Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1295 – Eat It While It’s Hot

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Chapter 1295: Eat It While It’s Hot

Before he received the information about Swordfiend Abyss, Lin Huang had many ideas about what it could entail. After he read the information Sword11 sent over, though, he realized that the contents of the test were far simpler than he had expected. He also understood why sixth-rank Heavenly G.o.ds died there as well, but it somehow made him a tad more confident that he could pa.s.s it.

Since he knew that he did not really need to prepare anything before entering Swordfiend Abyss, Lin Huang teleported away from Golden City the very afternoon after he obtained the information.

Swordfiend Abyss was at the border between human and Abyssal Tribe land.

It was actually a battlefield as well, but this was not wartime, so there were not many people on the battlefield. There were only the occasional human and Abyssal Tribe powerhouses hunting each other down.

However, perhaps because Swordfiend Abyss was simply too infamous, it seemed only Virtual G.o.ds ever appeared on this battlefield. True or Heavenly G.o.ds barely ever showed up here at all.

Lin Huang spent a day and a half going through more than twenty dimensional portals before he finally arrived at this battlefield.

As he sprinted down the land, he b.u.mped into a few human Virtual G.o.ds as well, all high-level ones.

Usually, when one encountered a fellow human, most people would choose to invite them into their group and hunt together as a team. However, Lin Huang disguised his battle power to look like he was only a grade-3 Virtual G.o.d, so the ones who saw him decided to just ignore him. After all, his combat level was too low, so he would not be able to help them. In fact, they were more worried he would slow them down.

Lin Huang did not know all that. His aim was Swordfiend Abyss, and he was quite glad that no one tried to disturb him. It made his journey smoother.

However, after he sprinted for more than two hours and entered the depths of the battlefield, he finally b.u.mped into a hunter from the Abyssal Tribe.

It was a grade-8 Virtual G.o.d abyssal monster that looked like a giant pure-black jellyfish. However, it had several dozen emerald eyeb.a.l.l.s.

When it first noticed Lin Huang, the jellyfish monster was ecstatic. It had barely raised its several dozen tentacles, however, before it saw a dark red flash of b.l.o.o.d.y light slice through the sky.

The next instant, it abruptly froze before its body slumped helplessly. Before its body could even hit the ground, an invisible string tugged at it, and it vanished.

Lin Huang did not even pause, not slowing down for even a fraction as he went right over where the jellyfish monster had just been.

At the same time, a dark red b.l.o.o.d.y gleam twinkled in the sky, darting into Lin Huang’s sleeve.

That was right. Lin Huang had killed this grade-8 virtual G.o.d-level abyssal monster with one hit.

He did not even draw his sword, using only a telekinetic flying dagger.

By now, his Telekinesis was as strong as that of a first-rank True G.o.d, and he also had the G.o.d rule relic-level telekinetic weapon the Club gave him not too long ago. His attack power was strong enough to threaten a first-rank true G.o.d-level powerhouse, so what was a mere grade-8 virtual G.o.d-level abyssal monster to him?

Perhaps it was because he had entered the depths of the battlefield, but after the jellyfish monster, Lin Huang b.u.mped into five other abyssal hunters over the next three hours. All of them were high-level virtual G.o.d-level powerhouses, and there was even one grade-9 virtual G.o.d-level.

Nevertheless, Lin Huang killed them all with one hit, with no exceptions.

The combination of his true G.o.d-level Telekinesis and the G.o.d rule relic-level telekinetic weapon, as well as Lin Huang’s decisive attacking style, meant that none of these abyssal monsters could exchange even one blow with him.

Although he did into six abyssal monsters in total along the way, Lin Huang never slowed down for even a second throughout the entire time. He still arrived at the entrance to Swordfiend Abyss before sundown.

When he saw the sky over the battlefield turning dark, Lin Huang decided to set up his tent next to the Swordfiend Abyss entrance.

That was right. He wanted to rest.Read more chapter on our

Although two days of traveling would not affect him too badly, he would still prefer to enter Swordfiend Abyss in his best shape.

That was why he boldly decided to sleep at the Swordfiend Abyss entrance. Before that, he had even planned a nice meal to enjoy. After all, he might not have the time to eat once the trial started.

The compressed tent from the gravel world automatically constructed itself within seconds. Lin Huang spread out a large picnic rug not far from the tent, taking out the food and fire crystal reheater he had prepared beforehand.

At the same time, he summoned Bai.

The moment a black-robed Bai was summoned, he noticed that there were no enemies around, so he looked at Lin Huang in slight confusion.

He was always a man of few words, so he did not ask anything. Nevertheless, his gaze was clearly inquisitive.

Lin Huang took his time putting two hamburgers into the reheater, and he set the timer before sitting down on the picnic rug. Patting the cus.h.i.+on he was sitting on, he smiled at Bai and said, “Have a seat.”

Bai did not say anything, sitting down quietly while his eyes explored his surroundings.

When he noticed the bottomless abyss nearby and found that he could not explore Swordfiend Abyss with his telekinesis, he instinctively frowned a little. Although he could not read anything from Swordfiend Abyss, his instincts told him that this was a very dangerous place.

After a moment’s silence, he realized that Lin Huang had no intention of explaining, so he finally broke his silence and asked,

“What is this place?”

“That’s Swordfiend Abyss down there. I guess you could call it an inheritance land.” Lin Huang had been staring at the reheater, but now he finally turned around to smile at Bai. “As for the place we’re standing on right now, it’s a battlefield for humans and Abyssal Tribes. It’s ceasefire for now, though.”

“Do you want me to go to the inheritance land with you?” Bai asked.

“No need for that. This is an inheritance land purely for sword cultivators.” Lin Huang shook his head. “Stand watch through the night for me. I need to be properly rested.

“Okay.” Bai finally understood his job, but after a second, he asked somewhat worriedly, “Why don’t you call Killer and those Bug Tribe sword cultivators to go with you?”

“They’ll die in there.” Lin Huang shook his head.

Bai wanted to ask in detail, but then he heard a “ding” from the heater. Lin Huang hurriedly stood up and took out two sets of hamburgers.

He gave Bai one set before taking another two cups of juice from his s.p.a.ce storage and giving one cup to Bai.

This world had burgers and fries but no, so he had to replace it with juice.

“Eat it while it’s hot. It won’t taste good once it’s cold.” Lin Huang ate the burger he was holding as he took out two sets of fries and put them into the reheater.

It was not Bai’s first time eating a burger, but this time his heart was heavy as he ate.

By the time Lin Huang finished everything, Bai was only halfway through his burger.

“This burger doesn’t taste as good as the gravel world’s, but it’s not that bad, is it?” Lin Huang asked with some surprise.

“It’s not the burger.” Bai shook his head and pointed at the Swordfiend Abyss nearby. “My instincts tell me it’s very dangerous down there.”

“If it won’t work, I’ll retreat in time,” Lin Huang comforted him with a laugh.

Once Bai was done with his meal, the sky was already completely dark.

Li Huang put away the reheater and looked through the news and forums for a bit. Before nine at night, he stood up and patted Bai on the shoulder, heading toward the tent.

“I’ll go to sleep now. I’ll be counting on you tonight.”

Bai nodded slightly and sat cross-legged on the picnic mat, closing his eyes.

Colorless and formless multipurpose particles rapidly emanated from his body, covering everything within a hundred kilometers of the tent in an instant.

As for Lin Huang, after he closed the tent’s entrance, he activated the tent’s silent mode and finally lay down, his heart at ease.

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