Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1284 – Blending Into The Battlefield

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Chapter 1284: Blending into the Battlefield

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Sword11, the legendary cla.s.s-5 genius, the most powerful person among sixth-rank true G.o.d-level powerhouses in the Great Heaven Territory. His appearance caught the Bug Tribe off guard.

He was compelling as soon as he showed himself. The Bug King of the same combat strength was nothing to him at all.

However, everyone who had heard of his name knew that he was worthy of saying such a thing.

With Sword11’s talent and potential, he was a cla.s.s-5 supreme G.o.d-level that was on par with Bug Tribe’s Bug Queen. He was one in a million even when he was being compared to in the great world crowded with geniuses.

The Bug King Yi Li did not hesitate much as soon as Sword11 spoke. It peeped at its opponent Nangong Wei that it was fighting earlier, it then flapped its wings and retreated from the battlefield.

As soon as Bug King returned to the area where the Bug Tribe upper echelons were, it reported Sword11’s arrival immediately. It then began discussing with the other upper echelons that were present.

“What do we do now? If Sword11 is here, we might not be able to kill him even if we were to fight together, let alone there would be Nangong Wei whose ability is on par with me providing long-distance a.s.sistance from aside.”

The Bug King felt like its head was exploding.

“Don’t forget that apart from both of them, there are close to 20 intermediate-stage True G.o.ds in Tough City. The number of their high-level combat strength powerhouses are more than us even before Sword11 came.”

“Should we retreat? With Sword11 here, I’m afraid we’re just sitting ducks if we fight forcefully.”

“Retreat? How am I supposed to report to the superior? Forget it if we failed to conquer and retreat on normal days, Queen Mother ordered a general offensive today. Retreating now would mean defection!”

“So, what do you think we should do? Let them kill us like sitting ducks?!”

As the Bug Tribe was having an intense argument, a message popped up in the ‘group chat’ all of a sudden.

The message was written in gold.

“The superior has acknowledged the situation with Sword11. The general offensive plan has been set, there’s no turning back! Bug King Yi Li, stall Sword11 with the army, support is on the way!”

The upper echelons including Yi Li looked terrible when they saw the message.

“We can’t retreat, and we’ll have to stall Sword11, are they trying to get us killed?”

“Alright, stop it now. We’ll be in trouble if the superior heard our grumble,” Yi Li comforted feeling helpless. “Such an arrangement is for the sake of the big picture. They would not ruin the entire battle plan just for the safety of a minor group in the battle.”

“Since we can’t retreat now, we can only fight. Let us think about the strategies of how to stall longer. Since they said support is on the way, I don’t think they’re messing with us. We will survive as long as we can until support is here!”

Since Yi Li and the rest had no freedom of choice, they could only use the remaining time to discuss the strategies.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang who was hiding under the Giant Beetle’s carca.s.s was secretly laughing. He too saw the message.

“It seems like the Bug Tribe isn’t retreating. As soon as Sword11 came in, the current high-level combat strength among the humans in the battle of Tough City is sufficient to suppress the Bug Tribe. However, the Queen Mother’s order is to stall Sword11, Yi Li and the rest must be secretly cursing. I wonder what their next plan is.”

As Lin Huang was thinking of that, another message popped up on the ‘group chat’ again.

It was written in red this time, indicating clearly that the message was sent by Bug King Yi Li.

“Inform all members to take my order later, we will launch a general offensive directly! Everyone must partic.i.p.ate in the battle enthusiastically, give your all and last until reinforcements come!”

Bug King Yi Li looked at Sword11 from far after sending the message.

“We’ve made up our mind!”

“So, your choice would be…” Sword11 raised his brows. He realized that the opponent had made their decision before the three-minute that he gave was up.

“Our decision is very simple, there’s only one word – Fight!”

As soon as Yi Li was done speaking, it took the lead and charged head-on. It was hard to believe that its target was directed at the most powerful one on the battlefield, which was Sword11.

The over 20 Bug Tribe powerhouses behind it seemed to have charged at the same time.

A sea of bug beasts charged up to the sky, the sun was covered. They were charging above the city wall even more fearlessly now.

Countless bug beasts on the ground were in mania as if they were in the great migration. They dashed toward the city gate. The ground was shaking from the bug horde.

Meanwhile, Sword11 who was on the city wall scoffed. Seeing Bug King Yi Li’s arrival with the armies, he did not have the means to retreat at all. He tapped the tip of his toe on the city wall and leaped. He was going after Bug King Yi Li.

Not far away, Nangong Wei did not hesitate at all as he saw what was happening. He ordered with a cold expression.


As his order came, tens of True G.o.ds led the charge. They went after the Bug Tribe’s upper echelons’ direction.

Subsequently, a sea of virtual G.o.d-level powerhouses charged above the city wall and beneath the city gate. They blended into the bug horde.

Lin Huang knew that the opportunity had come.

Very soon, attacks arrived at the area where he was hiding.

Lin Huang removed his Bug Tribe disguise and changed into a human face. However, he did not remove his disguise completely. Instead of using his real appearance, he used Lin Xie’s face.

Of his combat strength, he disguised it into Virtual G.o.d rank-3.

After scanning through with Divine Telekinesis for a little while, Lin Huang got out of the bug sh.e.l.l seizing the opportunity. He held a long battle sword and killed a beginner-stage virtual G.o.d-level bug beast.

Subsequently, he became one of the members on the battlefield under the sun. He wandered among the bugs ‘carefully’ as he looked for his hunting target.

Naturally, he was pretending to be careful. After all, his disguised combat strength was merely Virtual G.o.d rank-3. He could only hunt for low virtual G.o.d-level bugs.

It was not that he did not want to kill more Bug Tribe fighters. Instead, he could only stay low profile at such a time. He had to try his best to not let anyone notice his existence. That was the only way with the highest probability for him to sneak into the city.

He would attract unnecessary attention if he was too eye-catching in his performance. He could not afford to have his ident.i.ty being investigated.

Lin Huang could seize the opportunity to familiarize himself with his sword skill. He even avoided attacking the bug beasts’ crucial parts as much as he could so that he would not kill a bug beast in one hit.

However, a human lady nearby noticed his behavior.

She spoke to him through voice transmission, “Sh.e.l.l-type Bug Tribe has a stunning defense, your way of attack has low efficiency. Their weaknesses are their stomach, waist joint, eyes, mouth, and a.n.u.s. Attack their weaknesses when you get the chance to do so, at least the efficiency would be a fold higher than what you’re doing at the moment.”

“Thank you,” Lin Huang thanked her. Noticing that the lady was still watching him as she fought, he immediately shoved his sword into the waist joint of a bug beast that he found next to him.

Seeing that Lin Huang killed a couple of bug beasts by attacking their weaknesses, the lady only left at ease and proceeded to look for more hunting targets.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang went back to his initial sword practicing mode.

He followed the battle situation in the sky secretly while he practiced sword.

The battle had just begun for a few minutes, the human powerhouses Sword11 led were suppressing the Bug Tribe’s camp all the way.

However, Lin Huang noticed that Bug King Yi Li and the rest were hardly taking the initiative to attack so that they could stall. They were dodging and defending the humans’ attacks with all sorts of techniques. They did not even attack once after fighting for a few minutes.

However, what Lin Huang was curious about was that he had a feeling that Sword11 and the rest were not giving their all too. They seemed to be stalling too, it was just that they were more secretive about it.

It had caused the battle to look intense without any effective result. Half an hour later, Sword11 and the rest had only killed three Bug Tribe True G.o.ds.

Although they were trying to survive with all of their might, never had Bug King Yi Li and the rest thought that they could last for half an hour.

‘I wonder when will this end if the situation remains the same,’ Lin Huang thought to himself secretly.

Some ten minutes had pa.s.sed, a dimensional stir came on the battlefield all of a sudden.

A Dimensional Whirlpool formed rapidly in the air, causing many on the battlefield to watch.

Lin Huang too was watching the Dimensional Whirlpool while practicing sword.

The black Dimensional Whirlpool merely took three to five seconds to stabilize completely. It was swirling quickly.

A gigantic, pitch-black bug leg stretched out of the whirlpool…

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