Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1302 – Celestial Guest

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Chapter 1302: Celestial Guest

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang’s opponent in the second sword mark s.p.a.ce was a man with a cold look on his face.

This man had noticed that Lin Huang was nowhere near approaching the level of Sword Dao true meaning. When the five-second safeguard was up, the man did not even bother to draw his sword. All he did was raise his sheathed weapon expressionlessly and step back slightly within the s.p.a.ce.

Lin Huang thought he saw a snow-white sword gleam flare like a lone star in the night sky. The next moment, his brain exploded and all was left on the ground was a headless corpse.

When his consciousness returned to his physical body, Lin Huang closed his eyes and tried to recall the entire battle.

After taking a few minutes to mentally replay the battle over ten times, Lin Huang realized that he could not have avoided that sword slash. No matter how he tried to dodge it or deflect it, the sword always ended up at his head.

“I knew it. Sword Dao true meaning and Sword Dao are just worlds apart.” Lin Huang slowly opened his eyes.

Even though he was slain in an instant in both matches, he did not feel defeated at all. Instead, it gave him much more to think about.

“Attacks with Sword Dao true meaning have the same Rule Bending Power as G.o.d rule. If I don’t master the same rule at the same level of power, it makes sense that I wouldn’t be able to defend against it. I wouldn’t be able to do much just by using Sword Dao or other skills.”

“I’ve earned the moniker of G.o.dslayer though, and I do have the G.o.d-slaying Power within me, which is also considered a type of G.o.d Rule Power. If I can better utilize this power, it should be enough to go up against Sword Dao true meaning.”

Lin Huang had obtained this G.o.d-slaying Power when he had slain the projection of the G.o.d Bless organization’s Master G.o.d. He had not had the opportunity to use this power since then.

“I’ll set a short-term goal for myself. For subsequent trials, I’ll do everything I can to use my G.o.d-slaying Power to counter Sword Dao true meaning!”

Lin Huang closed his eyes to sense the G.o.d-slaying Power within him and tried to make adjustments to it. He was delighted to find that the power was usable and took another few minutes to familiarize himself with it. It was only when he could command it with ease that Lin Huang looked up again towards the cliff.

Lin Huang once again reached out with his Divine Telekinesis after choosing his third sword mark.

When he got into the sword mark s.p.a.ce, Lin Huang started adjusting his G.o.d-slaying power. He did not even have time to check out what his opponent looked like.

After the five-second safeguard was up, the battle sword in Lin Huang’s hand was charged with G.o.d-slaying Power. He attacked in a flash.

The very next moment, a sword gleam flashed from the sky with blinding speed and sliced Lin Huang in half at the waist.

He was still slain within seconds in his third battle despite using G.o.d-slaying Power.

Lin Huang was slightly speechless when his consciousness returned to his body. This time, his opponent did not even bother to give him a chance.

However, Lin Huang refused to admit defeat. He simulated the third battle in his mind numerous times, trying to figure out different strategies to fight back.

When the fourth battle began, Lin Huang chose to attack from a distance using G.o.d-slaying Power.

Before Lin Huang’s attack could even touch his opponent however, Lin Huang was sliced in half vertically from the head down. His opponent, being of an obsessive-compulsive nature, had cut him into two perfect halves.

Lin Huang became bolder and bolder in his subsequent battles. After every battle, he still took the effort to strategize for his next fight, but he kept being slain immediately the moment he initiated an attack.

Lin Huang was completely overpowered by his opponents in terms of speed, agility, reflexes, and battle consciousness…

Even though his G.o.d-slaying Power was no less powerful than Sword Dao true meaning, he could barely even touch the hem of his opponents’ garments.

More than 50 battles continued in this manner. Lin Huang was slain almost immediately in different ways over 50 times.

On his 58th match, Lin Huang was adjusting his G.o.d-slaying Power when he sensed a frightening aura coming from opposite him.

The aura emanated from a red-haired man. The bloodl.u.s.t emanating from him was so intense it was almost tangible. He just stood where he was, his aura like a limitless sea of blood that might break into monstrous waves and crush Lin Huang at any moment.

“This man has a terrifying aura, and his sword force, however indistinct, is already materializing. I’m worried he’s already halfway to attaining True Meaning Level.” Lin Huang’s eyes revealed his fear and hesitation. This red-haired fellow might be the strongest opponent he had ever faced in his life. He probably did not even need to use his sword force—just a look and he could slay Lin Huang easily.

When the red-haired man’s physical body was fully materialized, he kept his eyes closed, as if he had not noticed Lin Huang at all.

Even after the five-second safeguard was up, it seemed he had no intention of opening his eyes.

Lin Huang did not hesitate and initiated an attack despite his opponent’s arrogance.

G.o.d-slaying Power engulfed his sword and the blood-red sword gleam cleaved the air apart as it slashed straight toward its target.

The sword gleam had enough force to slay a True G.o.d, but it suddenly melted from the red-haired man’s sight at a distance of not more than ten meters.

Yes, it did not vanish but melted like snow instantly.


The red-haired man, whose eyes were still closed, seemed to sense something. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked toward the place where the sword gleam had been.

“G.o.d-slaying Power?”

He finally lifted his gaze in Lin Huang’s direction.

Lin Huang did not hesitate at all as he swung his sword again. Thousands of sword gleams flew through the air towards the red-haired man.

Just like the first sword gleam, all of the sword gleams completely melted the moment they came into a particular area in front of the man, just like snow that could never go near the sun.

“Little brat, that isn’t how you use G.o.d-slaying Power,” the red-haired man said unexpectedly to Lin Huang instead of launching a counterattack.

Lin Huang immediately halted his attack and sheathed his sword when he heard those words.

“Senior, you know about G.o.d-slaying Power?”Read more chapter on our

“Of course, I’ve crossed boundaries and slain Heavenly G.o.ds,” the red-haired man said, extending his left hand. Red energy glowed in the middle of his palm and swiftly condensed into a little red bead.

A terrifying aura filled the entire sword mark s.p.a.ce.

This was G.o.d-slaying Power, but immensely stronger than what Lin Huang possessed. It was on a different level from the G.o.d-slaying Power within Lin Huang, almost like comparing a firefly with the bright moon.

“Senior, you have the G.o.d-slaying Power as well! How do I utilize it?” Lin Huang quickly asked for pointers as he realized that his opponent meant to provide guidance.

“At the end of the day, the G.o.d-slaying Power is a type of G.o.d Rule Power. Even though it can be considered distinctive, in fact, it’s not too different from other G.o.d rules in terms of basics. Do you know what’s the difference between G.o.d Rule Power and Divine Power?” the red-haired man said slowly.

“G.o.d Rule Power can only be utilized only after a true G.o.d is enlightened about G.o.d rule. That’s what I heard about it, but I don’t really understand what that means. I don’t even know the difference in basic qualities between G.o.d Rule Power and Divine Power,” Lin Huang answered honestly.

“You said yourself that G.o.d Rule Power is a type of Rule Bending Power. What’s so difficult to understand about that?” The red-haired man waved his left hand as he finished speaking.

Above his head, his sword force gathered like dark clouds, s.h.i.+fting suddenly. Lightning the color of blood flashed within the clouds; a moment later, b.l.o.o.d.y rain poured from the skies, which then turned into snowflakes that slowly drifted down…

In a few short moments, there were multiple transformations.

“Rule Bending Power means that lightning will flash if I want it to flash. It will rain if I want it to rain, and it will snow when I want it to snow…my will is the rule.” The red-haired man looked at Lin Huang after he finished speaking, and continued, “Wherever my will is, that’s where the rule will take effect. No matter how agile one is, or how quick their sword, they will never be faster than my will. This is the root of all power possessed by those on the G.o.d-order level.”

“My will is the rule…where the will is, that’s where the rule will take effect…” Lin Huang mumbled this repeatedly. What the red-haired man said had finally allowed him to understand the meaning of G.o.d rule.

“But what should I do to achieve this?” Lin Huang could not help asking.

“Think about it. Why are those at G.o.d-order level (True G.o.d) able to control the power of G.o.d rule with mere willpower?” The red-haired man did not answer Lin Huang’s question but countered it with another question.

“Is it because their willpower and G.o.d rule have been integrated into one?” Lin Huang answered uncertainly after giving it some thought. He could not think of any other answers.

“You’re not that dumb after all,” the red-haired man nodded slightly.

“If that’s the case, the right way to use this would be to integrate my willpower with the G.o.d-slaying Power?” Lin Huang continued with his questions.

“You’re showing promise!” The red-haired man broke into a rare smile.

“Allow me to add on a little. Sword Dao true meaning is basically a G.o.d rule of Sword Dao.”

“This means I just need to fuse my willpower with Sword Dao to achieve a breakthrough to True Meaning Level!” Lin Huang had not expected his opponent to hand him two such generous gifts.

“Thank you for your pointers!” Lin Huang kowtowed to his opponent respectfully.

The red-haired man nodded slightly, “I’ve already taught you this in theory. Now, let me conduct a practical session with you.”

Lin Huang was elated to hear this.

His previous opponents had been too powerful and had not bothered to use him to practice, slaying him the moment he attacked. Now that the red-haired man had offered to practice with him, it was a great opportunity for him to level up.

Lin Huang did not hold back at all, directing wave after wave of attacks toward his opponent.

The red-haired man reduced his menacing aura and held back his abilities in order to show Lin Huang some moves.

He even took the trouble to use sword skills that Lin Huang had been utilizing. This helped Lin Huang to discover his shortcomings by observing how his opponent used those same moves.

With every swing of his sword, Lin Huang was slowly able to improve his control over the G.o.d-slaying Power.

It was not just flowing with and utilizing the G.o.d-slaying power on the surface, but a deeper level of control over his will. His G.o.d-slaying Power slowly began to display its terrifying capabilities.

Level-6 Sword Dao was a Deity level. He had already integrated with his Sword Dao to a certain point, but was still quite a way from achieving a breakthrough.

This round of battle had greatly enhanced that fusion.

Red Hair practiced with him for three full days and three nights.

Lin Huang only set his sword aside when the time limit within the sword mark s.p.a.ce had expired and Red Hair’s body started to slowly dissipate.

“Senior, can I know your name?” Lin Huang could not help asking right before Red Hair disappeared.

“My name is Celestial Guest. What’s your name, little brat?” Red Hair told Lin Huang his name and asked for his in return.

“I’m Lin Huang,” Lin Huang replied, giving his real name.

“Lin Huang, remember what I’ve taught you and claim the inheritance of that old fool, Great Heaven! Even if I won’t have the chance to see it happening, I’ll still be very happy about it! Hahahaha…” Celestial Guest slowly vanished while still laughing robustly.

With that, Lin Huang’s consciousness was pushed out by the sword mark and he returned to his physical body once again.

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