Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1290 – Golden City

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Chapter 1290: Golden City

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A glance in the direction of the dimensional portal told him that the mid-level Virtual G.o.ds were not done leaving yet. As a result, Lin Huang’s entire body tensed up.

He had already sealed away the last two t.i.tan Bugs, which meant that the Bug Tribe Heavenly G.o.d did not have any more p.a.w.ns to test the waters with. Lin Huang had no idea what he would do next.

Judging by the teleportation rate here at Tough City, it would be at least another five minutes before it was his turn to use the portal.

He had even already prepared a Grade-3 Escape Card. It could get him off Heavenly Spirit Planet, but the location it sent him to would be completely random.

Thankfully, his nerves did not stay taut for long. Soon, the watchtower sent them some shocking news.

The Bug Tribe had retreated!

When he heard that news, Lin Huang was stunned at first, but then he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The others may not know what had happened, but he knew perfectly well. His gamble had paid off. Perhaps after all his scouting attempts failed, that Bug Tribe Heavenly G.o.d finally chose to give up.

However, what he did not know was the rules of the cards had injured the Braintipede and scared the cautious Braintipede off. That was why he chose to retreat without hesitation.

The other humans in Tough City were confused at first, but after a while, some of them began to cheer, and soon cheers reverberated throughout the entire city.

The many low- and mid-level Virtual G.o.ds that had thought they would end up dying with Tough City realized that the danger was over now, and their pent-up emotions finally found release.

Some of them roared and howled, some of them sprinted as fast as they could. Some wept quietly, while others wailed loudly…

Even Nangong Wei heaved a huge sigh of relief. When he decided to stay, he had been determined from the start to die here.

He was also one of the few people who knew that a Bug Tribe Heavenly G.o.d had arrived. When he saw the t.i.tan Bugs approaching, one after another, he knew very well that this was just a test. Thankfully, after three rounds of tests, the Bug Tribe Heavenly G.o.d chose not to attack after all. Perhaps the enemy was wary of the unknown powerhouse on their side.

Although he was curious to know who the unknown powerhouse who killed those t.i.tan Bugs was, and how strong this person truly was, Nangong Wei wisely chose to let it go.

The fact that the powerhouse helped them secretly meant that they did not want to be known. If Nangong Wei tried to find out by force, there was a chance he might anger this unknown powerhouse instead.

Collecting himself slightly, Nangong Wei looked at the somewhat chaotic scene below and spoke once more.

“The retreat of the Bug Tribe army only means that Tough City is safe for now. However, the appearance of the other four t.i.tan Bugs earlier proves that the other four cities have been defeated. It’s only a matter of time before the Bug Tribe comes back.

“I can understand that you’re happy we survived this, but I hope you will look at the bigger picture first and retreat in an orderly line. Once we have retreated to somewhere safe, we can let ourselves go then…”

Nangong Wei’s words calmed most of the people down, and they lined up again properly.

The few who still wanted to celebrate wildly hurriedly joined the lines again when they saw how everyone else was lining up now.

Lin Huang stood in line, but a part of his consciousness had delved into his internal world.

Amidst the many Monster Cards, there were five new blue-colored Epic-level Monster Cards.

The front side of the card depicted the t.i.tan Bugs that had just vanished from the battlefield.

The combat level of these five cards was simply too high, so they could not be summoned for now.

Lin Huang knew very well that he could lower the five Monster Cards’ levels. Once he lowered them down to virtual G.o.d-level, he could summon them as usual. However, he refrained.

The reason was very simple. These five t.i.tan Bugs were Epic-level Monster Cards, and their combat level cost the Bug Tribe Queen Mother a great number of ingredients and a ton of energy. That was why they were born so strong. If their combat level was reduced to virtual G.o.d-level, they could not be raised to true G.o.d-level again, not unless he used an Advance Card to raise them to mythical level.

Lin Huang had his own plans for these five cards.

Once he reached the true G.o.d-level, he would summon these five t.i.tan Bugs as soon as he could and advance them all to mythical level.

Epic-level t.i.tan Bugs were already unbelievably powerful. In terms of power and defense alone, they far surpa.s.sed most mythical-level monsters. Lin Huang could not quite imagine how strong they could become if he advanced these bug beasts to the mythical level.

Soon enough, it was Lin Huang’s turn to take the dimensional portal.

Perhaps it was because he was more relaxed now, but Lin Huang felt like the line was moving much faster than he expected.

He stepped into the dimensional portal with a bunch of others and turned his eye to the distant city walls.

He had only been in Great Heaven Territory for a day, but he had not expected so many things would happen here.

He disguised himself as a Bug Tribe member, joined the battlefield, snuck into a human city, earned five t.i.tan Bug cards, and scared off a Bug Tribe Heavenly G.o.d…

There was a high chance he would not return to this planet anymore, and even if he did, this city would certainly look different from how it was now.

With that thought in mind, Lin Huang watched his vision sway. A second later, his surroundings were completely different.

“Welcome back to Golden City, heroes from the battlefield!”

A few stylishly-dressed female greeters stood outside the dimensional portal and shouted in unison.

Golden City was not the name of a city. Instead, it was a planet in the safe zone within the humans’ anterior star zone.

Although it was not one of humanity’s core territories, it was almost as developed as some of the core planets.

There was only one reason for that. This was where human warriors came to splurge, a heaven of money and opulence.

The entire planet had only one city, and most stores in this city provided entertainment.

There was an entire range of them. No matter what kind of a service you wanted, you could get it as long as you could pay for it.

Women, men, foreign tribes, and even monsters… As long as you could afford it, you can enjoy any services.

Aside from that, this planet had the largest black market in the entire star zine as well.

You could buy just about anything in this black market with the right money. All sorts of equipment, illegal items, information… Everything was there for the taking.

Legend even had it that someone once sold a Bug Tribe Queen Mother on this black market. Of course, it was only a virtual G.o.d-level Queen Mother larva.

By the time Lin Hung searched up the information about this planet, more than ten minutes had pa.s.sed.

The moment he obtained a map, he headed right for Golden City’s black market.

He needed a more detailed star map, information about more planets, and even information about the entire Great Heaven Territory in general…

After all, his final aim here in Great Heaven Territory was to earn the Great Heaven inheritance. Even if the chances were slim, he did not intend to just give up on it.

“Sword11 should know more about the Great Heaven inheritance, so if I want to get it, he’ll be my biggest clue. Besides, he used the same dimensional portal as I did, so there’s a high chance he’s in Golden City too. As for how I’m supposed to find him, I’ll have to think of something. For the next couple of days, I should just get whatever information I can find…”

He organized his thoughts at the entrance to the black market street, but once he figured it out, he strode right into it.

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