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Chapter 1286: Sun Slash

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Sword11 attacked with all his might, and in a mere dozen seconds or so, he had unleashed several tens of thousands of slashes. However, not a single one of his slashes penetrated the t.i.tan Bug’s defenses. They only left light white marks on the t.i.tan Bug’s black armor, and even those white scratches were repaired in an instant.

The t.i.tan Bug even ignored Sword11’s existence completely. It looked toward the direction of Tough City in the distance, excitement s.h.i.+ning in all eighteen of its pupils.

Within slightly over ten seconds, its body escaped from the Dimensional Whirlpool completely.

Only then did the others see this creature in its entirety. It was as large as a supreme giant, and its eight enormous pitch-black insect legs were almost a thousand meters long. Its body was even larger, making it look like a giant mountain walking on eight gigantic pillars.

It stretched out a leg and stomped on the ground, every stride taking it a kilometer forward. Its steps caused tremendous tremors, as though they were experiencing an earthquake.

After it put its feet onto the ground, the t.i.tan Bug grew even more excited.

The city not too far away looked to it like a parcel waiting to be opened. It especially liked the feeling of tearing open a parcel.

It even began to sprint toward the ‘parcel’ impatiently.

Sword11 tried his best to stop it, swinging his blade again and again, but it was no use. He could not stop the t.i.tan Bug at all.

The t.i.tan Bug did not even look at him, ignoring him completely.

The pair of ninth-rank True G.o.d Bug Tribes atop the t.i.tan Bug did not bother with him either. They just gave Sword11 a jeering grin from high up above.

To the two of them, nothing pleased them more than the powerlessness in Sword11’s expression.

Within just four or five seconds, the t.i.tan Bug had crossed the entire battlefield and was pouncing at the Rough City walls.

Just as it was about to reach the wall, a bolt of purple lightning shot out of the city, aimed straight toward the t.i.tan Bug’s head. At the same time, there was a colorless ripple from inside the city, sweeping toward the t.i.tan Bug like a wave.

The lightning seemed to have a numbing effect. After making contact with it, the t.i.tan Book shook its head a little.

As for that colorless ripple, it seemed to have a speed-reducing event. Nevertheless, it could only make the t.i.tan Bug pause for an instant, less than 0.1 seconds. Soon, the t.i.tan Bug was back to moving like normal.

After those two attacks, two figures appeared in the sky above the city wall, one after another. They took their places next to Sword11.

One was a muscular man with a full golden beard, his body crawling with electricity.

The other was a woman in a black dress, holding a long white jade flute in her hand.

“The t.i.tan Bug is immune to most energy attacks, and only a tenth of the power of our attacks remain when they land on it. We can’t stop it at all!” The lightning man’s brows furrowed deeply. He had no idea how to stop the enemy for now.

The woman in the black dress next to him said expressionlessly, “It’s immune to my soul attacks too. This monster has reached the G.o.d order-level (True G.o.d), and I’m afraid only a G.o.d sequence-level (True G.o.d) powerhouse can kill it.”

“We can’t protect this city anymore. And not just this city, either. With the t.i.tan Bug around, none of the other cities left in this world have defense formations or barriers strong enough to last more than half an hour. If the cities fall, considering how many bugs there are, not a single person will be able to survive.” With those words, the woman in the black dress turned her head and looked at Sword11. “Right now, the wisest thing to do would be to give up on this planet completely and try to transport as many people away as we can before the cities are overrun. Thankfully, we already safely evacuated all of the civilians a few months ago. The only ones left are combatants, and there aren’t too many of them. We can evacuate at least 70% of them within half an hour.”

In the time it had taken the three of them to discuss this, the t.i.tan Bug had already pounced onto the dimensional portal on the city wall. It opened its mandibles wide and began to chew on the dimensional portal.

Its mandibles looked like they were made of several hundred pairs of giant scissors and pliers. They could jolt several million times in an instant, and as it chewed away, the defense formation and barrier soon shattered, a layer at a time.

In front of the t.i.tan Bug, the city wall was as fragile as an eggsh.e.l.l.

When he saw the t.i.tan Bug devouring the city wall’s defenses, Sword11 gripped the hilt of his sword tightly with his right hand.

After a second, he turned around to look at the two people next to him.

“I have a move that might be able to kill this t.i.tan Bug. After that one slash, though, I’ll have to leave the rest to you two.”

“Don’t be a fool, Sword11. Even if you kill this one, there are several dozen others at the other cities. Once the other cities are overrun, this one won’t be able to last either.” The lightning man did not have to guess to know that Sword11 was referring to a forbidden skill. There was a high chance he would suffer some damage too if he used it, and it might even kill him. The lightning man did not want to see a proud Five-star genius like Sword11 die here.

“I know. I just want to buy us a bit more time so we can send everyone away.” Sword11 looked at the lightning man with determination in his eyes. “The remaining 30% are human lives too.”

His last sentence silenced the lightning man.

“What are the chances you’ll be able to kill this t.i.tan Bug?” asked the woman in black after a short silence.

“About 50%, I guess. I’m not too confident myself. I never used this move before, after all,” said Sword11 somewhat uncertainly. “Even if I can’t kill it, I should be able to seriously wound it and slow down its destruction of the city.”

“What are the repercussions of you using this move?” the girl in black continued to ask.

“I’ll definitely use up all my Divine Power, and there’s a high chance I’ll suffer the recoil, because this move is a lot to take on. I don’t know how bad the recoil will be, though.” Sword11 smiled helplessly. “I just hope I won’t die.”

“The way I see it, it’s not worth sacrificing a Five-star genius for eighty thousand people,” said the woman in black. “But if you insist, I won’t stop you. Although I think you’re being quite foolish, I also respect your decision.”

“Since Xiao Di already said that, it seems like I shouldn’t try to stop you anymore either,” said the lightning man with a laugh. “Go and do what you must. I’ll make sure to drag you back as soon as you’re done.”

Just then, an amused voice spoke from above the t.i.tan Bug’s head.

“Hey, are you three done with your chit chat? If you don’t stop soon, we’ll have destroyed the entire city wall!”

The Bug Tribe was purposely taunting them. The three of them had been communicating with Divine Telekinesis, so while it seemed like they took some time, only an instant had actually pa.s.sed. They did not waste any time at all.

“If you’re in such a hurry to die, we’ll fulfill your wishes!” As soon as the lightning man said that, his body turned into a bolt of lightning that shot out and crashed into one of the Bug Tribes on the t.i.tan Bug’s back.

The woman in black looked at the other Bug Tribe and brought her flute to her lips with a smile.

The two of them had chosen a Bug Tribe True G.o.d as their opponent, and Sword11 did not waste any time either. With a flash, he appeared right in front of the t.i.tan Bug.

He held his silver battle sword in front of him, one hand on the hilt and the other palm sweeping across the blade. After that, he wiped his dark red blood down the blade, from the hilt all the way to the tip, staining the entire blade with his blood.

The next second, the entire blade turned scorching red, as though it had been heated over a flame.

Sword11’s exposed skin was also burning as red as fire right now.

His hands, his neck, his entire head, his eyeb.a.l.l.s, and even his hair… He looked like a creature made completely of lava.

Even the air around his body began to heat up. The temperature of the battlefield around him began to rise as well.

Following the simultaneous change in his body, Sword11 gripped the sword hilt with both his hands, but he did not unsheathe his sword. Instead, he continued to gather energy for this one slash.

As Divine Power rapidly surged into his body, the temperature of the blood kept rising, and that fiery red color grew ever brighter.

Within a few short seconds, the entire battlefield grew at least thirty degrees hotter.

Lin Huang felt as though he had been thrown into a sauna. The temperature had been a comfortable twenty degrees earlier, but it had risen to fifty and more in the blink of an eye.

The color of Sword11’s body changed alongside that of his blade, but it was clear that the heat emanating from the blade was becoming more and more painful to him. Nevertheless, he held in there.

It was only when the blade and his body were both a piercing golden-red that his blade began to emit golden-red sparks…

Just then, Sword11’s eyes spewed golden-red flames as well. Golden-red flakes fell off his hands and face, like scales off a molting snake, floating into the air.

He knew that he had taken this slash as far as he could go.

“Sun Slas.h.!.+”

With that low holler, Sword11’s entire body merged together with the battle sword, turning into a flash of golden-red light that crashed toward the t.i.tan Bug.

That slash finally gave the t.i.tan Bug a feeling of danger. However, it had been too occupied with eating the defense formation earlier, so by the time it sensed the danger, it was already too late to dodge. When it saw the sword gleam cleaving through the sky, it tried to turn its head around in a panic. It tried to avoid this attack coming right at it, but it was already too late.

The golden-red light ripped the void apart and crashed down like a meteor, carrying with it infinite force and fire as it crashed onto the t.i.tan Bug with a boom.

The moment it made contact, the light immediately exploded, and the golden-red explosion of flames was like a giant spear that instantly pierced through heaven and earth alike. The golden-red light shot out in all directions endlessly, illuminating an entire side of the planet.

In that instant, it was not just Tough City. Every creature on the planet felt the temperature rise abruptly to that of a hot summer day.

Not only that, everyone on the battlefields of the five remaining cities on the planet saw a blinding light that outshone even that of the star.

This flash of golden-red light lasted for a good two to three minutes before it finally faded.

As soon as Lin Huang regained the use of his eyes, he saw that the t.i.tan Bug that had been hunkered over the city wall was now completely gone. In the midst of his surprise, he suddenly realized there was a new mountain several kilometers away.

It was only when he looked carefully that he realized the mountain was none other than the t.i.tan Bug that had been camping on the city wall’s defense formation.

A third of that t.i.tan Bug’s head had vanished completely, and there was even a deep sword cut on its neck. The cut was clearly badly scorched.

“It’s been killed?!”

Lin Huang was secretly ecstatic, as were the other humans.

Their visions began to clear, and that was what they saw.

Just as Lin Huang heaved a soft sigh of relief, though, the “dead” t.i.tan Bug lying on the ground suddenly moved again. The missing chunk of its head also began to regenerate at a visible speed…

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