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Chapter 1283: Sword11

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The battle between the Bug King and Nangong Wei was getting more and more intense in the air.

Just like what the Bug King Yi Li expected in the beginning, Nangong Wei had been treating him like he was playing a kite.

Not only Nangong Wei’s gun techniques were amazing, but his body movement and speed were also top-notch.

However, Yi Li was not as weak as the humans had thought it to be. Its speed was nothing slower than Nangong Wei as it flapped its wings rapidly. Although its body movement’s agility was nothing like Nangong Wei, it managed to dodge above 90% of Nangong Wei’s gun attacks.

Moreover, it was more powerful than Nangong Wei in strength and defensive ability.

That was the reason why Nangong Wei had been unwilling to fight with it in close-range combat.

In reality, the duo’s combined ability was on par. It was difficult to determine who was the winner within a short period. However, as their expertise contradicted each other, it might be unfavorable for the Bug King if this went on.

After all, firearms masters were experts in long-distance attacks. The suppression for a combat cultivator that was expert in close-range combat was too much.

As Lin Huang watched the battle secretly, he waited patiently for the chaos to begin.

The battle between Nangong Wei and the Bug King went on for some ten minutes. Suddenly, a b.u.t.terfly-winged Monster attacked from the Bug Tribe’s side all of a sudden.

It turned out the b.u.t.terfly-winged Monster had set up a large, invisible silk web above the clouds the duo was fighting secretly when the Bug King had just started the battle with Nangong Wei.

Seeing that Nangong Wei and Yi Li had stepped into the silk web’s coverage, it then activated the trap that it had set up.

Up to 1,000 silks penetrated the clouds and fell from the sky. As if the prison had fallen upon, it intended to seal Nangong Wei’s activity s.p.a.ce.

The biggest upper hand a firearms master had was a long-distance attack. If he was being restricted in s.p.a.ce, he might not perform 70% of what he had. Furthermore, his opponent was the Bug King, a close-range combat powerhouse who was best in fighting in a small s.p.a.ce.

If the b.u.t.terfly-winged Monster’s plan worked, there might be a turn of the table in the battle between Nangong Wei and the Bug King.

Seeing the silk attack that came out of nowhere, n.o.body could see any emotions on Nangong Wei’s face. However, he was retreating rapidly. He wanted to escape out of the prison before the silk web dropped completely.

Lin Huang was secretly worried about Nangong Wei.

“I think he’s slightly slow, I don’t think he will make it out in time!”

As Nangong Wei was going to be covered in the large silk web, a blood-red sword glow charged above the city wall as if it was going to tear the sky.

Lin Huang could not help but be shocked when he saw the charge of the sword.

The sword had surpa.s.sed all sword skills that he had ever seen before. As the blood-red sword glow lit up above the city wall, it pierced through s.p.a.ce directly and tore the large web made of 1,000 silks into pieces.

At the same time, a terrifying aura above the city wall suppressed the scene.

Lin Huang could feel clearly that it was the integration of Sword Dao and killing intent. He stared deadly at the source of the aura above the city wall.

However, his vision was blocked by the city wall, he could not see anything.

At the moment, the powerhouse stepped out on his own. He crossed the high city wall.

Lin Huang finally saw the person’s face.

It was a man with red hair who looked mediocre. Even his height was merely 1.7m to 1.8m, he was considered short. However, the first thing that Lin Huang noticed was his completely black pupils.

The glance from far away alone gave Lin Huang a feeling that there was a sharp knife lingering his neck. He even felt a faint pain on his skin.

“Is that Sword Dao true meaning? It’s so powerful!”

The man stood on the city wall, he lifted his head to look at the direction where many Bug Tribe powerhouses were standing in the air calmly.

Almost at the same time, Bug King Yi Li’s enraged voice came from the air.

“b.l.o.o.d.y Sword, Sword11! Why are you here?”

“To end this battle of course,” the man with red hair looked at Bug King Yi Li expressionlessly.

“You humans sure are cunning!” That voice came from the Bug Tribe’s camp.

“I wouldn’t attack if that moth didn’t interrupt the battle earlier. It was you guys who broke the rule first, so naturally, we don’t have to follow the rule too.”

What Sword11 said made the Bug Tribe speechless.

The b.u.t.terfly-winged Monster glared at Sword11 furiously. Before it managed to say ‘I’m not a moth’ out loud, it swallowed its words back from Sword11’s stare.

It could not offend such a powerful person.

As Lin Huang was doubting who this Sword11 was, the Bug Tribe’s ‘group chat’ had begun a discussion.

“What’s happening? Why is Sword11 here? Shouldn’t he be in Heavenly Sword City?”

“Even Sword11 is here, there’s no way of us winning this battle now.”

“Who exactly is this Sword11?” Finally, someone asked what Lin Huang wanted to ask at the moment.

“To put it simply, Sword11 is the most powerful sixth-rank True G.o.d human in this star zone!”

“What you said isn’t entirely correct, you should remove the word ‘human’. He’s the most powerful sixth-rank True G.o.d in this star zone, there’s no other person like him.”

“I’ve heard the Queen Mother mentioned that Sword11 is a human cla.s.s-5 genius. His talent and quality are on par with our Bug Tribe’s cla.s.s-5 sovereign-grade Bug Queen…”

Lin Huang finally had a preliminary understanding of Sword11 from the conversations in the ‘group chat’.

“A powerful sword cultivator who masters the Sword Dao true meaning. He must have deep attainment in the Sword Dao true meaning…”

As a sword cultivator powerhouse who was stepping into the Sword Dao true meaning soon, Lin Huang could feel that Sword11’s Sword Dao was much more powerful than his. He must have stepped into the Sword Dao true meaning for a long time.

“Could it be that this guy had obtained the Great Heaven’s Sword Dao inheritance…”

However, the thought merely flashed through Lin Huang’s head, which he then denied it.

“It shouldn’t be. If someone has already taken Great Heaven’s inheritance, the Great Heaven Territory would be sealed automatically as it’s the land of inheritance or it would be inherited by the heir. It wouldn’t be like this, whereby it’s open for people to partic.i.p.ate in the trial.”

“However, judging by Sword11’s rumored quality, the possibility of him being chosen to partic.i.p.ate in the trial to retrieve the Great Heaven’s inheritance should be high. There’s a high chance that he might know something about the Great Heaven’s inheritance!”

Although Lin Huang speculated that Sword11 knew roughly about the Great Heaven’s inheritance, it was a trouble to get him to spill the information.

Sword11 was a sixth-rank True G.o.d himself while his ability might be even higher than that. Lin Huang would have to dodge him if he was to encounter such an expert. With his current ability, even if he showed all of his trump cards, he might not escape from his sword alive. After all, the difference in combat strength was way too much.

“Well, I can only take it one step at a time…”

As Lin Huang’s thoughts were flying around for a while, he looked troubled as he lifted his head to look at the current situation of the battle in the sky.

Everyone was shocked to see Sword11’s attack. Even the Bug King and Nangong Wei who were fighting stopped.

Lin Huang was secretly anxious noticing that the battle was stopping.

‘Don’t stop, keep fighting. If you guys stopped fighting, how am I supposed to sneak into the city?!’

Fortunately, the silence did not last too long, as a change happened on the battlefield again.

Sword11 spoke again calmly, “Yi Li, you have two options now.”

“You either retreat with your armies and this will be the end of everything. You guys don’t need to fight me, and I can save some time to get to the next city.”

“Or, we can fight now. Of course, I can tell you the result in advance. Every one of you would die here, n.o.body would leave this place alive.”

Sword11 glanced through the bunch of Bug Tribe upper echelons without a change of expression on his face, as if he was telling a fact.

All of the Bug Tribe upper echelons who he glanced through dodged the stare, none of them dared to look into his eyes.

Meanwhile, the Bug King was the only one who glared deadly at Sword11. However, it knew very well that Sword11 could say such things indeed.

“I’ll give all of you three minutes to discuss this. Watch the time, I’ll take it as you guys are going for the second option if you guys aren’t done discussing within three minutes.”

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