Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1237 – Surrender Or Die!

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Chapter 1237: Surrender Or Die!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The battle soon commenced in the dreamland.

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon’s four crimson pupils had sparks coming out of them while it lifted its head to release a ferocious roar.

A sonic boom spread up to 1,000 times faster than the speed of sound. It stirred the entire Deceased Desert immediately.

Countless spirit-type monsters in the desert seemed to have received the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon’s order whereby they turned around and lifted their heads to look where the Nightmare Tapir was.

Each and every spirit-type monster, including those with complete limbs, broken limbs, the rotten ones, and some that were only left with skeletons without eyes looked at the direction of the Nightmare Tapir as if they were on a pilgrimage.

The scene looked extremely odd. Fortunately, it only lasted less than the span of a breath.

After confirming the Nightmare Tapir’s location, countless monsters hovered into the sky one after another and charged toward the Nightmare Tapir was at an alarming speed.

Despite that, the Nightmare Tapir did not panic at all. All it did was give a strange smile and disappear directly. When it reappeared, it had arrived less than a kilometer from the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon.

The Nightmare Tapir’s body size looked like an ant when it was standing before the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon. Its dragon skeleton was tens of thousands of meters long while the Nightmare Tapir was less than five meters tall. It was even smaller than the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon’s nostril.

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon took some time to put its four crimson pupils into focus as the Nightmare Tapir showed himself. It had finally seen how its enemy looked like.

“Surrender or die!” ordered the Nightmare Tapir in an overbearing tone before waiting for the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon to do anything.

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon was stunned when it heard the threat. Its first reaction was not anger but confusion. However, it was enraged completely later on.

“You’re seeking death, you little thing!”

Flames went wild in the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon’s four pupils. The flames even spurted tens of meters away.

However, a crash came before it could finish speaking.

Subsequently, it felt an immense strength slamming into its head. It seemed to have lost its ability to fight, whereby its ma.s.sive head was slammed deep into the ground directly by the immense strength.

The gigantic mountain that it was initially lying on turned into a sinkhole as if a meteorite had hit.

Not far away, the Nightmare Tapir lifted its right front claw and licked it with its tongue. “So much nonsense.”

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon was dumbstruck as its entire head was buried in the ground.

‘What happened? Was I attacked? Why didn’t I sense anything?’ It only dawned on it slowly after it asking itself those three questions.

‘Was it that feline monster with the trunk that attacked me? It’s only on Virtual G.o.d rank-8. How is it possible that it has such great strength?’

Although many doubts popped into its head that was devoid of brain juice, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon decided to put aside those questions while focusing on the enemy that it was fighting.

It retrieved its ma.s.sive dragon head out of the sinkhole while staring at the feline monster with four of its eyes on fire. It was smarter this time whereby it did not bother with any nonsense while opening its mouth to spit dragon flames directly.

Just when the ma.s.sive skeleton dragon head opened its mouth from which flames ignited, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon realized that the feline monster had vanished.

In the next second, an intense sense of danger came from above its head. Just when it lifted its head, it felt an immense strength slamming down from the top before it could see the Nightmare Tapir.

This time, it finally knew what had attacked it earlier.


As a loud bang exploded, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon that had just lifted its head was slammed back into the ground. It was the Nightmare Tapir that did it.

The mountains around them collapsed from the tremor that came from the attack while the sinkhole created by the slamming of the dragon’s head this time was 20% to 30% bigger than before.

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon had no chance of fighting at all, and it was suppressed by the Nightmare Tapir twice in a row.

Lin Huang, who was watching the battle from far away, was a little confused. To him, this dragon skeleton was a true G.o.d-level monster after all. Even though they were in the dreamland, it should not be so weak that it would become the Nightmare Tapir’s toy.

However, now it seemed like the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon had no chance of fighting back at all.

Lin Huang finally realized something when the Nightmare Tapir slammed the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon into the ground for the third time.

“The movements of the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon seem to slow down whenever it’s going to fight back.”

The Nightmare Tapir calmly through voice transmission after hearing Lin Huang mumble to himself, “Yes, I used the Creation Clock’s ability to control the movement of his body.”

Lin Huang came to a realization by then. He kept thinking that the Nightmare Tapir was only using the Ninetails Lynx’s teleportation ability and the Destructive Divine Mammoth’s Superhuman Strength, but never had he thought that the Nightmare Tapir had been secretly using the Creation Clock’s ability to control the flow of time.

With the three combined abilities, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon had no time to react at all. It could only become the Nightmare Tapir’s target.

Lin Huang saw it crystal clear on the side, but the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon failed to react so quickly.

It had always thought that it was because the Nightmare Tapir was quicker than it was. Therefore, it always managed to suppress it before it could reach.

After being suppressed for over ten times, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon slowly realized the odd flow of time around it. By then, it had drained half of the Divine Power in its body.

Although it failed to attack even once, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon would drain a sea of its Divine Power to defend each and every of the Nightmare Tapir’s attack. It had drained half of its Divine Power after being attacked for over ten times.

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon also realized that it was only a matter of time for it to be defeated if this went on. As soon as the Divine Power in it was completely drained, it would turn into dead meat.

‘There’s no way that I can win if I proceed with the current battle mode. It’s basically winning with its speed and control of time. I might only be able to turn the tables around if I change my strategy.’

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon soon had a plan as it thought about this point.

Glaring flames burst out of its four crimson pupils again. However, its pupils were not the only thing on fire this time. Its entire body was on fire too. Compared to the crimson flames in its eye sockets, the flames that ignited on its body were blue.

The gigantic dragon skeleton was soon covered by a layer of blue flames. It lay there like a ma.s.sive mountain that was burning blue.

Watching from far away, Lin Huang knew that it was the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon’s last bet.

Naturally, the Nightmare Tapir noticed that too. Although it pretended not to be bothered by its opponent, in reality, it had been careful and dared not underestimate its opponent at all.

The blue flames soon spread towards the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon’s entire body. Meanwhile, the crimson pupils in its four eye sockets were burning the brightest they could, like four crimson mini suns.


As crimson sparks shot out of its pupils, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon lifted its head all of a sudden and released a raging roar that shook heaven and earth.

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