Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1280 – Ridiculous Operation That Came Out Of Nowhere

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Chapter 1280: Ridiculous Operation that Came Out of Nowhere

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The attack and defense battle above the city wall went into climax less than three seconds since it began.

The Bug Tribe armies were in a frenzy to pa.s.s through the city wall, but they were disrupted by the formations and barriers that the humans had set up beforehand.

As they picked up their pace and attempted to break their defense by force, they were ambushed by the human elite squads.

The over 100 squads were made of high-level Virtual G.o.ds. Each squad was made of 10 to 15 people, they formed mini battle formations. Clearly, they had rehea.r.s.ed this for a long time. Each battle formation’s power was on par with a Virtual G.o.d rank-9 expert. Some were even more powerful than that.

Although there were many Bug Tribe fighters, most of them were beginner-stage and intermediate-stage Virtual G.o.ds. There were less than 1/5 high-level Virtual G.o.ds among them.

Under the ambush, the human squads were like a sharp knife dipping into oil, messing up the charging Bug Tribe armies.

The throngs of Bug Tribe fighters were no match for the ambush squad’s attacks at all. Before any of their Virtual G.o.d rank-9 and true G.o.d-level powerhouses made it here, the human battle formations clearly would not stop killing their kinds.

Although they had a great upper hand in their quant.i.ty, the Bug Tribe did not get any advantages out of the two consecutive battles.

As the battle was getting intense in the air, the Bug Tribe armies on land had finally arrived beneath the city wall.

At the moment, countless sparks lit up above the city wall all of a sudden. Fireb.a.l.l.s fell onto the ground one after another like a meteor shower.

Just when the fireb.a.l.l.s exploded as they touched the ground, the ground beneath the city wall lit up all of a sudden. Within a few breaths of time, hundreds of meters around the outer ring of the city wall turned into a sea of fire.

Faint Divine Power and Cursed Power were spreading in the fiery flames. The sea of Bug Tribe fighters was ignited instantly, the flame could not be extinguished.

The bug beasts released devastation shrieks in the flame. As they rolled around in pain, they were then turned into with no flesh.

“Vampire Fire…”

Even Lin Huang did not expect humans to do that.

The Vampire Fire was a cursed divine skill. The casting of such inhibition skill required Divine Fire from a True G.o.d’s body and 99 Virtual G.o.d’s flesh.

Although Lin Huang had no idea of the casting conditions, he knew very well that it was maleficium.

The humans must have sealed the maleficium in the secret skill crystals and buried them underground. They then used a stealth barrier to s.h.i.+eld the trap, so that the enemies could not find out about it with Divine Telekinesis.

As soon as the Bug Tribe fell into the trap, they would use fire skill to detonate them.

However, judging by the fire coverage beneath the city wall, the humans buried at least ten secret skill crystals that were sealed with Vampire Fire underground.

Lin Huang almost fell into the trap as it came out of nowhere. Fortunately, his Divine Telekinesis had always been active. He covered his body with Mirror as soon as he sensed the threatening fiery flame on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Giant Beetle that he was hiding under was not as fortunate. Just like the other Bug Tribe fighters around, it was lit instantly and turned into a carca.s.s during the struggle.

In less than 20 breaths of time the Vampire Fire was lit, almost all Bug Tribes that stepped into the fire coverage turned into

Fortunately, the Giant Beetle was huge even when it turned into a carca.s.s. It did not expose Lin Huang who was hiding under it.

To avoid any attention, Lin Huang adjusted his aura with Thousand Face to nothingness as he continued to play dead under the Giant Beetle’s tummy.

Under the Mirror’s s.h.i.+eld, the Vampire Fire merely took away a little bit of his Divine Power.

One must say that playing dead gave Lin Huang a better opportunity to observe the entire battleground.

On the ground, the bug beasts that were moving forward stopped due to the Vampire Fire’s obstacle. Most of them chose to stand where they were to wait for the flame to extinguish. Meanwhile, a minority of them flew directly to join the battle above the city wall.

Meanwhile, the battle above the city wall was getting more intense.

Although the attacks on the ground were disrupted, the Bug Tribe had finally gotten back to their pace in the battle of the sky.

Many Virtual G.o.d rank-9 powerhouses rushed to the areas where the human squads were and stopped the killing coming from the human battle formations. Even some beginner-stage True G.o.ds joined the battle and attacked the human squads.

As soon as Bug Tribe sent their True G.o.ds, the humans too sent theirs to the battlefield to fight the Bug Tribe’s True G.o.ds.

Within three minutes the war began, True G.o.ds were sent in. The battle situation on both sides elevated once again!

Lin Huang had been following the battle situation, as well as waiting for the opportunity to come in contact with humans.

As the Vampire Fire had no support of Divine Power, after the first round of impact since they broke out, they extinguished completely in two minutes.

Although the humans wanted the fire to go on a little longer, they were helpless since they could not provide for this divine skill from a distance away.

Since the fire extinguished, the Bug Tribe armies on the ground soon arrived under the city wall.

Lin Huang suppressed his urge to hide under another bug and chose to observe hiding under the Giant Beetle’s carca.s.s. The reason being he was unsure whether the humans would have a second round of technique breaking out.

However, the humans seemed to not have prepared anything similar to the Vampire Fire.

The humans did nothing until the bunch of Giant Hammer Bugs began slamming the city gate.

However, looking at the faint, dense formation patterns on the black, metal gate, Lin Huang knew that it might be difficult to break it.

The impact of the tens of Giant Hammer Bugs’ attacks was nothing less than meteorites. .h.i.tting the ground as they came with a sea of Divine Power. However, Lin Huang could only see the faint water wave-like patterns rippled on the barrier after the gate was slammed for up to 10,000 times. There was no crack at all.

Seeing that, the Bug Tribe sent their only three true G.o.d-level Giant Hammer Bugs to join in the team to break the city gate. There was finally some progress.

One must know that even though the three true G.o.d-level Giant Hammer Bugs were low-level True G.o.ds, their attacks were nothing less than an intermediate-stage True G.o.d. Furthermore, their attacks came with powerful penetration and impact. They had an upper hand in breaking a defense compared to an intermediate-stage True G.o.d.

However, there were finally some cracks on the formation after the true G.o.d-level Giant Hammer Bugs slammed the gate for up to 10,000 times together with the over 30 Giant Hammer Bugs.

“Are they trying to defend by force to buy time?” Lin Huang was rather doubtful.

Although there were hundreds of layers of defense formations and many more that integrated with the city wall, the city gate would break sooner or later if they allowed the Giant Hammer Bugs to attack like that. It was only a matter of time.

Therefore, Lin Huang could not figure out what the humans were planning to do.

Judging by the few rounds of battles earlier, the humans should have a great military adviser planning the entire war, whereby many details were taken into consideration. Theoretically, the city gate being attacked should be included in the planning.

Time pa.s.sed by on the battlefield.

The battle above the city wall was insanely intense while banging noise came beneath the city wall as the Giant Hammer Bugs slammed the gate continuously.

Initially, the Bug Tribe attempted to send out crawling tribes to crawl over the city wall.

However, not only the humans had splashed some greasy lubricant on the city wall, gravitational formations and other strange barriers were set up to stop any flying, causing the entire city wall to not be able to climb over. It was so thorough that the closer one flew within the areas of the city wall, the more obstacles there were.

It resulted in the Bug Tribe armies on the ground resorting to watching the battle on the ground while waiting for the Giant Hammer Bugs breaking the gate.

Some ten minutes pa.s.sed in a blink of an eye.

The tens of Giant Hammer Bugs finally broke one-third of the barrier on the gate. Judging by the progress, the Bug Tribe army should be able to break the gate and enter some 20 minutes later.

Suddenly, the gate opened.

Before the Bug Tribe managed to react, tens of squads made of high-level Virtual G.o.ds charged from the gate and began killing the bug beasts on the ground in battle formations.

The tens of squads had the ability more powerful than the up to a hundred squads in the sky. The formation leaders were Virtual G.o.d rank-9 powerhouses whereby there were more than 30 people in each squad. The battle formation’s power could fight a fair match with a first-rank True G.o.d.

As the over 30 squads charged, a muscular hunk of over two meters tall charged too.

He wore a golden armor on his body and a helmet. There was a gigantic black s.h.i.+eld on his back.

Lin Huang recognized instantly that the equipment on him was not some ordinary G.o.d relics, but a whole set of defense G.o.d rule relics. The s.h.i.+eld too was a G.o.d rule relic.

Judging by the double-layer defense from the two-piece G.o.d rule relics, they were expensive.

However, the hunk did not partic.i.p.ate in the battle. Instead, he stopped as he arrived at the gate. He turned around with his back facing the Bug Tribe army, took out something from his storage s.p.a.ce and pasted them on the gate.

“What is he doing?”

Countless Bug Tribes were confused to see that.

Lin Huang was stunned at first, he could not hold it but laughed out loud when he saw what the hunk pasted on the gate.

It was only natural of him who had learned the divine patterns that it was a stack of formation talismans in the hunk’s hand. There were all sorts of defense formation patterns imprinted on them.

The hunk’s doing was to restore the defense formations that the Giant Hammer Bugs had damaged on the gate earlier before everyone.

Lin Huang had tears in his eyes from the laugh as he watched the hunk pasted formation talismans on the city gate one after another.

“Who the h.e.l.l thought of that?! That’s some ridiculous operation that I wouldn’t be able to come out with even if I racked my brain!”

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