Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1277 – Devil Sword Bug

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Chapter 1277: Devil Sword Bug

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After reading through the doc.u.ments that he needed, Lin Huang got Grimace to filter through all the doc.u.ments in the entire laboratory and send them to his communication ring. Only then did he leave the underground laboratory.

As he returned to the surface, Lin Huang had the Queen Mother recall the Bug Tribe armies. He then summoned Thunder and hurried to the dimensional portals with Grimace.

Thanks to Thunder’s incredible speed, Lin Huang arrived at the coordinates where the dimensional portals were within ten minutes.

“Both dimensional portals look like they’re working fine. However, we’ve no idea if both teleportation points on the other side are functioning.” Grimace stared at the dimensional portals for a while before he said to Lin Huang, “I suggest we test them out with something else to see whether the teleportation is successful.”

If the dimensional portals on the other sides were damaged or malfunctioning due to some other reason, the teleported items might be sent into some unknown void. They might even be torn apart immediately by the dimensional portals.

Lin Huang thought about it and asked the Queen Mother standing beside him to summon two lowest grade bug beasts and have them step into a portal each.

After putting in sufficient Divine Stones for activation, both dimensional portals were up and running almost

simultaneously. A moment later, the Queen Mother that looked like a little girl turned her head to say to Lin Huang, “One of them died instantly while the other is still alive. However, since it’s too far away, I can only sense faintly that it’s still alive but nothing else.”

Bug Tribe Queen Mothers’ sensing range for the Bug Tribe fighters under them far surpa.s.sed Divine Telekinesis coverage. This had something to do with the bugs’ willpower, as well as the Bug Tribe’s physiological structure. However, once out of range, Queen Mothers could only detect whether their fighters were still alive, and nothing more.

“Which was the successful portal?” Lin Huang asked quickly.

“The one on the right.”

“We have to also make sure that the teleportation distance and the coordinates are the same,” Grimace reminded Lin Huang, lightly tapping his fingers on his walking stick twice.

Only now did it occur to Lin Huang that even though one bug beast had survived, there was a chance it had been teleported to an unknown area.

“Can you sense the distance?” he asked the Queen Mother.

The Queen Mother closed her eyes and opened them a moment later. “Approximately 14 light-years away.”

Lin Huang projected the star map immediately and looked at the teleportation distance that was marked on the map. “That should be correct. The coordinates on the star map show that the two teleportation points are 11.8 and 14.3 light-years away from this planet that we’re currently on. The teleportation point of the dimensional portal on the right is exactly 14.3 light-years.”

Grimace cupped his chin and thought for a moment. Suddenly he turned to the Queen Mother and asked by way of confirmation, “You can’t get any information at all about that planet?”

The Queen Mother nodded. “The distance is far beyond the limits of my capabilities. I can’t send or receive any information, I can only sense whether my heir is still alive.”

Grimace raised his brows and looked at Lin Huang. “We only know that particular planet is currently at war based on the doc.u.ments we retrieved from the laboratory earlier. How many Bug Tribes there are, what their combat strength is, how many powerhouses there are on the human side, and which stage the war is at…we have no information on any of these.

“It’s possible that we might encounter a sixth-rank True G.o.d Bug King if we were to gatecrash the war. Moreover, judging by the amount of red and black dots on the current star map, the Bug Tribe seems to have the upper hand in this battle. So I suggest that it’s best if you teleport yourself there disguised as a member of the Bug Tribe.

“Use your Bug Tribe ident.i.ty to gain whatever intel you can and remove the disguise when there’s a suitable opportunity to come into contact with humans. Then you can fight as a human.”

Lin Huang thought about it for a while and decided to take Grimace’s suggestion.

“Then I need to look for a humanoid Bug Tribe. Otherwise, it will be difficult to move around.”

After a discussion with Queen Mother, Lin Huang finally decided on his disguise —a Devil Sword Bug.

The Devil Sword Bug was a cla.s.s-3.5, which would be the equivalent of pseudo-mythical level in Monster Card ranking.

Although it was a member of the Bug Tribe, the Devil Sword Bug’s form was completely humanoid. Not only was it a biped, but it had no exoskeleton, unlike other Bug Tribe species. Instead, it had muscles similar to that of humans. However, there were obvious differences as well. This particular bug beast species had two sharp swords for arms as if someone had tied a sword onto each arm. The Devil Sword Bug’s head was also that of a bug beast, similar to a praying mantis’ triangular head.

After disguising himself with Thousand Face and making sure that the Queen Mother and Grimace could not detect any flaws, Lin Huang then began adjusting his combat strength.

To avoid any attention, he adjusted his combat strength to Virtual G.o.d rank-3—a mere cosmetic adjustment that did not affect his actual abilities. This was a result of some discussion with Grimace. The reason for such an adjustment was that there were countless Virtual G.o.ds within the invading Bug Tribe. This combat strength was rather low, but it was not the lowest; he would have much more freedom to act compared to a Virtual G.o.d rank-1. Even if there was intel accessible only with higher combat strength, he would not attract much attention even if he were to elevate his combat strength by two ranks.

After adjusting his combat strength, Lin Huang asked Grimace, the Queen Mother and Thunder to make sure that his disguise was flawless. He then recalled Grimace, the Queen Mother, and Thunder back into their cards, and stepped into the dimensional portal alone.

A moment later, Lin Huang felt briefly woozy. In the blink of an eye, his surrounding environment around was now completely different from a few minutes ago.

Despite this new environment being as barren as the one before, it did not have the deathly stillness of the previous planet. In fact, Lin Huang could clearly hear the sounds of battle in the distance as violent forces clashed against each other.

The bug beast that had been teleported over earlier was not able to be recalled by the Queen Mother since it was too far away. It was just standing nearby, staring blankly at the dimensional portal since it had not received any orders from the Queen Mother.

It was clearly stunned when it saw Lin Huang and skittered over clumsily as it sensed a familiar aura.

Lin Huang waved and recalled the bug beast back to the hive directly.

Sensing a great deal of Divine Telekinesis nearby, Lin Huang activated his Divine Telekinesis without worrying too much.

Although Lin Huang’s Divine Telekinesis intensity was only Virtual G.o.d rank-3 on the surface thanks to Thousand Face’s disguise, his real detection range was much further.

His Divine Telekinesis range was close to the level of a True G.o.d so it did not take him long at all to gauge the situation at hand.

80% of this planet had been conquered by the Bug Tribe. Meanwhile, humans and a few other tribes occupied several major cities. These cities were certain to have powerhouses guarding them. Not only that, but many survivors had also gathered within the cities to steadfastly defend them against the Bug Tribe’s attacks.

“Looking at the current war situation, the cities’ defenses shouldn’t be breached all that soon. However, there’s no chance of me getting into human cities under such conditions…”

Lin Huang was happy that the humans were working with other tribes. However, he felt a little troubled at the same time, as this meant that he could not enter the cities.

He made a decision after thinking it through for a moment.

“I can only take one step at a time. In the meantime, I’ll look for intel from the Bug Tribe.”

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