turned into a storm, attacking the areas around. Everywhere it reached was charred black.

After a long time, the golden waterfall returned to the volcano completely. Everything within the range of hundreds of kilometers regained its peace.

If not for the golden lava that was still flowing in all directions on the ground, n.o.body might have noticed that the volcano had erupted earlier.

Meanwhile, the Molten Lotus at the bottom of the crater seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep at the moment.

Lin Huang mumbled softly in surprise after sensing the Molten Lotus’s aura that had obviously weakened from far away, “You can even pull a G.o.d item into your dreamland?”

“As long as it has a consciousness,” said the Nightmare Tapir before adding, “Of course, under the premise that it’s within my controlling range. I can’t do it if its spiritual intensity is much more powerful than mine.”

Seeing that the Nightmare Tapir had the extra strength to answer his question, Lin Huang knew that the Molten Lotus’s spiritual intensity should not be that powerful.

He could not help but look into the Nightmare Tapir’s dreamland to look at the duo’s battle.

In the dreamland, there were loud thuds coming from the inside of Volcano No. 1 accompanied by wailing.

Lin Huang got the Nightmare Tapir to help him hide while he looked beneath the crater as he stood there.

Throughout the battle, the Nightmare Tapir struck the Molten Lotus hard. The beautiful and eerie b.l.o.o.d.y flower was destroyed at the moment as if a tornado had decimated it. Only a few torn petals were all that remained.

The perfect flower was going bald from the Nightmare Tapir’s mauling.

Meanwhile, the Nightmare Tapir ripped the few leaves around it into pieces.

Not long after Lin Huang began watching the battle, the Molten Lotus finally could not take it any longer. Under the Nightmare Tapir’s harsh a.s.sault, its spirit was close to being destroyed. It was left with its last will wanting to survive. In the end, it chose to surrender. It knew that its consciousness might be completely wiped out if it proceeded to be stubborn.

The Nightmare Tapir finally stopped attacking upon noticing that.

It had already achieved what he wanted. It walked slowly to the lotus and extended a front claw, then patted the Molten Lotus’s torn petal. Then, it turned around and left the dreamland.

The Molten Lotus was stunned when it returned to reality. It could not help but s.h.i.+ver for a second when it saw the Nightmare Tapir at the crater.

“I need you to give us access to Volcano No. 1 for a moment.”

The Nightmare Tapir did not even reveal the reason. The lotus hovered and landed next to the Nightmare Tapir which peeked at it without saying anything.

Lin Huang patted Thunder, signaling it to head over upon seeing that the Molten Lotus had retreated from the volcano. He then summoned Bai and the rest of his summoning beasts to start a new round of digging as he landed at the crater.

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