Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1291 – Torch And Frontier

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Chapter 1291: Torch and Frontier

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The biggest information broker in the Golden City black market was known as Mute Pavillion.

It was called that to show just how well they kept their secret information. It did not matter what information their clients tried to buy or sell; it would never be leaked.

However, Lin Huang had his doubts about Mute Pavillion’s secrecy. As an information broker who would sell anything, it was not impossible for them to sell their own clients’ confidential information, as long as the price was right.

Since Mute Pavillion was larger than life in both their physical premises and their reputation, Lin Huang found the store without too much trouble.

As soon as he walked through the door, a tall woman in what looked like a qipao greeted him. Lin Huang noticed that the other employees in the store wore something like a “qipao” too, but the colors and designs were different. Each outfit was clearly designed for the wearer, showing off the women’s bodies perfectly.

Every employee was young and beautiful, with seductive bodies and natural-born auras. If you placed any one of them on Earth, there would probably be a top-rated entertainment company throwing money at them to try and make them into their signature star.

Lin Huang gave them a glance before pulling his gaze back.

“Good day, sir. May I know if you’re here to provide or gather information?”

“Gather,” Lin Huang said honestly.

“Please come with me.” The woman nodded with a smile and led Lin Huang up to the second floor.

Lin Huang followed behind her, and when he saw the way her body swayed in front of him, he could not help but sigh inwardly.

“This Mute Pavillion sure is wealthy, and it shows. It probably costs a bomb just to train employees like these.”

Soon enough, the woman led Lin Huang to the door of a room.

“Room 203 was just vacated. Please go in, sir.”

With those words, the woman slowly pulled the door open and lowered her head slightly, waiting for Lin Huang to go inside.

After Lin Huang walked in, the woman slowly closed the door and turned to leave.

Once inside the room, Lin Huang realized that it was bigger than he first expected, and the decor was not mysterious in the slightest either. It just looked like the lobby of a fancy hotel.

The counter was something like a bar counter, and another beautiful woman sat behind it, wearing a short white s.h.i.+rt. As for her lower half, it was obscured by the counter.

“Good day, sir. How may I help you today?”

“Firstly, I want a star map, covering as much land as possible, and the more the detailed, the better. Secondly, I want information on all the main factions and races, as detailed as possible. Thirdly, I want information about the secret zones and ruins. Fourthly, I want personal info on Sword11…”

After spending a considerable amount of Divine Stones, Lin Huang received almost all the information he wanted. The only things he did not ask about was the Great Heaven inheritance and treasure, because he could not be sure what asking about that would get him.

Still, his purchase of information told Lin Huang one thing. Perhaps because the resources were more scarce here, the purchasing power of Divine Stones was higher than in the great worlds. It was about ten times higher here than in the G.o.d Territory.

The cheapest G.o.d rule relic in the great world cost at least a million Divine Stones, but here in the Great Heaven Territory, prices started at a hundred thousand or so. Even really high-quality expert-grade G.o.d rule relics cost no more than three or four million Divine Stones.

As for Divine Crystals, they were so rare that they were not even used as currency here.

After he walked out of Mute Pavillion’s main entrance, Lin Huang could immediately sense someone spying on him from the shadows.

His Telekinesis was as strong as a Nine Rotation Virtual G.o.d’s, and after he merged it with the seventh level, Seamless, it was as strong as a first-rank True G.o.d now. Even his soul’s sensing ability was much stronger now.

Even so, he could only sense that he was being watched. He could not tell where the gaze was coming from.

Without knowing his observer’s motives, Lin Huang calmly left Mute Pavillion. However, he did not immediately leave the black market. Instead, he began to browse the shops.

After he went to a few more shops, he could be a hundred percent sure that those eyes were on him specifically.

After all, the feeling of being watched never once stopped.

That left Lin Huang rather confused. “Ever since I entered the Great Heaven Territory, I don’t think I ever offended anyone. No one could possibly know that I scared off the Bug Tribe Heavenly G.o.d either. So why on earth are they watching me now?

He did not know their motive nor where they were hiding. Once he was sure that they were targeting him, Lin Huang entered another store and immediately used Thousand Face to put on a disguise before striding out of the shop.

As expected, the feeling of being watched vanished without a trace this time.

A minute later, a tiny lizard crawled into the shop Lin Huang had entered earlier via the walls. Its large green eyes looked around the place before it crawled out of the store again.

On the third floor of a cafe on the black market street, a ponytailed woman’s hand froze in mid-air, still holding her teacup. She frowned slightly. “He’s gone?!”

After Lin Huang put on a disguise and left the shop, he never felt that gaze on him again.

After all, Thousand Face was the best G.o.d sequence relic for disguises. Aside from the strongest Heavenly G.o.ds, no one could see through his disguise at all.

Upon leaving the black market, he took a detour of several hundred kilometers and used Thousand Face to swap between five different ident.i.ties, all so he could avoid any other unknown eyes on him, even the ones he may not have noticed. Finally, he found a shady hotel that did not require doc.u.mentation and checked in there.

There were several tens of thousands of shady hotels like that, even more than there were legal hotels. Since there were so many of them, the compet.i.tion was fierce, and the shady hotels ended up with facilities and services that were no worse than most legal hotels.

After he checked in and entered his room, Lin Huang read through the information he had bought off the black market.

The star map he bought off the black market was much more detailed than the one b.l.o.o.d.y had obtained earlier.

This star map encompa.s.sed almost all the star zones around humanity. Not only did it contain detailed information about each star zone, it even described many planets in detail.

The star zones depicted in this one star map were larger in area than the places the Protoss had discovered over several hundred thousand years.

When he read the second set of information, Lin Huang raised an eyebrow just a few lines into the doc.u.ment.

“There are four human Heavenly G.o.ds?!”

He continued reading and found out that the humans in the Great Heaven Territory were divided into two factions, led by two Heavenly G.o.ds each.

There were no so-called governments, only the two ultrpowerful human factions.

One was called Torch, and the other Frontier.

Torch believed that humans should preserve the purity of their bloodline, and members of this faction were forbidden from marrying those of other races. Their final aim was to pa.s.s down the torch of human civilization down the generations.

Frontier’s principles were completely different. They believed that there was no point in maintaining the purity of one’s bloodline, and they prioritized survival instead. They encouraged anything that could make them stronger, including starting wars to rob other races of resources, performing genetic surgery, and breeding with powerful bloodlines… In many ways, they explored the frontier of the unknown.

The two factions were extremely ideologically opposed, yet their territories neighbored each other, so there were always conflicts between the two sides.

This area Lin Huang was currently in belonged to Torch.

During Torch’s great war with the Bug Tribe this time around, Frontier had been watching coldly from the sidelines. In fact, they should be praised for not stabbing Frontier in the back.

When Lin Huang read the explanation in the file, he was a little exasperated too.

“To think they can end up in a faction war under these circ.u.mstances… As I expected of humanity.”

Aside from the information on humanity, this file included intel on the other twenty-odd races nearby.

Lin Huang read each of them, one at a time.

The third set told him about the secret zones and ruins.

To Lin Huang’s surprise, there were quite a few secret zones and ruins in the Great Heaven Territory. This file alone listed fifty to sixty of them, most of them left behind by peak-level True G.o.ds and some Heavenly G.o.ds after their demise. However, there was no mention of the Great Heaven inheritance or Great Heaven treasure.

Lin Huang even looked at the timings and saw that there were no secret zones or ruins that would open up soon.

After he put down the third file, Lin Huang looked toward the fourth set of info — Sword11’s personal information.

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