Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1238 – I Chose To Surrender

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Chapter 1238: I Chose to Surrender

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


As the deafening cry came, the blue flames on the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon’s body exploded almost at the same time. Blue sparks spread towards all directions.

The sparks covering hundreds of kilometers in the blink of an eye and was almost 1,000 times faster than the speed of sound.

The blue flames were no ordinary blaze but a Fire G.o.d Rule called the Death Flame.

As soon as a life form touched such a G.o.d rule, the life energy in one’s body would be taken away. One could even say that the power was nothing below true G.o.d-level dragon flame.

Naturally, Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir had no idea about that.

Although the Nightmare Tapir had its guard up, it did not expect such a thing to happen. Unable to dodge in time at all, it was swallowed by the blue sparks.

Lin Huang, who was watching the battle from far away, was a little surprised to see that. However, he did not seem to be worried.

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon did not stop at all since its attack worked. It lifted its head and targeted where the Nightmare Tapir was by sensing with its Territory skill. It then opened its mouth directly and spat crimson dragon flames out. The flames completely engulfed the Nightmare Tapir.

As a ninth-rank True G.o.d, even a second-rank or third-rank True G.o.d-level powerhouse would be severely harmed by the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon’s attacks that came without warning consecutively.

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon thought that even if the Nightmare Tapir did not die in this attack, it would lose his strength fighting after spurting the crimson dragon flames for a couple of minutes. Since it did not have that much Divine Power left in its body, it then stopped the dragon flames.

However, as the flames faded together with the sparks, the Nightmare Tapir stood where it was proudly without being harmed at all.

Seeing the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon stare at him after the flames faded, it shook his body and lifted its head to look at it with a smirk.

The Nightmare Tapir disappeared again in the next second.


Almost the same time when the Nightmare Tapir disappeared, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon’s gigantic head was flung hard into the ground again.

“Not again…”

All the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon could feel was pain throbbing from the back of its head followed by intense dizziness. It even suspected that it would have a concussion if it had flesh on its body. Although it did not even have a brain now, it would feel its world spin every time it was attacked.

“Why is this happening?! My attack earlier could’ve harmed a True G.o.d of the same combat strength severely. It took the hit entirely without dodging and it’s in perfect shape without having the time to perform any defense techniques!”

It was very confused. It could not understand why its attack that could harm and even kill a true G.o.d-level powerhouse did not work on the Virtual G.o.d rank-8 monster.

As the Nightmare Tapir took over the battlefield again, the fight turned back to how it began.

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon’s head was slammed into the ground again and again. As it was restricted by the flow of time, it could not find any chance to fight back at all. In addition to that, it could not think of any techniques to break the cycle.

Seeing that the Divine Power in its body was wearing out and soon coming to an end, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon finally made up its mind.

“Stop this! I surrender!”

The Nightmare Tapir finally ceased the attacks as soon as the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon spoke. It appeared above the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon’s head in a flash and glared at its four crimson pupils without speaking.

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon only peeked at the Nightmare Tapir and held its head down. It had given up on trying to attack the Nightmare Tapir.

Seeing that it really surrendered, the Nightmare Tapir deactivated its dreamland and released the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon from it.

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon that escaped the dreamland was shocked to see everything around it in perfect condition. It realized that the battle earlier did not happen in real life.

Sensing the pathetic Divine Power in its body, it quickly realized that although the battle did not happen in reality, the Nightmare Tapir could have killed it. All of a sudden, it was done with thinking of ways to get back at the Nightmare Tapir.

“Summon all the virtual G.o.d-level monsters under your territory. There’s no need to summon those under virtual G.o.d-level,” the Nightmare Tapir commanded directly.

Although the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon was puzzled about why a human below virtual G.o.d-level would be standing next to the Nightmare Tapir, it nodded without hesitation and began carrying out his order.

A ferocious dragon roar echoed and the sonic boom spread in all directions like ripples on water.

Soon, virtual G.o.d-level monsters that were close by came one after another.

Spirit-type monsters of all forms lay low at the bottom of the ma.s.sive mountain beneath the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon. None of them dared to venture any closer.

As time pa.s.sed by, more and more virtual G.o.d-level monsters gathered at the bottom of the mountain. Approximately two hours later, there were more than 1,200 virtual G.o.d-level spirit-type monsters at the bottom of the mountain.

The Nightmare Tapir did not bother to wait any longer. It activated its dreamland and drowned more than a thousand virtual G.o.d-level spirit-type monsters within it.

All of the spirit-type monsters at the bottom of the mountain became silent as if they fell into a deep sleep.

In less than half a minute, the spirit-type monsters that were laying low lost their vital signs one after another. It took less than ten minutes to kill more than 1,200 virtual G.o.d-level spirit-type monsters.

After witnessing that, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon that was standing aside jolted secretly. It was even glad that it decided to surrender in time. Otherwise, it might end up the same as these little virtual G.o.d-level creatures before it.

A sea of spiritual energy rushed into Lin Huang’s body from the death of the over 1,000 virtual G.o.d-level monsters. He then transferred a portion of the energy to the Nightmare Tapir immediately.

Since the Nightmare Tapir was breaking through to Virtual G.o.d rank-9, it made sense for it to be given the spiritual energy first.

As the aura in his body rose again, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon that was watching the scene unfold could not help but gulp.

Not long later, the Nightmare Tapir’s spiritual energy finally reached the brink of breaking through. Its aura began transforming into Virtual G.o.d rank-9 at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

In less than three minutes, its aura finally stabilized completely.

Upon noticing that, Lin Huang stopped transferring spirit energy to the Nightmare Tapir. He began transferring the remaining spiritual energy to the Ninetails Lynx.

“Where to next?” the Nightmare Tapir asked in excitement after allowing the changes that hummed through his body to sink in for a while.

“To the north of the ruin. Let’s find that Ice Dragon.” Clearly, Lin Huang was planning to take everything in this ruin before leaving.

“Should we bring this thing?” The Nightmare Tapir glared at Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon.

“Of course, we are,” Lin Huang said while grinning.

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon was a legit true G.o.d-level fighter, and it would be a waste to not bring it along.

The Nightmare Tapir then turned its head to look at the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon. “Shrink your body a little and bring us to the north of this ruin.”

Though unwilling, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon knew that the situation was not in its favor now. The Nightmare Tapir that was on Virtual G.o.d rank-8 earlier had defeated it and now it was a rank higher now.

After shrinking its body to over ten meters tall, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon lowered its head, allowing Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir to ride on its back.

It flapped its wings and transformed itself into a white glow as it flew to the north of the ruin.

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