Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1242 – Don’t You Dare Leave Me Behind Again!

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Chapter 1242: Don’t You Dare Leave Me Behind Again!

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Lin Huang looked around as soon as he got out of the ruin.

Over 60 out of the 100 partic.i.p.ants who had entered the ruin gathered around the entrance. Most of them were discussing something intensely with their cliques. Many partic.i.p.ants had their eyes trained on him after he appeared.

Just when Lin Huang was puzzled, the Spider Queen stretched her long legs and appeared before him.

“You’re finally out, Wu Fei! Do you remember what happened in the ruin?”

Lin Huang lifted his head and saw the Dragon Sovereign who was not far away from the corner of his eye. Although the Dragon Sovereign had his eyes shut like he was sleeping, Lin Huang knew very well that he must be watching him and listening to what he was saying at the moment.

“Ruin?” Lin Huang pretended to be puzzled and turned his head to look at the entrance of the ruin behind him.

“Stop looking at it. The ruin will close in an hour. We’ve already gotten out of it,” the Spider Queen said directly.

“How come I don’t remember entering the ruin?” Lin Huang showed a confused expression and turned his head to look at the other monsters. He seemed to suspect that the Spider Queen was lying to him.

“n.o.body remembers getting in and n.o.body recalls what happened, but you should check your storage s.p.a.ce. You’ll realize that you did get in after checking,” the Spider Queen explained patiently. She had really forgotten about Lin Huang’s douchebag behavior of leaving her behind in the ruin, let alone remember the scene of Lin Huang stepping out of the dimensional portal. “I could only confirm that I really went in after seeing the various loot in my storage s.p.a.ce.”

Lin Huang said nothing and pretended to check his storage s.p.a.ce. He only lifted his head a long time later, looking shocked. “Have I really gotten in?!”

“See, I told you.” The Spider Queen groped Lin Huang’s front leg with one of her long legs as she spoke.

Lin Huang did not bother to struggle and allowed the Spider Queen to drag him aside. He was a little worried that the Dragon Sovereign would notice something off since he had gotten out. Fortunately, the Spider Queen chatting him up had concealed many of his possible flaws.

Moreover, another monster got out of the entrance of the ruin not long after the Spider Queen dragged him aside. Therefore, the Dragon Sovereign’s attention soon s.h.i.+fted to the monster which was a great relief to Lin Huang.

“Do we have to wait for everyone to get out?” Lin Huang asked the Spider Queen softly.

“Yes. The Dragon Sovereign Master said that he’ll send us out of here after the ruin is closed,” the Spider Queen confirmed with a nod.

Both of them chatted with the occasional silence.

Over an hour had pa.s.sed, and no more monsters got out of the ruin when 87 of them were finally gathered. The opening window seemed to be finally up.

The survival rate was actually higher compared to before. The main reason was that Lin Huang had killed almost all the virtual G.o.d-level monsters in the entire ruin. Without local virtual G.o.d-level monsters around, the imperial-level partic.i.p.ants undoubtedly encountered less threats. Naturally, as a result, the survival rate went up significantly.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Sovereign did not seem to care how many monsters survived the ruin. He flew to the entrance as soon as the time was up and pointed a claw into the air.

The iced shackles began flowing slowly like they were alive before the Dragon Sovereign did anything. The hexagonal entrance was shrinking at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

In less than half a minute, the entrance was sealed completely. The ruin recovered to its sealed condition completely, transforming into an ice planet.

The Dragon Sovereign only turned around after sealing Qi Muxiong’s ruin again. He looked at the 87 monsters expressionlessly with his cold, blue eyes. All of the monsters knelt onto the ground as a result of his True G.o.d’s suppression. They had no will to fight back at all.

Naturally, Lin Huang knelt down on purpose. Although a second-rank True G.o.d’s suppression would overpower him on a certain level, it was minor. As long as he activated his G.o.d’s Figurine or G.o.d rule relic in his body, he could defend the suppression like a piece of cake. However, he did not plan to reveal any flaws.

The Dragon Sovereign, Bai Bing, only spoke slowly after suppressing all the monsters present, “Who out of the 87 of you here remembers what happened in the ruin? Tell me even if you only remember the tiniest bit of it. I’ll reward you handsomely as long as someone can tell me what exactly happened in the ruin! Of course, if any of you were to lie for the reward, you should know very well what the consequences will be.”

The 87 monsters held their heads low as none of them spoke.

In reality, apart from Lin Huang, it was impossible for the other monsters to lie under the suppression. The powerful pressure and fear had stolen the possibility of them lying directly.

The Dragon Sovereign glanced through the 87 monsters after he spoke. Including Lin Huang, almost all the monsters felt like the seconds that pa.s.sed by were years. Naturally, compared to other monsters, Lin Huang was afraid that he might show his flaws.

None of the monsters spoke after they fell into silence for over a minute.

The Dragon Sovereign sighed softly and recalled his suppression power then. He knew that they would definitely tell him whatever happened in the ruin if anyone remembered it under his suppression. Even if they attempted to hide, they would definitely show their flaws. However, none of the 87 partic.i.p.ants looked suspicious this time. Clearly, n.o.body remembered anything just like before.

“Alright. I’ll send you guys back to the Dragon Sovereign Shelter and you guys can leave after that.” The Dragon Sovereign waved again after he spoke and released ten Dragnet Spiders.

The Dragnet Spiders spat spider threads out immediately as soon as they got the order. The threads tied the monsters up and dragged them into the black whirlpool that appeared out of thin air.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Huang and the rest pa.s.sed through the whirlpool and returned to the Dragonkin Square at the Dragon Sovereign Shelter where they had been before.

Soon, all 87 monsters were sent to the square without anyone being left behind.

Lin Huang wanted to leave right away, but he decided to wait since all the monsters were waiting patiently at the square. However, they did not see the Dragon Sovereign after waiting for two to three minutes.

At the moment, a guard at the Dragon Sovereign Palace spoke all of a sudden, “The Dragon Sovereign says that you guys can leave now.”

Hearing the explicit permission, all the monsters at the square left one after another.

Lin Huang hovered into the air without hesitation when he saw the Spider Queen looking in his direction. He immediately zoomed far away.

The Spider Queen was stunned for a moment and hesitated. However, she soon made up her mind. Just like before, she went towards the direction Lin Huang left in aggressively.

“Wu Fei, don’t you dare leave me behind again!”

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