Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1257 – Death Sickle

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Chapter 1257: Death Sickle

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At Start Shelter’s guardian residence, a s.h.i.+rtless Start sat in the middle of the cultivation room. The communication ring on his finger vibrated all of a sudden. He opened his eyes slowly and tapped on the message that just came in.

“I’ve identified the three of them. Among them, the man isn’t a Protoss. According to the archive records, he’s a quadruple-mutated mysterious-type. The two females are Protosses, the tribe of one of which isn’t recorded, so she should belong to an insignificant tribe. The other one is a pureblood Protoss. According to the records, she’s from the Nephilic Judge Tribe.”

“From the Nephilic Judge Tribe?!” Start could not help but raise his brows.

Although the Nephilic Judge Tribe was considered a rare tribe due to the number of Protosses

whereby there were only some 100 people in the entire tribe, many of them ranked high among the Protoss. Moreover, more than one of them that were Heavenly G.o.ds.

In other words, Kylie was much more powerful than Start when it came to their background.

Although Start’s father was a high-level Heavenly G.o.d, among the Nephilic Judge Tribe, there were three high-level Heavenly G.o.ds that were known to the public at the moment. It was said that even one of them was going to be lord-level.

“It seems like it’s necessary for me to get closer to them,” Start nodded lightly.

After some thought, Start decided to speak to his father to give a brief description of Lin Huang and the other two. He sent his father a text.

A moment later, a reply came. “Give me their contact numbers.”

Start then sent all three of their contact numbers over.

Within half a minute, another text came. “You’re being deceived. The three ident.i.ties are fake. It’s a heavy offense to disguise as a Protoss. I’ve reported the two fake Protosses to the related organization.”

Start was stunned to see the message. ‘They’re fake?! But I sensed a pureblood Protoss’s aura from one of the ladies clearly.’

Although he was secretly doubtful, Start did not suspect his own father, so he did not ask further. All he did was reply, “Alright, Father. I know now.”

‘Since Father has found out that their ident.i.ties are fake, there must be something wrong with them. Perhaps the pureblood Protoss’s aura that I sensed was the disguise of that lady’s G.o.d rule relic…”

Start squinted slightly after exiting the communication page. He spread his Divine Telekinesis quickly so that it covered the entire Shelter immediately. However, he could no longer sense Lin Huang and the rest.

After sending the guardian, Start, off at the hotel, the trio left Start Shelter right away, going on their own ways.

b.l.o.o.d.y and Kylie took the effort to head to the grade-4 Stop Shelter.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang pa.s.sed through a couple of grade-3 Shelters consecutively. Following the route that b.l.o.o.d.y planned, he headed to the grade-3 Shelter, the Iron Fist Shelter.

After getting out of the Iron Fist Shelter’s dimensional portal, he headed straight to where the Death Sickle was.

Among grade-3 Shelters, the Iron Fist Shelter was considered the top in terms of how it was modeled. It was even more crowded than Start Shelter. The main reason was that this Shelter happened to be located among some ten grade-4 Shelters, so it naturally became an interchange point.

Apart from its fortunate location, the Iron Fist Shelter had existed for over 30,000 years, thus it was considered one of the oldest grade-3 Shelters left behind in the G.o.d Territory at the moment.

The Iron Fist Shelter would have been upgraded to a grade-4 Shelter if not for the fact that there was no inhabitable planet close to it. However, although it was only a grade-3 Shelter, the Iron Fist Shelter was considered to best even grade-4 Shelters when it came to its population. Many organizations made it their stationary point for the convenience.

Lin Huang was there for the Death Sickle.

Although it was a major organization, the Death Sickle was rather low-key on their conduct. Their stationary point was located in an alley of the Iron Fist Shelter black market.

Lin Huang found the place soon according to the coordinates b.l.o.o.d.y found.

The Iron Fist Shelter black market was crowded even during the day. It was packed like the morning market with people going in and out of the nine intersecting alleys in the black market.

There would even be shouts of bargains from time to time on both sides of the road. Lin Huang felt suspicious that he might be in the wrong place.

Fortunately, he found the two-story building in the picture that b.l.o.o.d.y gave based on the coordinates that she marked. The short building only had two floors. The tiles on the top floor were dark-green while the door was black. A red lantern was hung at the entrance, its illumination adding a tiny bit of liveliness to the entire building.

Lin Huang shook his head while smiling. Although low-key, this building was out of place compared to the other houses around it. The houses around were basically three stories high with tall roofs, and they were at least five meters taller than the short building. All of the roofs had red tiles. None of them were of any other color.

After making sure that he got the right place, he strode in confidently. He glanced around quickly as soon as he stepped in.

The lobby was rather dim. There was a long counter just across the entrance, but it was unattended. To be exact, there was n.o.body in the entire lobby.

“Anybody here?!” Lin Huang shouted since n.o.body came to greet him.

A silhouette walked out of the shadows not far from Lin Huang as soon as he spoke.

His pupils shrunk a little because he did not sense the person coming at all.

“You look like a stranger. I guess it’s your first time here. Are you here to delegate a task or to pick something up?”

The man who walked out of the shadows was skinny. There was a scar that was close to five centimeters long under his left eye which looked a little like a tearstain. With a black tail on his back, Lin Huang could not tell what kind of monster it was.

This person’s aura was very well-preserved whereby one could not tell his combat strength at all. However, judging by his appearance out of nowhere, Lin Huang could tell that he was at least a high-level Virtual G.o.d. There was a high possibility that he could even be a True G.o.d.

Lin Huang observed the man for a while and quickly looked away, announcing, “I would like to join the Death Sickle. What should I do?”

“Give me your contact number. I’ll send you the registration form to fill in,” Scarface said expressionlessly.

After sending his contact number to Scarface, Lin Huang received the registration form almost instantly. Scarface turned around directly without waiting for Lin Huang to tap open the form and said stonily, “Send it back to me when you’re done.”

“What do I do with the parts that I don’t know?” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“Leave it blank,” Scarface replied without even turning his head.

Lin Huang scanned through the registration form roughly after opening it. In reality, there was nothing much to be filled. He did not bother to ask Scarface further, so he filled up the form after skipping a few questions which involved his privacy. He then sent it back to Scarface.

Within a minute, Scarface appeared out of nowhere again.

“Should I fill in those that I left blank?” Lin Huang had come up with a story himself. Never had he thought that Scarface would toss him a wooden token immediately.

Lin Huang held his head down to look at the token after catching it. It was only the size of half a palm and seemed to be made of ordinary wood. There was the character ‘reserve’ written in the middle of the token. He realized that it was the Death Sickle’s reserve token.

“Enter the code on the token on the page that you’ve just registered on. You’ll be an official reserve member when the binding is completed.”

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