Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1235 – Ding Dong, Ding Dong…

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Chapter 1235: Ding Dong, Ding Dong…

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At Volcano No.1 to the south of the ruin, Bai and the rest were busy digging the Molten Divine Crystals mine.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang rode on Thunder’s back while rus.h.i.+ng towards the Eastern Ocean to the east of the ruin.

According to what the Eternity Fire said, there was an isolated island in the Eastern Ocean. On it was a Buddhist Tower that had evolved into a G.o.d rule item. The tower controlled the monsters in the entire Eastern Ocean.

Apart from conquering the tower, the objective of Lin Huang’s journey there was to use the tower to attract the virtual G.o.d-level monsters in the Eastern Ocean to take their spiritual energy so that the Nightmare Tapir could break through its combat strength.

“There are approximately 600 virtual G.o.d-level monsters in the Eastern Ocean while close to 500 of them are only low-level Virtual G.o.ds. Meanwhile, among the remaining 100 of them, most of them are mid-level while only four of them are high-level,” the Eternity Fire described the situation in the Eastern Ocean along the way as Lin Huang requested.

“Only four are on high-level out of the 600 virtual G.o.d-level monsters. I wonder if the acc.u.mulated spiritual energy will be enough for the Nightmare Tapir to elevate his combat strength.”

Lin Huang had finally arrived at the Eastern Ocean past 6 a.m. on the next day as Thunder flew at its full speed.

Apart from the Nightmare Tapir, the the Molten Lotus that he had just conquered earlier came along.

The main reason why he brought the Molten Lotus along was that he did not want it to interfere with Bai and the rest’s mining at the bottom of the volcano.

The Buddhist Island was situated in the middle of the Eastern Ocean. It was a small isolated island.

After arriving at the Eastern Ocean, Thunder spent approximately an hour to finally get to where the isolated island was.

However, Lin Huang was puzzled when he saw the island beneath from far away. “Isn’t it supposed to be an isolated island? Why are there other islands around it?”

“Those around it aren’t islands. They are some sea kings guarding the island,” the Eternity Fire explained, “I’ve no idea why. They were only some ordinary sea monsters, but they kept growing after they were put into this ruin. Some of them evolved into sea kings directly. I’ve no idea where they learned the technique to hide their aura and pretend to be islands.”

Lin Huang was thinking hard to himself. He just found out that the monsters hid their aura. It was no wonder he did not sense any life forms within the range of his territory.

Meanwhile, the Nightmare Tapir had activated its dreamland into which it dragged the island where the Buddhist Tower was as well as the visible islands around it.

Seeing that the Nightmare Tapir had gotten into battle mode, Lin Huang became a member of its audience immediately.

In the dreamland, over ten sea kings which were even bigger than the Buddhist Island seemed to have woken up from their dream. They emerged out of the surface of the ocean one after another and attacked the Nightmare Tapir that hovered in the air.

Among the sea kings, the one with the lowest combat strength was on Virtual G.o.d rank-5. All of the four high-level Virtual G.o.ds that the Eternity Fire mentioned were there. Two of them were Virtual G.o.d rank-7 while one was on Virtual G.o.d rank-8, and another was on Virtual G.o.d rank-9.

The 14 sea kings went into a frenzy while their eyes turned bloodshot.

Seeing that, Lin Huang frowned slightly while gazing out at the Buddhist Tower on the isolated island.

The Buddhist Tower looked no different than an ordinary tower. It had a total of nine floors but it was not even 100 meters tall.

Looking at it from a distance, the tower was black like an ancient building that was dated and worn away by years.

However, Lin Huang faintly sensed from a distance away that the tower was releasing a strange aura. It was a little similar to the Holy Power of a G.o.d’s Blood monster, yet it was different. Compared to Holy Power, this aura was even more powerful and deterring. It even came with a strange, irresistible feeling.

He understood at the moment why these sea monsters would wors.h.i.+p it as a totem.

If he was not a gust of consciousness that came in with the Nightmare Tapir’s ability and was being protected by the dreamland, he would be deterred and controlled immediately if he was there in his own body and flesh.

‘It seems to have mastered a deterrence rule power,’ Lin Huang thought to himself carefully. He was thinking who would be more suitable for using this G.o.d item after he conquered it.

On the other side, the Nightmare Tapir had killed the 14 G.o.d-level sea kings within an extremely short period of time. It destroyed each of them almost with only one slap.

One must know that although its combat strength was only Virtual G.o.d rank-8, its grade was much higher than those sea kings.

Furthermore, in its dreamland, not only did it possess the Destructive Divine Mammoth’s strength, but it also possessed the Ninetails Lynx’s air slicing ability. Naturally, killing a Virtual G.o.d rank-9 sea king that was only a rank higher was a piece of cake.

The vital signs of the 14 sea kings that were killed in the dreamland were fading quickly in reality. They turned into 14 gigantic floating on the sea like 14 ma.s.sive islands.

Judging by the instant death of its 14 guardians, the Buddhist Tower soon realized that the fella, who only had a combat strength of Virtual G.o.d rank-8, was not an easy one to fight.

Its body that was initially black was turning gold at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. It was s.h.i.+ning in a gentle golden glow every millimeter from the tip of the tower to its base.

Under the s.h.i.+ning golden glow, Lin Huang, who was only a gush of consciousness, could feel the warmth on his body as if he was sunbathing in the winter. He felt like doing nothing than indulging in the warmth.

“Roar!!!” A deafening noise came all of a sudden, waking Lin Huang up from the strange phenomenon earlier.

He did not look well. He could not believe that he was affected even though he was protected in the dreamland. He slowly s.h.i.+fted his focus onto the Nightmare Tapir which did not seem to be affected at all.

“Oh, wow! The Nightmare Tapir is indeed powerful!”

In reality, the Nightmare Tapir was affected. It did not roar earlier to wake Lin Huang up, but to chase away the strange phenomenon that it was lured into.

As soon as the strange phenomenon was removed, the Nightmare Tapir attacked directly without any hesitation. It disappeared and reappeared above the tower in the next second.

Its pupils turned golden like never before.

Just when Lin Huang was in shock, he saw black shackles growing on the Buddhist Tower’s surface.

“Did it copy the Shackle Serpent’s sealing ability?!”

The golden tower was shaking as though it wanted to break out of the seal. After its failed attempt that went on for a while, the Buddhist Tower changed its strategy in determination. Golden sparks began burning the surface of the tower at an alarming speed.

As soon as the sparks ignited, the speed of the black shackles spreading dropped significantly. It soon fell into a stagnant mode and even showed signs of retreating as time pa.s.sed by.

At that moment, the hairs on the Nightmare Tapir’s body seemed to be alive. They grew into long whips and went after the Buddhist Tower.

The Buddhist Tower could only watch the countless hairs tying it up since it could not move.

Lin Huang was even more puzzled as he watched to this point. Theoretically, the flame coming from the Buddhist Tower should be burning. The Nightmare Tapir tying the tower with its hairs should have been an unwise move.

However, Lin Huang widened his eyes in the next second.

The hair wrapped around the Buddhist Tower swallowed the flame on the surface of the tower quickly. The fire died out within the blink of an eye.

Without the suppression of the golden flames, the black shackles came alive like weeds growing in full swing after a downpour.

The Buddhist Tower attempted to break away from the shackles. However, the tower s.h.i.+vered and everything it did seemed to slow down tens of times.

Although the effect only lasted for a short two to three seconds, the speed of the black shackles growing on it was not affected at all. The result was boosted by heaps, and the entire Buddhist Tower was soon tied up.

Within the short few seconds, the Nightmare Tapir used the Shackle Serpent’s seal, the Divine Sun Tree’s fire a.s.similation, and the Creation Clock’s slowing down of time. With the three abilities combined, he finally suppressed the Buddhist Tower.

Although the Divine Power within was suppressed to its very limit, the Buddhist Tower was still trying to break away from the shackles.

Noticing that, the Nightmare Tapir turned the Shackle Serpent’s shackles into a bell shape, engulfing the entire Buddhist Tower within them. Then, it subsequently hit it hard.

Ding dong…

The heavy sound of a ringing bell chimed like the bell that rang at the old temples in the morning.

The Buddhist Tower that was covered in the shackles trembled as the Nightmare Tapir smirked and struck it again and again.

Ding dong, ding dong…

The ringing echoed on the isolated island over and over again, agitating the air above the entire Eastern Ocean.

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