Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1311 – Cannonball

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Chapter 1311: Cannonball

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Looking at the coordinates on the map, Lin Huang could see that they were getting closer to their first targeted compet.i.tor. However, he was still in the process of considering whether he should take the shot himself or let Warlord do it instead.

All of a sudden, their target turned and started running frantically in the opposite direction.

“Well, well… I guess he noticed we were on his tail?” Lin Huang glanced at the map and realized that they were still more than 20,000 meters apart. The fact that their compet.i.tor starting fleeing suddenly despite the distance proved that he must have had some sort of ability to sense danger. Their compet.i.tor must have noticed that he was being hunted down. “He’s straight up fleeing. Could it be he’s somehow figured out that there are two of us?”

“Shall I take the shot? Or should we catch up first?” Warlord asked while running beside Lin Huang.

“Can you take him down?” Lin Huang asked doubtfully.

Lin Huang’s Divine Telekinesis was limited to a range of 1000 meters. The attack range of his telekinetic flying dagger was also 1000 meters at most, or else he would not be able to direct it. Moreover, since under current circ.u.mstances he could not lock down his target, it was almost impossible for him to pinpoint the exact location of his opponent. To make things worse, they were also surrounded by many buildings and obstacles. As a result, it was very difficult for him to launch an effective attack over a distance of 20,000 meters.

At Lin Huang’s question, Warlord nodded slightly and replied, “I can.”

“If that’s the case, you should take the shot. Kill him if you can, otherwise, try to buy us some time by slowing him down.”

After getting the green light from Lin Huang, three baseball-sized metal spheres suddenly appeared in Warlord’s palm. He tossed them up lightly, and the three spheres started floating in mid-air, forming a pattern that was similar to the Chinese character ‘品’. The metal spheres then flew out of the window at top speed, heading toward the distance.

After a short while, they saw something odd on the surveillance screen.

Three beams of white light resembling sacred rays shone down from the sky, trapping their compet.i.tor who was striding down the stairs right after escaping through a door.

Lin Huang heard a terrible scream from the video that sounded as if a cat had gotten its tail stepped on.

After a while, the white beams of light disappeared, and a figure with burnt hair and tattered clothes could be seen slumping to the ground. After struggling valiantly for a little, the figure finally managed to stand up and continued staggering forward.

However, before he had even taken two steps, the three white beams of light shone down on him again, trapping him once more.

Another terrible scream rang out, sounding even more wretched than before.

After a while, the white beams of light vanished once more. The compet.i.tor’s head was scorched and bald, and his clothes had become so tattered they could barely cover his private parts.

He dropped to the ground again, but this time, he could no longer get up even after many desperate attempts. In the end, he turned around, looked up at the sky and shouted, “I concede!”

His opponent had only attacked him twice, but it was enough to deplete almost all of his Divine Power. This made him painfully aware that he would die if he were to continue struggling. That was why he eventually decided to admit defeat.

While Lin Huang was still gazing at his opponent’s rapidly vanis.h.i.+ng form, a pop-up message suddenly appeared before his eyes.

‘Compet.i.tor defeated, Acc.u.mulated points: +2’

This compet.i.tor should have already acc.u.mulated one point. In addition to one extra point that he received after defeating him in battle, Lin Huang now had two points in total.

Lin Huang immediately clicked on his personal page and started going through the details.

‘Partic.i.p.ant: Xie Lin’

‘Points Acc.u.mulated: 2’

‘Rank: 386’

Although he had two points, Lin Huang was only ranked at 386th place. However, he was unsurprised. After all, the number of compet.i.tors who had acc.u.mulated two points and above had already exceeded 100 people more than an hour ago.

After closing the page, Lin Huang turned and asked a question that had been on his mind.

“What were those three spheres just now?”

“It’s a type of orbital weapon, more suitable for airborne attacks like these where you can’t pinpoint your enemy’s position. The advantage of using a weapon like this is that it has an extremely long range and is also extremely accurate to within millimeters…” Warlord explained enthusiastically. He rarely voiced his opinions, but he was always a chatterbox when the topic involved machinery.

After listening to his explanation for a while, Lin Huang began to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, so he had no choice but to interrupt him.

“I think we should head straight for our second target now.”

Since their first compet.i.tor had conceded defeat, there was no corpse left to plunder. As a result, there was no need for them to head in that direction anymore.

Both of them immediately changed directions and started off toward their second target as fast as they could.

During their journey, Warlord asked, “Shall I take the shot again? I think the Cannonball that we used earlier would be much faster than us.”

“Let’s wait until we get closer first,” Lin Huang demurred, turning down Warlord’s proposal this time before continuing, “Let’s not act rashly and alert our enemy, otherwise we won’t be able to catch up.”

Since the walls of the buildings around them were could not be broken through, compet.i.tors had no choice but to run between the buildings instead. As a result, most of their movements were hindered. Lin Huang and Warlord were no exception.

It took them about one or two minutes to travel a distance of more than 10 kilometers.

When they were about five kilometers away from their second target, Lin Huang finally said to Warlord, “You can take the shot now.”

A second later, the Cannonball that had locked onto the target shot forward, trapping their targeted compet.i.tor with three white beams of light like before.

However, this second compet.i.tor was tougher than the first.

After realizing that he was being attacked by three metal spheres, he brandished his sword and tried to slice them apart.

However, the outcome was not as he hoped. He could only suffer beating after beating as the spheres attacked, and his multiple retaliations did not manage to even touch a single ball.

In order to contain this compet.i.tor’s fierce counterattacks, Warlord even personally controlled the Cannonball and attacked him three more times.

In the end, the compet.i.tor ended up depleting all of his Divine Power but still refused to admit defeat. Warlord killed him on the spot.

When Lin Huang and Warlord arrived at the scene, they seized whatever loot they managed to find before stas.h.i.+ng the corpse in s.p.a.ce storage.

By this time, Lin Huang had finally managed to acc.u.mulate three points. Although his ranking improved quite a bit, his name still did not appear on the leaderboard.

The top 100 compet.i.tors on the leaderboard had already acc.u.mulated three points half an hour ago.

“What’s the attack power of your Cannonball?” Lin Huang could not help asking Warlord when they were on the way to their third target.

“If it’s just one Cannonball, the attack power is about the same as my basic attack. It can cause damage to a Rank-9 Virtual G.o.d powerhouse, but it can’t finish him off. However, the damage caused by this skill can be increased by stacking, so the attack power of three Cannonb.a.l.l.s is almost doubled.

“The higher the number of Cannonb.a.l.l.s, the less the stability, and the harder it’ll be for me to control them. For now, I can only stack up to eight Cannonb.a.l.l.s at most, and that will increase my attack power by about four times…”

Again, Warlord became more chatty than usual as the topic of discussion was about machines.

Feeling helpless, Lin Huang could only interrupt him once more.

“You can ask b.l.o.o.d.y to do some research on this skill of yours when she comes back, and see if you can improve it. Stability and control problems shouldn’t be that hard to solve. From what I see, it must have something to do with the way you manipulate your energy flow.”

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