Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1268 – Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown!

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Chapter 1268: Heavy is The Head That Wears The Crown!

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Lin Huang thought he would just stay at the Iron First Shelter to cultivate for the next two days after planning his route and booking the cultivation room. He would get out of closed-door cultivation anytime when Death Sickle’s news came.

Just when he had booked the cultivation room and turned off the reservation page, a voice came before him all of a sudden.

“You’re Xie Lin?”

Lin Huang was shocked to hear the voice. He lifted his head. Someone had appeared less than three meters before him without him realizing.

The person wore a black and red intersected long jacket with the collars lifted. He had a black scarf on his neck. He was merely 1.6m tall. Although he had gray hair, he looked like a young man aged 15 or 16.

Lin Huang secretly had his guard up from the glance alone.

He did not sense the ‘young man’ appearing at all. Even until now that he had seen him before his eyes, his territory showed nothing at all, as if the person never existed.

Most importantly, Lin Huang could not sense any aura on the person at all, as if he was merely air.

The ‘young man’ before him was definitely older than he looked to be!

Was he a high-level True G.o.d or a Heavenly G.o.d?!

If he was a Heavenly G.o.d, did he see through my G.o.d rule relic and found out that I was a human?

What was this guy’s intention to be here?

Though thousands of thoughts flashed through his head, Lin Huang spoke while looking calm.

“That’s right, I’m Xie Lin.”

He knew that it was futile for him to deny that. Since the person found him, it proved that he had confirmed his ident.i.ty. Moreover, this ‘young man’ before him might be a heavenly G.o.d-level powerhouse. Lying to him might upset him.

“Hah, you sure are quick to respond to that.” The ‘young man’ with gray hair smiled calmly, “Aren’t you afraid that I’m looking for trouble?”

“With your ability, sir, I can’t escape even if I want to if you’re here for trouble. Therefore, there’s not much difference in me admitting my ident.i.ty or not. I’d rather be honest with you,” Lin Huang was relieved when he heard that. Since the person asked that, there was a high chance that he was not here for trouble.

“You should be grateful that you didn’t lie. I hate people who lie!” The ‘young man’ with gray hair walked to the couch and sat down after he was done speaking. He crossed his legs and lifted his head to glance at Lin Huang, saying, “Let’s talk.”

Lin Huang nodded, he sat down on a single couch that was closest to him.

“I wonder if there’s anything that I can help you with, sir?”

The ‘young man’ with gray hair laughed out loud, “Didn’t you submit Death Sickle’s missions earlier? I’m the person responsible for the a.s.sessment.”

Lin Huang raised his brows when he heard that. The staff said that the experts in charge of a.s.sessment would usually come within 24 hours. They might even take 72 hours the most. Not only that, he was told that he would be informed when the person came. It had only been some half an hour, this ‘young man’ found him on his own while there was no news from Death Sickle.

Lin Huang hesitated for a moment and decided to voice his doubts directly.

“I haven’t received any news from Death Sickle that the expert for a.s.sessment is already here.”

The ‘young man’ raised his brows a little when he heard. He turned on his backend page on Death Sickle’s website and projected it.

“See for yourself.”

A glance was all it took for Lin Huang to see the person’s verified code name – Buried Heaven!

His pupils shrunk immediately. He was familiar with the code name.

On the first day he joined Death Sickle, he had already seen the code name on Death Sickle’s Gold Sickle Leaderboard ranking No.1

Buried Heaven, the powerful ninth-rank Heavenly G.o.d!

The supreme powerhouse whose rank was closest to the seven Blood Sickle members in the entire Death Sickle!

Lin Huang was secretly puzzled. Why would this supreme powerhouse whose position was after Death Sickle’s seven leaders would come here himself for the a.s.sessment?

“Based on normal procedure, there would only be someone coming for your mission a.s.sessment tomorrow no matter what. I saw the thread about you on the forum earlier. Since I happened to be nearby, I thought I would drop by,” Buried Heaven explained briefly.

Although the explanation made some sense, Lin Huang was not convinced. He did not think that Buried Heaven would come to a.s.sess his mission for nothing.

He came here to a.s.sess the missions of a Black Sickle member who had joined for a few days just because he was nearby?

Only fools would believe that!

Lin Huang did not bother to expose him. Since he had confirmed his ident.i.ty, naturally, it would not be a problem to let him a.s.sess his case.

However, Lin Huang had his guard up.

Instead of bringing all the bug out, he only took out Wine Ant Queen’s carca.s.s.

Buried Heaven did not mind that. He merely glanced through the bug carca.s.s and nodded after scanning through with Divine Telekinesis.

“Alright, it’s genuine.”

As Lin Huang was about to bring out the second bug carca.s.s, he saw Buried Heaven waving his hand.

“You don’t have to take out the rest, a.s.sessing one is enough.”

“I don’t have to submit the bug to you?” Lin Huang asked in slight confusion.

“No need, you’ve pa.s.sed my a.s.sessment. You can submit them at the local estate tomorrow,” Buried Heaven shook his head.

“So, that’s it?” Lin Huang did not expect that the a.s.sessment process would be smoother than he imagined.

“It’s only a bug carca.s.s, I can tell if it’s real just by scanning with Divine Telekinesis,” Buried Heaven said and took a good look at Lin Huang. “Your combat strength level is rather odd though…”

Lin Huang secretly jolted when he heard what Buried Heaven commented.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about that… I have a question for you, I hope that you can answer me honestly.”

Lin Huang nodded lightly, “Do ask, sir.”

“Did you really kill these Bug Kings and Bug Queens?” Buried Heaven stared intently at Lin Huang. It looked like his stare could see through everything. “I don’t need to know any of the process and details of the killing. All I want to know is whether you killed them yourself!”

Lin Huang felt that he could not hide any secrets from those eyes.

“I guess I did.”

Lin Huang responded after thinking about it for a moment. Although it was his G.o.d’s Figurine’s Combat Soul who did it, he considered himself killing them too.

Buried Heaven stared at Lin Huang for a while more, “I hope that you didn’t lie.”

Buried Heaven merely warned and continued, “Someone might contact you a few days later, they might ask you to take up an extremely difficult mission. If you didn’t kill the Bug Kings and Bug Queens such as the Wine Ant Queen, my advice to you is to reject this mission. Otherwise, you would die a horrible death.”

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown. You better watch out…”

His voice was still trailing when Buried Heaven disappeared without a trace. It was just like how he came earlier without Lin Huang noticing, as if everything that had just happened was Lin Huang’s illusion.

“Extremely difficult mission? I’m dying to know how difficult it is exactly…” Lin Huang smirked slightly as he sat on the couch.

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