Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1313 – The First Sword Servant

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Chapter 1313: The First Sword Servant

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Unrivaled Combat G.o.d was still first on the leaderboard with 14 points.

Yi Ke, who was originally in second place with 10 points, had been pushed by Lin Huang into third place.

Lin Huang’s sudden soaring in rank instantly attracted the attention of many compet.i.tors.

After all, everyone would access the leaderboard for a look when they were bored. When someone suddenly shot up to second place, it was very noticeable.

“What’s going on? Where did this second rank come from all of a sudden?”

“Xie Lin? The name doesn’t ring a bell. Seems like he’s not a member of any six or seven-star organization. I guess he’s just a n.o.body from some small organization.”

“I checked the leaderboard once about three minutes ago and I’m sure I didn’t see this name! It’s only been three minutes and his ranking soared to second place, he can’t be cheating, can he?”

Seeing that Xie Lin had suddenly skyrocketed to second place on the leaderboard, all the compet.i.tors fell into a heated discussion.

The only few who remained calm were Lin Huang and the few members of Death Sickle.

“Is it possible that his points are only starting to go up now because this fellow’s probing ability is more time-consuming?” Fallen Star mumbled softly, looking at Xie Lin’s name on the leaderboard.

“No wonder he was able to kill the Bug King and Bug Queen!

“No wonder he’s highly regarded by Master Buried Heaven!”

Looking at the latest version of the leaderboard, Twin’s two heads both let out a heavy sigh at the same time.

“So Boss Xie Lin really was preparing for a big move before this; now he’s suddenly soared to second place!” Destiny said with an excited laugh as if he were the one who had risen to second place instead. “Looking at how his points are acc.u.mulating at this rate; it’s just a matter of time before he overtakes Unrivaled Combat G.o.d.”

Naturally, Lin Huang was aware that the sudden increase in his points would attract attention.

He had no intention of being so high-profile in the first place. His original plan was to take on a few unlucky compet.i.tors along the way before encountering the Sword Slave. If things had gone according to his original plan, he would only have encountered four compet.i.tors midway. If those four did not have any acc.u.mulated points, he would only have attained four basic points, which meant that he would not even be able to make it into the top one hundred ranks on the leaderboard. However, he did not expect to into five compet.i.tors along the way or that the last two would give him seven points.

Since he had already made it to second place and his rapid rise had been seen by many compet.i.tors, Lin Huang decided to just let nature take its course.

After all, people would start noticing him sooner or later if he managed to get into first place. Regardless, Lin Huang was not too concerned about drawing attention.

After defeating the five unlucky compet.i.tors along the way, Lin Huang and Warlord continued their journey at full speed.

Because he was unable to monitor the powerhouse whom he still suspected of being a “Sword Servant”, Lin Huang was uncertain whether or not the other party was still at the same place. He could only use the coordinates previously provided by Warlord as a rough guide, and hurry there as fast as he could.

After approximately three or four minutes, both of them finally arrived at the area where Unrivaled Combat G.o.d and the “Sword Servant” had fought previously.

When the storeroom-like s.p.a.ce appeared within range of Lin Huang’s Divine Telekinesis, he could sense a certain aura in the room right away.

Although the intensity of the aura was merely at that of a Virtual G.o.d rank-9, it was sending a vague sense of danger to Lin Huang.

“It’s that fellow!” With just a hint of the aura, Lin Huang had already determined that this other party was indeed the “Sword Servant” he had seen in the video. In fact, he had further affirmed the ident.i.ty of the Sword Servant as well.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, a fellow who was able to counter the skills of someone like Unrivaled Combat G.o.d usually would not remain in the same place and wait idly for another opponent to come by. The only reasonable explanation was that the other party was a Sword Servant who was unable to leave the zone that he had been designated to guard.

Right as Lin Huang sensed the other party, the other party sensed Lin Huang’s and Warlord’s approach as well.

Perhaps it was because the other party was upset after previously being disturbed by Unrivaled Combat G.o.d. At the appearance of Lin Huang and Warlord, the powerhouse in the so-called storeroom immediately sent his Sword Dao toward the approaching duo.

Driven by a powerful will, the Sword Dao—almost True Martial Level in its strength—surged toward Lin Huang like a wave.

This time around, the other party was not actually directly attacking, but trying to force Lin Huang and Warlord to retreat by using Sword Dao. There was no sign of any sword gleam either.

Seeing the other party’s “courteous” welcome, Lin Chuang could not help itching to exercise his skills. He responded in kind, using true G.o.d-level will to send his Sword Dao out in the form of waves.

The two colorless unseen waves collided in the air, setting off an earth-shattering blast.

This was the ultimate clash of Sword Dao.

Those who had not yet reached True Meaning Level would not be able to sense anything unusual. If one were accidentally involved in such a confrontation, however, even a Virtual G.o.d rank-9 powerhouse might be smashed to smithereens from the ma.s.sive tidal waves caused by the collision of Sword Dao against each other.

Fortunately, right before Lin Huang made his move, he had already secretly commanded Warlord to leave the battlefield.

This was a duel between two top-tiered Sword Dao powerhouses. Lin Huang was burning with excitement whereas his opponent was surprised.

Lin Huang’s opponent thought that this was a mere amateur challenging him since the intensity of Lin Huang’s and Warlord’s auras came nowhere close to that of Unrivaled Combat G.o.d.

However, in this short engagement, he immediately realized that he had underestimated Lin Huang. Although he was still unable to determine Lin Huang’s true abilities, he at least knew that his opponent’s Sword Dao level was not that far below his own.

The collision of the two Sword Dao was like two opposing waves slamming together. For a long time, it was hard to determine which was the winner or loser.

Lin Huang only waited for a short while, and when he saw no result, he whipped his sword out right away.

The dark red blade sliced through the void like a paper-knife slicing through a thin sheet of paper.

Under the blade stroke, the opponent’s Sword Dao finally collapsed.

With a slight smirk, Lin Huang withdrew his Sword Dao as he landed on the ground firmly with both feet. Then, he raced toward the warehouse.

Within seconds, his figure darted past countless buildings, finally arriving in front of the “warehouse”.

At a closer glance, before him was no warehouse, but a five-story house that was slightly larger than usual.

With just one brief glance, Lin Huang’s Divine Telekinesis spread out and immediately locked onto his opponent’s exact location.

He leaped into the air once again as he darted through a window and landed in a room on the fifth floor.

Less than 20 meters away from Lin Huang stood a slightly plump, bearded man.

Lin Huang sized up his opponent curiously. If not for the vague Sword Dao emanating from him, this person seemed extremely ordinary with no sign of the aura a powerhouse should have.

Instead of attacking immediately, the bearded man eyed Lin Huang from head to toe as if he was trying to put a clear face to the person who was able to challenge his Sword Dao.

“If I’m not mistaken, you’re one of the three hundred guarding the BOSS, am I right?”

Lin Huang asked straight away. Although he had already guessed earlier, he wanted to hear the answer from the horse’s mouth.

“That’s right,” the bearded man replied with a nod, “I already have some ideas as to who you are as well. You’re not a compet.i.tor, are you?”

“I’m the partic.i.p.ant who initiated this Trial,” Lin Huang replied honestly. After all, he was not concerned about letting the other party know about such things. If the other party was Great Heaven’s Sword Servant, it was unlikely that he would leak the information to the other compet.i.tors.

At Lin Huang’s answer, the bearded man’s expression instantly turned serious. His aura began to churn and even his beard seemed to have been stirred as if by a gust of wind. The dispirited middle-aged man from seconds ago was suddenly transformed into a magnificent king in an instant.

“Come on then; let me see if you are qualified to receive the inheritance of the swordmaster!”

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