Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1281 – You Are Too Weak

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Chapter 1281: You Are Too Weak

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The formation of a talisman was a tool commonly used by formation masters. They would imprint formations with Divine Power on the formation talisman beforehand so that they could use it anytime they wanted.

The stack of formation talismans in the hunk’s hand were defense formations. There would be an extra layer of defense formation on the city gate each time a talisman was pasted on it.

The hunk was extremely quick. Within a few breaths of time, he had restored most of the one-third damages the Giant Hammer Bugs’ attacks had caused.

Even though the Bug Tribe had no idea what the hunk was holding in his hand, they could sense the changes on the defense formations on the city gate.

Within 20 seconds, the person restored the damages that the tens of Giant Hammer Bugs had made for some ten minutes.

Noticing that, the Bug Tribe’s upper echelon finally could not hold it back.

A red glow as thin as a hair shot out in the air. It was targeted at the head of the hunk in golden armor who was standing at the city gate.

Not only was this attack extremely fast, but its aura was suppressed to the minimum too.

Just when Lin Huang sensed that with his Divine Telekinesis, the shot had arrived behind the golden-armored hunk. It was less than ten meters away from him.

“Such a quick attack, this is definitely a technique of a fifth or even sixth-rank True G.o.d!” Lin Huang could not help but exclaim.

Seeing that the shot was going to hit the back of the golden-armored hunk, another golden glow shot from the other direction of the sky. It drew an arc in the air, which then collided with the red glow that was almost invisible.

The very next second saw a golden spark exploded that drowned the red glow completely. Stunning fireworks of red and gold fell into the big hordes like a meteor shower.

Any of the Bug Tribe fighters that came into contact with the sparks even for a little bit exploded instantly. They turned into all over the ground.

Lin Huang’s eyes lit up when he saw that.

The reason was that he could tell that the counterattack came from a firearms master. He considered himself half a firearms master before.

Ever since he was out in the world, it was his first time encountering such a powerful firearms master.

“A true G.o.d-level firearms master?!”

Lin Huang stared at the city gate. He wanted to see how that firearms master looked like.

He then saw a silhouette stepped out of the city gate.

It was a man wearing a red trench coat. He was skinny with short hair as white as snow.

“A fifth-rank True G.o.d ambus.h.i.+ng a Virtual G.o.d, aren’t you guys ashamed of yourself?”

The man in the red trench coat looked into a certain direction in the air. There was mockery at the corner of his lips.

A moment later, a commotion came from the air. Tens of Bug Tribe powerhouses revealed themselves.

The leading one was a Bug King that looked 50% to 60% like an ant.

“Nangong Wei, it was you who killed a whole bunch of my virtual G.o.d-level Bug Tribe fighters earlier. Now you’re mocking us for ambus.h.i.+ng you?”

“If you guys didn’t ambush us, do you think I would have to show myself in the battle?” The man in a red trench coat who was called Nangong Wei had powerful majesty even though he was facing tens of intermediate-stage true G.o.d-level Bug Tribe powerhouses alone.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang was secretly guessing the person’s ident.i.ty. “Judging by the attack earlier, this guy is definitely a sixth-rank True G.o.d. Since his last name is Nangong, he’s most probably that human cla.s.s-4 genius that was mentioned in the Bug Tribe group chat earlier.”

“Yi Li, if you think that I’ve mistreated your Bug Tribe members, you can fight me one on one. As long as you agree to that, I definitely won’t say no,” Nangong Wei smirked slightly while saying that extra loud on purpose.

The Bug King across fell silence for a moment, he dared not respond.

The reason why the Bug King was silent was simple. Although they were both cla.s.s-4 powerhouses whereby their ability was similar, he was oppressed by Nangong Wei on a certain level.

The Bug King Yi Li was great in close combat, whereby he was an expert in fighting with strength.

Meanwhile, Nangong Wei was a firearms master. Not only was he an expert in long-distance attack, but his movement and speed were also stunningly fast.

It was impossible for Yi Li to fight him one on one.

Yi Li knew very well that he would be killed by Nangong Wei if he was to fight him one on one. He might not even be able to attack Nangong Wei once.

He knew very well that apart from himself, almost none of the bunch of powerhouses around him could survive three minutes with Nangong Wei.

Although the Bug Tribe had the upper hand of quant.i.ty, none of the high-level powerhouses that he sent at the moment could fight a fair match with Nangong Wei.

As long as Nangong Wei was here, it was impossible to conquer this city.

Meanwhile, Yi Li had considered draining Nangong Wei of his energy with the number of Bug Tribe members. However, he knew very well that the possibility of executing that was slim. With Nangong Wei’s Movement Skill, n.o.body could make him stay if he wanted to move.

To look at the situation by taking a step back, even if Nangong Wei was forced to leave due to the sea of Bug Tribes, Yi Li and the rest would not feel safe even if they had conquered and stayed in the city.

Without the city tying Nangong Wei down by then, he who had complete mobility would be even more threatening. Yi Li and the rest were worried that they would have their guards up at all times to prevent Nangong Wei from ambus.h.i.+ng them secretly.

That was the reason why this city had yet to be conquered after being attacked for so long.

Although Lin Huang had no idea of what the Bug King was thinking about, judging by his silence, the Bug Tribe was fearful of this Nangong Wei.

As the Bug King fell into a moment of silence, the Scorpion Monster next to him spoke seeing the situation.

“Nangong Wei, what makes you think that you’re worthy of challenging the Bug King?!”

The Scorpion Monster shook its red tail slightly. It was terrified of Nangong Wei too. He only mustered its courage to say that just to b.u.t.ter the Bug King up.

Nangong Wei looked away from the Bug King and had his eyes on Scorpion Monster now. A glance was all he took to see the red sting at the back of its tail.

“It was you who attacked the Virtual G.o.d, am I right?”

“St-Stop being so!” The Scorpion Monster yelled at Nangong Wei ferociously and took a small step back at the same time.

A silver pistol appeared in Nangong Wei’s hand. In the next second, a few golden glows shot out of the muzzle.

The golden glows seemed like they defied the law of s.p.a.ce whereby they appeared on the Bug King’s left directly. They prevented him from saving the Scorpion Monster completely.

The Bug King merely lagged for a second, a golden glow shot by its left shoulder and accelerated.

In the next second, purplish-red blood splashed all over the Bug King’s body.

As it turned its head to look left and right, one-third of the Scorpion Monster’s upper body was busted. Its head was completely gone.

“You…” The Bug King was enraged, its compound eyes were bloodshot.

Nangong Wei blew on the muzzle and said looking like he did not care, “I’m not, you’re too weak.”

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