Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1319 – Breakthrough To Sword Dao True Meaning!

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Chapter 1319: Breakthrough To Sword Dao True Meaning!

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Ignoring all external interference, Lin Huang focused all his attention on challenging Sword Servants, not even bothering to check if there were any changes to his points. He even spent the whole journey on the road carefully absorbing his Sword Dao gains.

To increase his Sword Dao to the greatest possible extent, he never used anything other than his Sword Dao in every match no matter how challenging the situation was. He had not even used his G.o.d-slaying Power.

Onlookers only saw his continuous wins when they received “global” notifications and thought that he had won easily. n.o.body knew that in reality, he had lost two rounds in the past few days —— the first when he encountered Sword23, and the second when facing Sword29. After these defeats, Lin Huang did not waste any time getting upset, but straightaway moved on to his next target. Nevertheless, he did make a mental note to himself that he would return for a match sometime soon.

On the sixth day of the Compet.i.tive Trial, Lin Huang won another 11 battles consecutively. By the twelfth round, he encountered a strong opponent once again.

His opponent this time was Sword30.

Although he had only been through five days of actual combat training, Lin Huang’s skills had improved by leaps and bounds. However, he was still at a disadvantage when going up against Sword30.

The fight had gone on for almost six hours before a single strike gave him the winning edge.

The moment he raised his sword to defeat Sword30, Lin Huang suddenly felt as if he just pierced through a paper window.

In an instant, everything he had ever learned about Sword Dao in the last four years surged into his mind. Every sword skill that he had picked up over the years since he began to cultivate Sword Dao now appeared to him from a new perspective as they were slowly integrated into his body.

Things he once found difficult became clear instantly and things he was familiar with, he now saw with new eyes and new understanding.

Lin Huang felt as if a veil had been suddenly lifted from his eyes and he could finally see clearly.

However, the moment of enlightenment lasted a mere second before he realized what was happening.

“This… Did I breakthrough to Sword Dao True Meaning?!”

Not far away, Sword30, who had not yet completely vanished, flashed Lin Huang a grin. “Congratulations, you’ve finally achieved Sword Dao true meaning! You might even stand a chance of obtaining the swordmaster’s inheritance now.”

“Thank you for your kind words,” Lin Huang replied politely before sending his consciousness within him to check on the changes in his body.

Sure enough, the Sword Dao in his body had completely transformed.

The silver Sword Heart had become blood-red.

Its size, previously gigantic as a mountain, had now shrunk to a talisman the size of a fingernail now held in the palm of the small Sword Soul.

The small Sword Soul, who had originally looked about five or six years, now looked about 10 years old.

As the small Sword Soul continued holding the Sword Heart in his right palm, his left arm suddenly reached toward the sky.

Within seconds, a golden sword fell from the heavens. It shrunk rapidly as it fell, and in just a few seconds, it turned into a golden talisman the size of a finger and landed on his palm.

The small Sword Soul then clapped the talisman onto the Sword Heart’s hilt with some force. A golden imprint slowly began to form on the hilt.

From what Lin Huang could see of it, the engraved imprint looked like a complex design of divine patterns with gold lines that swirled slowly through everything.

The moment the golden sword was fully transformed into the imprint, Lin Huang sensed a myriad of inherited sword skills flowing into his head.

These were not just swords skills of humans, but countless sword skills of monsters as well.

Lin Huang had completely forgotten that the golden sword was still in his body. Although his body had hosted this golden sword for so long, it had never brought him many substantial benefits so it completely slipped his mind.

It was only this moment when the Sword Scripture merged with the Sword Heart that Lin Huang suddenly recalled the existence of this item within him.

After just a brief inspection of these newly acquired Sword Dao inheritances, Lin Huang then quickly s.h.i.+fted his attention.

Although the blood-red Sword Heart seemed to have shrunk tremendously, Lin Huang could feel the obvious changes in his body. His Sword Heart was not just stronger than before, he felt reborn.

Slowly, he stretched out his right arm and a trace of blood-red sword gleam instantly formed into substance.

He was not using a single trace of his Divine Power at the moment. The glint of sword gleam was wholly the work of the Sword Dao.

The difference between Sword Dao true meaning and Sword Dao was that Sword Dao required a physical medium to be effective in the physical world. For example, it would have to draw support from Divine Power or a battle sword to exert its power. If Sword Dao was missing a physical medium, even a level-6 Sword Dao would be unable to interfere in or affect the material world.

Sword Dao true meaning, on the other hand, could be directly condensed into a physical substance even without the aid of a physical medium and could affect as well as directly interfere in the material world as well.

The blood-red sword gleam that had condensed in Lin Huang’s palm was completely formed by Sword Dao true meaning. In fact, he could even touch it if he wanted to.

Looking up, he noticed that Sword30, who had been previously nearby, had now disappeared into thin air. A thought dropped into Lin Huang’s head, and right away, the blood-red sword gleam in his hand shot out like an electric bolt.

The sword gleam instantly penetrated the wall of the small building where Sword30 was at.

The impenetrable building wall that Lin Huang had previously tried to pierce through was now as fragile as a sheet of thin paper under just one Sword Dao true meaning attack.

“If I use my sword, it shouldn’t be difficult at all to slice through this entire building.” Seeing the power of Sword Dao true meaning, Lin Huang gave a satisfied nod.

What Lin Huang found even more satisfying was that Sword Dao true meaning did not require the use of his will. Instead, he just needed to have a thought in mind and he would be able to command with ease as he wished.

Most importantly, the faster his thoughts, the faster the sword moved.

Of course, if he wanted to launch a stronger attack, Sword Dao alone would definitely not suffice. He could still merge it with Divine Power, G.o.d Rule Power, and even the Rule Bending Power that was contained in a battle sword.

After a brief moment of coming to terms with all the changes that had happened within him, Lin Huang was certain that his powers had once again skyrocketed.

However, the immense increase in his powers this time around came from within him and not from external forces of any sort, which pleased him even more.

Now that his Sword Dao had transformed into Sword Dao true meaning, Lin Hw.a.n.g’s final goal had been achieved, but he had not given up on his intention to continue challenging other Sword Servants.

Although it was highly unlikely for his Sword Dao true meaning to improve greatly in such a short period, Lin Huang was not going to miss the opportunity of dueling and learning from other Sword Servants.

After all, all Sword Servants were at Heavenly G.o.d combat level and they had mastered the highest level of sword cultivation of Sword Dao heavenly rule. Even if their overall powers were hugely restricted, there were still plenty of things he could learn from them.

Lin Huang thought of taking advantage of his breakthrough in Sword Dao to clear all the remaining Sword Servant levels in the next few days since his powers had soared and his combat efficiency had significantly increased.

Of course, aside from dueling and learning, he had other ideas for two certain Sword Servants.

“Sword23 and Sword29, I did say that I’d return sooner or later. Both of you can wipe your and wait for me in the next two days then… Hehehe…”

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