Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1312 – Soaring Through The Ranks

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Chapter 1312: Soaring Through the Ranks

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang and Warlord sped past rows of buildings. The red lanterns hung outside the buildings kept receding from view.

In a world like this where gravity was abnormal, Lin Huang could not even tell which direction was which. This was because gravity existed as long as he could walk on a particular surface. If Warlord’s surveillance system had not locked onto their target, Lin Huang would have lost his sense of direction long ago.

After running at top speed for about two to three minutes, both of them finally arrived at the area where their third targeted compet.i.tor was.

This compet.i.tor was rather strange. It seemed as though he had no intention of actively seeking out other compet.i.tors to fight. Instead, he chose to hide in a large closet and conceal his energy, as if he were waiting for his prey to fall into his lap.

He had indeed done a great job of concealing his energy. He did it so well in fact that it was very likely he could avoid being detected by most Virtual G.o.d powerhouses who were using Divine Telekinesis.

However, the scanning function of Warlord’s little robot probe could penetrate multiple walls, allowing it to see the compet.i.tor clearly. Moreover, the robot probe specifically scanned for life aura instead of energy waves. As such, it was pointless for a compet.i.tor to conceal his energy.

Looking at the video displayed on the surveillance screen, Lin Huang was a little amused when he saw that his compet.i.tor was curled up awkwardly inside the closet.

“Doesn’t this fellow realize that it’d be more comfortable for him to sit on a stool inside the closet?”

Warlord suddenly commented when both of them were about 10,000 meters away from this compet.i.tor, “Since he’s hiding inside a room, my Cannonball won’t be that effective. I’ll have to use something else.”

Cannonb.a.l.l.s were mainly used to launch accurate airborne strikes on targets from afar. Using it as normal artillery would be equivalent to giving up its greatest advantage.

Lin Huang was aware of this, so he had no objections. “Just use whatever you want. As I said before, try to buy us some time if you can’t finish him off.”

Warlord nodded slightly at his words. Suddenly, dozens of thumb-sized metal spheres flew out from his palm. Apart from having a silver coating, they looked exactly like the Golden Snitch used in a Quidditch game.

Ethereal wings sprouted from the metal spheres, but the spheres shook so vigorously that the wings vanished very quickly.

With a wave of his hand, four flying machines appeared instantly in front of Warlord. Each of these machines was about the size of a typical drone seen on Earth. All of them were grey-colored and marvelously designed.

All four machines flew off into the distance at terrifying speed just after they appeared.

“What are these machines?” Lin Huang could not help asking curiously.

“They’re a type of weaponized aircraft that utilizes artificial intelligence. Of the four machines you saw just now, two of them are from the Phantom series, while the other two are from the Frenzy series. The Phantom series is by far the fastest and most agile aircraft that I’ve ever created. On the other hand, the Frenzy series is equipped with the highest firepower.”

“What about those small metal spheres?” Lin Huang asked again.

“Those are bombs…”

Before they could even finish speaking, one of the metal spheres could already be seen on the surveillance screen.

The sphere rolled toward the closet, making a faint sound like a gla.s.s ball rolling across the floor.

However, even a faint sound like this caused the st.u.r.dy man inside the closet to be even more alert to his surroundings.

Using his Divine Telekinesis, he somehow managed to sense the presence of the metal sphere at almost the same time that he heard it. However, he did not find anything out of the ordinary even after scanning the area several times.

With a hint of confusion, the st.u.r.dy man used his sword to push open the closet doors ever so slightly.

He looked down at the floor near the closet and soon saw a silver-colored metal sphere rolling along the ground.

“What the h.e.l.l..?”

Curiosity got the better of him, so he extended his sword and pointed it at the metal sphere.

However, at this moment, the metal sphere suddenly exploded.

A dazzling white light instantly filled the entire room. Big Guy, who had been staring at the metal ball all this while, naturally fell prey to it.

His pupils contracted in the extreme and he was instantly dazzled by the light to where nothing else was visible.

Almost simultaneously, he sensed that there were about 10 small gizmos that had entered one after the other into the range of his Divine Telekinesis.

Those small metal spheres seemed to have somehow traversed some thousand meters of s.p.a.ce in an instant, falling into the bedroom that he was in.

Big Guy’s vision had barely even recovered before a series of fierce explosions went off the next instant.

Almost instantaneously, the inferno swallowed up the entire wardrobe as well as Big Guy.

The flames had barely subsided when the four weaponized aircraft arrived at the scene.

All of the aircraft quickly switched to attack mode, and each had dozens of additional gun barrels pointing toward the wardrobe where Big Guy had been hiding.

Without waiting for any orders, all four aircraft began firing immediately as soon as they entered the room.

Big Guy was caught in an endless round of gunfire raining down like a furious thunderstorm.

Lin Huang saw a pop-up message before he and Warlord even arrived at the scene.

‘Compet.i.tor defeated, points acc.u.mulated: +1’

“This fellow looked fierce enough and he seemed to be quite powerful as well. I never expected him to be so weak.” Lin Huang could not help raising his brows in surprise.

He had initially thought that Warlord would be facing a tough opponent this time, but in the end, that had not happened at all.

However, after recalling the battle proceedings, Lin Huang soon realized that his opponent was not weak; the compet.i.tor had merely been dominated by Warlord since the start of the attack. Big Guy was killed before he even had a chance to retaliate.

Lin Huang glanced at his current points and realized that he had already acc.u.mulated four points.

However, Lin Huang still did not see his name on the leaderboard. A few minutes ago, the compet.i.tor at the 100th place was still at three points, but now, this compet.i.tor had already acc.u.mulated four points. As for Lin Huang himself, he was ranked at the 101st place.

He merely glanced at the leaderboard and did not give it overmuch attention.

After spending some time to collect the loot from Big Guy and dispose of his corpse, Lin Huang and Warlord resumed their journey and sped in the direction of their fourth targeted compet.i.tor.

A few seconds into their journey, both of them saw that their fourth target had already encountered another compet.i.tor. The video feed showed that the two compet.i.tors were already engaged in a fierce battle.

“Should we make a move now? Or should we wait for them to finish each other off and collect the rewards when the battle is over?” Warlord asked.

“Let’s join the fight. We don’t know how long the battle will last anyway.” Although Lin Huang took pleasure at the thought of getting rewards without lifting a finger, at that moment, he was even more eager to start his Sword Dao practice with the Sword Servant. Besides, he was also impatient to find out whether his opponent was a Sword Servant or just a normal partic.i.p.ant like himself.

Since their target was engaged in battle, there was no need for Warlord to dispatch his gizmos to buy them more time.

Moreover, Lin Huang had not engaged in a fight ever since he began partic.i.p.ating in this Trial. He was actually dying to fight with somebody, so he thought of using this opportunity as a warm-up session.

Several minutes later, Lin Huang and Warlord finally located the two compet.i.tors and boldly appeared before them.

The sudden emergence of a third party caused an instant reduction in the vicious aura emitted by the two compet.i.tors toward each other. Both of them redirected their hostility toward Lin Huang and Warlord instead

After all, this Trial was an elimination tournament. As a result, almost every partic.i.p.ant was regarded as an enemy.

The two compet.i.tors even began conspiring telepathically, discussing whether or not they should team up so that they could eliminate this new third party.

“Stop whispering to each other and take me on at the same time!” Lin Huang sensed that they were telepathically communicating with each other. Although he could not intercept the messages, he could guess what they were talking about.

As soon as Lin Huang finished speaking, the two compet.i.tors turned and charged towards him simultaneously.

However, at that moment, Lin Huang raised his eyebrows and his eyes flashed with a bright sword gleam.

The next moment, the two compet.i.tors stiffened simultaneously.

“Compet.i.tor defeated, points acc.u.mulated: +3.”

“Compet.i.tor defeated, points acc.u.mulated: +4.”

Two notification boxes popped up at the same time.

Lin Huang raised his brows and accessed his personal page to check on his points and ranking.

“Partic.i.p.ant: Xie Lin.”

“Points Acc.u.mulated: 11.”

“Rank: 2.”

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